Last Encore is ruined

>Hakuno is fake
>Hakunon was Nero's true master
Welp it was okay while it lasted lads.
Time to jump off this /u/ train wreck.

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It was terrible for the most part. Hakuno here is one the worst TM's MC. His superpowers that Nasu gave him is also make no sense after more than a half of the show. He have no chemistry with clone of saber because of his extremely boring personality.

>Hakuno is a fake
Wtf did I miss something?

Yeah it's all but confirmed.
Hakunon even has a voice now.

She sounds so cute.

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Her voice?
Yeah it's pretty neat

Not gay enough

What the fuck lmao
Hakunon is the last chance of this being an average anime.

>Yuri shit
Yeah I don't think so, it's ruined

Her being on LE will not save or ruin it let's be real

She probably has a new servant right now and I don't doubt they will fight each other so I don't think yuri will happen

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>Implying that Nero and Hakunon won't meet somehow.

They will definitely meat

They probably will doesn't mean Nero will betray Hakuno

>He have no chemistry with clone of saber because of his extremely boring personality.
Well yeah, he's so bland Rin thought he was an NPC.

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Nero wants to put her lady dick into Hakunon though.


In Last Encore he is way worse. F/E protag was more human than him.

A very bland incarnate.

How did it go so wrong?

Hakunon is super-dead, though. And Hakuno's done this dance more than once. Nothing really changes, in the grand scope of things.

Can't wait for Hakunon to end up dead, again

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>Dying again.
That's not how it works.

>Hakunon the real MC
Time to pick up.

Because Hakuno from extra is a closer than human than literal hate incarnated duh

I dunno. I think the whole Dead Face thing, and him being physically able, makes him more interesting. A thing I never liked was the Pokemon battle aspect where the magi just stood back and assisted with Code Casts.

Here, the fact he can brawl a little and the other Magus is a valid target makes the fights more interest.

Doesn't make things better anyway.

Secondaries really need to fuck off. All that LE hate is completely unjustified.

The idea is fine, I liked that at first. But after 8 episode they didn't even established it properly, neither this battles with him in dead face state were interesting by themselves. We've got a bad shounen-battles instead.

>Servants are required to stop their Master should they try to destroy the system, and those who prioritize their Master over the Moon Cell will be deleted from its records.

This system sure isn't turned on right now right ? hahaha

*extremely concerned*

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My guess is that this show is fundamentally about death and letting go. Like, everything has gone wrong, there's no-one left, and it's questionable if anyone remaining is human.

Shinji was human, sure, but Dan was dead. Alice was dead. Julius is super-dead. The entire Moon Cell is rotting from inside out, with Twice at the very top refusing to let go.

Maybe Hakuno is here to put everyone out of their misery. Like, if he finally beats Twice, everyone just dies.

That's what I think it will happen humanity is already dead and last survivors at mooncells are more like ghost, Hakuno is just finishing things off

The setting of LE looks like something from Dark Souls series. Especially 3rd one - a couple of bosses who refused to go on, an undying protag who'll try to win again and again. Servants and HGW itself even almost completely out of focus, they don't need in this.
I would play if it was a game like that even in extra setting.

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True, I don't doubt Nasu being a fan of dark souls and wanting to do something similar with fate

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Well at least she’s happy in Chaldea

I hope someday he'll make it without fate. Or at least make something distant from that formula. Extra setting feels creative, but wasted for another usual fate story concept.

wasn't extra supposed to be 2 cours? why are anons now saying it's only 10 episodes?

reminder that every head canon crystal ball gazer as been absolutely btfo each and every week by this series

Wait, you didn't know that? How much more obvious did you need it to be? They showed Nero fighting while Hakuon was dying. We knew Hakuno was a Dead Face. What more do you need?

No nonono no, i'm getting tired of this shit. fuck it

Yuri in Fate/Extra, unthinkable.

