How do you watch anime in 2018?

How do you watch anime in 2018?

I used to run CCCP for everything for like a decade and it solved all problems perfectly, but now I learn its development has been discontinued and it no longer handles all the exotic new compression shenanigans. What's the new thing everyone uses?

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Kissanime, Crunchyroll, Funimation.

Surely there are men of culture here who don't just stream shit like a commoner.

You were asking to be spoonfed, you got the classical response.

Most rips are now Horrible and Erai. Fansubbing being dead mostly means that there's no leaway to actually use most of those file type you're talking about. Just use what most people use until years down the line where we just torrent anime into our brains.

I torrented for 15 years. Yet these days it's crunchyroll and other services.

While it's dumb, I want to pay for content, but only if it's reasonable and not inconvenient to do so. Netflix and Crunchyroll aren't inconvenient.

If a series isn't there, i'll torrent it.

2018 is a year of new expirience to me. I bought another 2TB HDD and instead of watching on kissanime I know dowload everything on disk.

Newfag here, can someone explain to me why Sup Forums hates streaming so much? I torrent but only because that’s what you guys told me to do

Streaming is what people do when they don't intend to watch the show more than once. Watching the show only once shows a lack of dedication.

Mpv, it seriously is the best
Only downside is no settings GUI, but you can just copy/paste a .conf file with all the good settings from the general on Sup Forums

Step 1: install gentoo
Step 2: mpv

holy autismo batman

Its an elitism thing. Streaming sites used to use really low quality video back in the day, but nowadays they have the same quality as torrents. Back then Sup Forumsnons had a reason to advise against streaming, but nowadays everybody just watches streamrips anyway. Nowadays Sup Forumsnons are just elitist for the sake of being elitist.

So is there no reason for me to torrent?

>Because you cant watch a stream more than once
>Implying you are obliged to watch someting twice because other people cant fucking pay attention the First time

You are a New breed of retard

I only download when I want full HD quality or more. I do this with movies and quality anime that needs to be watched in 1080p.

The same elitism movie goers have over tv peasants. Back in the day it was justified, but nowadays steaming sites offer decent quality.

Depends on how you consume your animu. I torrent 480p since I don't watch it in full screen anyways.

>Because you cant watch a stream more than once

If you're not deathly afraid of the stream being shut down the next time you want to re-experience the show, you don't actually care about anime and should just go play sports or have sex or whatever it is that normies do. A true anime fan wants not just a downloaded copy, but several backup copies of each and every show that exists that's even slightly notable.

Even with the quality issue gone, streams are inferior simply because they're temporary. All temporary things are inferior to permanent things.

Memes aside, if you don't want a permanent copy of an anime, you don't actually care about that anime.

I used to be idealistic like you. I even wrote stuff to dvds. Guess how many times did I re-watch any of my favorites? I don't even waste HDD space on series anymore. Delete them once the season is over.
>not deathly afraid of the stream being shut down
There are like million streaming sites out there. One going down means nothing.

Streaming a was synonym of being a poorfag back then when HDD didn't have much capacity and were less accessible.
Before crunchyroll, Streaming sites used all to have watermarks, making streamfags screencaps a tainted stigma in here.
Streaming has noticeable less quality than rips. Blur and artifacts.
It's synonym of being a fucking casual.

Most of them all rely on one source and when that goes down multiple streaming sites stop working

mpv of course

Don't bother asking nu-normalfags Sup Forums. Everyone here just use Netflix or Crunchyroll like the cancerous normalfags that they are.

CCCP still runs fine for me. I'll keep using it until I start encountering problems.

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What mpv configs do you Sup Forumsuys use?

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K-Lite is CCCP's replacement. If you wanna get more technical then MPC-BE + MadVR for highest quality possible in current tech.

>there are still people on Sup Forums who don't use mpv

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Fellow anime os user?


There's so many shows airing on so many streaming sites, it's not worth it to bother even searching for them.

>nowadays they have the same quality as torrents
Enjoy your garbage built-in web player with no debanding or quality upscaling.

Just do what you're more comfortable with, unless the torrent is actually of better quality (like a BD release)

Horrible isn't always CR and Funi. Amazon, HIDIVE and Netflix DLs are also there. Erai can use Wakanim which barely anyone subs to but has far superior video quality compared to CR, Netflix, or Funi. Not having to deal with shit online players with shit implementations (Flash for CR just to get softsubs to work, Funi player is shit, Netflix is DRM ridden garbage and doesn't even support 1080p on PC) with a rock solid local player that does color management/ smooth motion right with superior upscaling algorithms is why the same file looks better locally. Also screenshots are way easier to take locally.

