now Thanks to Sumirefags and their delusional fanfics trying to make her relevant in every thread I hate this character, she's a fuckin side character not one of the mains

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>she's a fuckin side character not one of the mains

I'm starting to feel the same way user

Get out then. Only Sumirebros are welcome.

>I hate a character because of other people!
What's it like to be so weakminded?

>I-it's just fanfic bro
Stay mad.

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>1st kage
Hashirama and it's not even close
>2nd kage
I want to say Tobirama but i'm not as confident with this one. Mu and the 2nd Mizukage are both renown for being super strong. But i'll stick with Tobirama as my own answer, let me know yours.
>3rd kage
3rd Raikage. This is the closest one in my opinion and probably the most powerful. Not because it has the #1 strongest kage but unlike the other generations 4 out of 5 are elite unlike 2/5 or 3/5 of the kage. I'll just name the 4 who could compete. Hiruzen, Onoki, 3rd kazekage with his iron sand and still called the strongest kazekage ever, 3rd raikage. Only weak link is the 3rd mizukage and that's only because we don't know anything about him. Pick your favorite you can't really go wrong here.
>4th kage
Minato. Pretty confident but Yagura was a jinjuriki so he has that going for him.
>5th kage (where Iwagakure no longer competes)
Tsunade or Gara. Very close. Can't pick.
>6th kage (bye bye Sunagakure and Kumogakure)
Kakashi. Very confident about this one. Chojuro has a meme blade and that's it.
>7th kage
Naruto wins by default but no one would even stand a chance.

Onoki's the strongest 3rd Kage. Flight, disintegration blasts, and high level Doton as well. The 3rd Raikage can't take a hit from Jinton.

I will not argue against that or even attempt to. Like I said in my opinion the 3rd generation is the closest one. I just picked the dude who was only ever wounded by his own attack, regularly able to go toe-to-toe with Gyuuki, has the distinctions of being the only person to permanently scar a Biju and able to survive Mabui’s teleport technique, and only died of exhaustion after fighting a 10,000 strong army for 168 hours straight. I do not blame you for putting Onoki above him though. It's a close call.

I can't believe you people get this angry just from her getting discussed in the threads like every other character.

Listen. I'm not asking you i'm fucking telling you this alright? We are NOT starting this bullshit again. Stop it. No arguing over this for the love of jesus naruto... we're not fucking doing this again. We have had the last few threads be perfectly fine.

I remember somebody posting a screenshot from tumblr with literally that same argument.
You're on the same level as the tumblr landwhales. Sad.

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Now rank the Hokage in strength.

i'll do you 1 better. Listing all kages in power order.

1. Naruto
2. Hashirama
3. Minato
4. Tobirama
5. Hiruzen
6. Tsunade
7. Kakashi

1. Mu
2. Onoki
3. Kurotsuchi
4. 1st whoever he is

1. 3rd kazekage
2. Garaa
3. Rasa
4. 1st Kazekage (just assuming because he's the one who gathered all the other desert ninja under his control with his power)
5. 2nd kazekage

1. Gengetsu Hōzuki (clam guy with genjutsu)
2. Yagura
3. Mei
4. Chojuro
5. 1st Mizukage
6. 3rd Mizukage

1. 3rd Raikage
2. 4th raikage
3. Darui
4. 1st raikage
5. 2nd raikage

Kinda hard when the OP itself is trying to instigate a fight.

you tell people to just ignore the sumire posters so just ignore the sumire complainers.

I'm saying it's not a friendly OP and it will get people riled up. Any Boruto discussion in here is already doomed because of it.

Hiruzen > Tobirama

this. Hiruzen straight up said i'm the strongest person in this group and no one objected. The 2nd hokage was sitting right there an neither he nor anyone else disagreed. They all sat back and agreed he was the strongest in that group.

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*smooth jazz*

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1. Naruto
2. Hashirama
3. 3rd raikage
4. Minato
5. Tobirama
6. Hiruzen
7. Gengetsu Hozuki
8. Mu
9. Onoki
10. 3rd Kazekage
11. Yagura
12. 4th raikage
13. tsunade
14. Garaa
15. Kakashi
16. Mei
17. Rasa
18. Darui
19. Chojuro
20. Kurosuchi

we don't know anything about the rest

>makes an OP with her in the pic anyways
The absolute state of Sumire haters

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>posting Sumire, a character in the material = on-topic
>complaining about posters you hate = offtopic metaposting
See the difference?


>We have had the last few threads be perfectly fine.
The last few threads have been shit due to the same “s-stop posting a character I don’t like” nonsense

who likes sumeri have a shit taste

Spics are the last people who have the right to call anybody else’s taste shit


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fuck no they haven't. There's been minimal arguing that's what I meant. There wasn't anything since the day Sup Forums broke.

Spics are the most rabid Hinata posters though.

how would one even know this? I am staunchly pro-Hinata, but I am also basically-allergic-to-the-sun level of pasty white.

I look forward to seeing the genin of the other villages.

the sound village is like an official real village now right? Is Oroch their hokage? Will they be competing for real this time?

user, look at the archive, the past few threads have been getting derailed by the same autism


I don't get it. Does he think sperging out will eventually make everyone stop talking about Sumire?

I hope so the sound was always like the proto-tech/jutsu village and had some huge potential. Seeing another flute user would be neat as well.

Don’t mind him, it’s not his fault people here are more interested in her than Sarada

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yeah both are those are from the 15th. Since then it's been good in here. Sup Forums going down cleansed us of the hatred for one another I guess. It's been much better since then.

>yfw Sumire is above Sarada in the character popularity poll

Oh, I would love to see that.

and I looked it up. Oroch is indeed the leader. Wonder if they'll be there.

I don’t mind if Sarada is more popular, she’s been around longer and she’s a main character so it makes more sense. But the idea that we somehow can’t post Sumire because it triggers somebody here is beyond autistic considering the fact that the person getting triggered is likely a faggot from tumblr or twitter anyways. Let’s face it though, the meltdown would be hilarious if Sumire beat Sarada.

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Thread after thread would be filled with meltdown

>being forced to watch the shitty generation that is after characters like Konohamaru and Mirai but before Himawari.

Truly the worst timeline