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>generic male MC is now a generic female MC
Literally makes no difference. It's not like he had any chemistry with Nero as a character.

>Hakuno is supposedly the incarnation of hatred
>doesn't even do anything really edgy he just spergs out occasionally and 1shots the enemy
what the fuck kind of weak avatar of malice is this supposed to be?

Any Japanese male

Who cares if it's yuri or not. It's still harem shit, which makes it garbage by default.


>Hatred = Edge

Hatred equals mild annoyance and boredom, apparently.

What are the chances that Seigi no mikata shows up and saves the show?

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Reminder that yurifags are the furries of anime.

He's too busy saving prillya

>/vg/ are laffin at us

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>quaternaries laughing at tertiaries

You mean Poollya

Then why doesn’t he ever show anything beyond mild spite?

Absolutely kill yourself.

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No that's lolicons.

How does he compare with Sieg?

>lolicons and furries are at war on /trash/ right now
You might actually be right.

There is nothing wrong with yuri. It’s just onnoxious fags from /u/ who shit up every thread they can. It’s impossible to enjoy anything when underage retards escape their containment board and enter a thread.

Never has a life to begin with desu.

No it's literally cancer. That's why it has a containment board.

It's not confirmed. Next week is going to show her life with Redman.

>tamamo into other women

men who drool over dicks and complain whenever a new female character appears in a show are the straightest men on planet earth

Actually he's right. Girl on girl is hot.

Did you not watch the first episode? Nero was her servant.

No, Redman was her's.

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No it's not. It's fucking disgusting.

Nice shit taste faggot.

See . I applaud you for your extreme straightness

Can we cool it with the homophobic remarks, yuritard?

Nah, there's just got to be a 50/50 ratio of man to woman in a relationship for me to self insert into it. I can't self insert myself into yuri or yaoi.

only children and coloreds self insert

You caught me, I like colors. My favourite is purple, how about yours?

the act of viewing and masturbating to porn inherently involves self-inserting

you left off the final clause of that sentence, it goes on to say "if you have an autism spectrum disorder"

Hakunon had Redman.


>lolicons and furries are at war on /trash/ right now

are they still pissed over /u/ winning the winter cup

No, Nero was still the servant of the Male Hakuno and Redman was femc's servant.

>I can't self insert myself into yuri or yaoi.

You are indeed pathetic.

You are pathetic for liking something as disgusting as either of those two.

Give it up, Redman isn't in LE, only Stoneman is.

He will be shown next week as Zabiko's servant.

Nero was Zabiko's Servant and no matter how hard you deny reality that's not going to change.

>Hakuno (Fake) is an accumulation of hatred every Master who died to Wiseman
>Including Hakunon
>Implying his form was determined as a result of Hakunon's data being the strongest out of those that make up his body.

In that standard, and that alone, its enough to say Hakuno is Hakunon

But that's wrong. Nero was Zabio's servant. Redman was femc's.

>I can’t self-insert as a girl
Imagine your dick is fully erect. Then (in your mind’s eye) horizontally displace your dick so that it is completely inside your body’s lower back/thigh region with the its’ head right at your skin’s edge. Now hollow out both the head and the shaft, and spin them 180° degrees along the center shaft-lengthwise axis. Your foreskin is now the skin that covers it. Your glans and meatus (the stuff inside your foreskin) is your labia. Your frenulum (the weird tissue at the bottom of your head) is now your clitoris. Your shaft is now your cervix. Your balls are now your ovaries.

Congratulations, you have mental image what having a vagina is like now. You can now self-insert as a girl and experience everything from yuri to being cummed inside.

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Or you could fuck off and stop ruining LE threads /u/fag.

I’m not a yurifag though (it’s boring most of the time). I wanted Redman/Hakunon so I could imagine his sword entering my sheath.

VEG last episode:
>they bring out Saber
Extra this this episode:
>they bring out Violet

what did they mean by this?

Explain further