They have the same quality as torrents, because fansubs are dead, so the torrents actually are just rips form the streaming sites

Lurk more.

>nowadays they have the same quality as torrents
You know, it's impressive that you're able to browse the internet while being legally blind.

>If a series isn't there, i'll torrent it.
I own a car but if it's not available i'll steal one.

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Try reading the post retard.
>no debanding or quality upscaling.

Only airing shows are sourced from online streams. BDs certainly aren't and there are things a quality video player can do that garbage web players don't do. Enjoy your flash.

Why would you upscale anyways? I mean, if you are all about quality then why would you want to watch something inferior?

Yes I use GNU/Linux if that's what you mean.

Thanks to smartphones, people can now watch anime whenever they want, wherever they are, and however it pleases them.

As long as it's on a tiny ass 5 inch screen in glorious eye-strainovision?

If there’s a decent amount of seeders it takes me 2 minutes to download an episode. By the time you finish the episode the entire season will have downloaded. I don’t see why streamfags chose such poor quality just to save themselves 2 minutes

You literally upscale anytime you watch something fullscreen retard.

Sure. It's not like there's anything better to do while sitting in public transports and going to work.

That's the thing, I don't:

You're still upscaling chroma.

>going to work
I’m so sorry user

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>Hurr I don't know how video is encoded
You're always upscaling chroma since nothing is encoded in 4:4:4. BDs are 4:2:0, TV is 4:2:0, WEB is 4:2:0.

How much of this is redundant?


Nothing to apologize for. I chose to after I got bored of being a NEET, despite living in a rich socialist Euro-country that could provide for me for another 30 years without any problem.

Get SSimSuperRes or fsrcnn, vulkan is a meme anyways.

mitchell and temporal dither should be default, probably no need for shaderc unless vulkan doesn't work without it since it's auto-detected.

I use Vulkan because it has better performance for me. FSRCNN drops frames no matter what. I've never tried SSimSuperRes, how is that compared to RAVU (which I do use)?

uhhhh Sayo?

>Shitposting everywhere
>Bashing established 4ch culture
>Thread is still up after an hour
>Mods are dead

No wonder all the oldfags left. We died of cancer.

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I still use KCP, how outdated I'm?

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It's the sharpest of everything, almost comparable to waifu2x if you use it with adaptive sharpen. Whether you like it or think it's too sharp is preference. Only problem is it looks like ass with poorly scaled sources.

Hey man. That's a good doujin (;

Underrated post

>Latest version: (31 Mar 2016)

>but nowadays they have the same quality as torrents.
What are you on about? If anything stream sites have gotten worse over the years. 720 looks like upscaled 460 on most sites

MPV on a proper GNU/Linux system

anything is just trash

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>watching any media on your phone
The screen is too damn small and the speakers are usually shit.

lol poorfag, i bet you rs is only 5"

The sound is always shit on phones unless you're using headphones, but those are inferior to proper speakers. It's the ultimate casual way to consume media.

Electrostatic earspeakers (made in japan) are the ultimate way to consume anime.

I watch Ninja Slayer on Youtube with my PSP for the ultimate viewing experience.

> Let the entire building know that I'm a weeaboo publicly.
I don't think that's a good idea

If Akiba Strip taught me something, it's that ultimate audiophiles use blue shiny rocks.

>entire building
Move out of your shit apartment

lol too poor to afford a real house?


this man is living the dream

Here's hoping the Switch can finally have a workaround for jewtube.

but at what cost? ;_;

MPC-HC+madVR just werks. I see no reason to switch.



mpv respects your freedoms

I'm too used for mpc to use anything else. It just feel wrong when I use something else.

Beside with KCP it seems like everything work so I don't see the need to switch over.

Housing and not a shithole? I would add that to my "Luxury things that my descendants could afford" list.

mpv with defaults

Normalfaggots should stay on Reddit

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Ignore this retard, people who've been around long enough always swear by torrenting because they come from an era where streaming meant going to any one of the hundreds of shit streaming sites, choosing an anime and an episode, then hoping that any one of the fifteen mirrors works, praying that it'll buffer faster than you're watching it, and at the end getting to enjoy some sweet 360p dogshit. Ten years ago streaming vs torrenting was vcr vs blu ray levels of different, now its more like ps4 vs pc in terms of graphics, sure theres a real difference, torrents are undoubtedly higher quality but a larger portion of anime watchers don't care, even on Sup Forums.

I still torrent, but that's probably because I only watch like one series a year so any type of subscription service makes no sense to me.

I've been using MPC-HC but I might switch over to mpv.

>a larger portion of anime watchers don't care, even on Sup Forums
And they don't belong here.