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How will the three saviors of U7 deal with Jiren next episode?

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>17 watched Vegeta get destroyed by Jiren and let him get eliminated

Absolute madman

Can't you fucking spics stick to one thread.
There are 9 fucking threads up.
If i wanted to see that many threads dedicating to shitposting i'd go to vp.

Dragon Ball was never good

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17 deserves his boat

>could have had twist ending where Frieza pulls one over on both Goku and Jiren, wins and uses the dragon balls for some bullshit like becoming a GoD
>instead we'll get Goku winning and wishing all the universes back, with more 17 shilling and Frieza probably jobbing again to make 17 look good

> psshh nothing personnel, Jiren

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I only need Dr. Rota
Do you know why they call him a Doctor?

goku will grab jiren and teleport out of the stage

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Threadly reminder that manga frieza is a kill stealing faggot

>Knocked out Rubalt after 17 threw him to the edge of the platform
>Knockled out Bergamo after Piccolo weakened him and pushed him to the edge of the platform
>Knocked out Lavender and Basil while they were distracted fighting Gohan

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Pan is SEXY!

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Why was Buu so shocked after Gohan told him this?
Is there a japanese cultural thing lost in translation?

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He's amassing an elimination count without having to use much energy

> manlet debuff
GT was such a shit

Is it because of his special power?

is there a link to the raws?

hi there fellas, geekdom101 here and i just want to make sure you watch my video and leave a comment.


Freiza is being smart in the manga, he's conversing his energy letting everyone else weaken his opponents and then finishing them off.

He tricked Frost into fighting some u9 fodder so he would be weakened as well.


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Calvo when?

Why did they turn Goku into a beaner for GT?
Always thought his skin tone looked wrong

right here, my friend

>hi there fellas, geekdom101 here

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Reminder Gohan is a jobber.

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Frieza was being smart in the anime too, until they started fighting U11 for no reason. Hopefully he keeps being smart in the manga.

I'm not a retard.

Too slow

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t. Retard

Fuck off, Gohanfag. I'm intellectually superior to you.

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Reminder that anyone who says anything remotely similar to the above line is a reddit/discord mouthbreather and they should be ashamed of who they are.

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*conserving, fuck my spelling.

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who wouldn't?

Reminder that everyone hated Caulifla and called her a mary sue because of muh SSJ2, but love 17 despite him being a much bigger gary stu.javascript:;

Name a worse character

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>they think jiren lost to goku
>goku needed countless aspulls and help from his friends to stand a chance against jiren and is now exhausted and can't even get up
>meanwhile, jiren still has energy to fight frieza and 17 at the same time



>Be 17
>Just chill on an island since Cell Saga
>Goku Blue? No problem.
>Jiren? What a faggot.
>Oh, not even when I literally self-destruct I can die. Oh well.
How do we stop this absolute madman?

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I can think of at least one

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75% of DB fans are gay and hate girls. They are closet yaoi lovers(mostly Gohan fans). Ive said this before.

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goku has always had slightly dark skin in the manga
toei tried to correct their mistake in GT but it felt weird because people were already used to light skinned goku

it's as retarded as when they tried to correct trunks's hair by making it blue

feels good not having my comments included

Can only hope the manga makes it Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza facing off Jiren.

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Anyone get the feeling that some of the animators have been playing FighterZ?

Just the way some of the fight flowed felt a bit like the game.

reminder that as of this point 17 is not canon, in Toriyama outline he actually did die and this is nothing but Toei filler

Gohan got cucked out of Blanco forever. How sad.

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Let me guess. He gets his stamina from his nakamas aswell right?


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>Google News app "spoiled" the new episode for me with a notification: Dragon Ball Super shocks fans with a returning fighter
>naively assumed it was finally his turn
>it was 17 instead
It's not fair. When will SOON be now?

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the order in which U7 fighters get knocked out was part of toriyama's outline, so vegeta is getting ringed out before 17 or frieza

thank you sir


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Anons that ask to (you)s.

I want jiren to win :(

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Nice headcanon

Well that's fucking stupid. 17 is cool and all but having those three fighting Jiren would have generated an even greater amount of hype

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We can only hope

>Death by autistic 9 year old.

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Why did they make him a whiny autist ? He was such a chad in the first episodes he showed up.
Fuck toriyama and fuck toei

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>Krillin gets destroyed in the new chapter
>Chadhan goes hunting for some wolf meat
All is right in the world

I accept your concession

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I miss 17's jawline

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>Krillin gets ringed out by a single kick from Frost, before doing anything
>Tien's kikoho is completely useless against Frost and gets ringed out by a single punch

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>heh nothing personnel get lost

He was probably unconscious at that moment.

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Goku and Jiren.

it's true, from an actual interview

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It is really crazy how much better the manga is

>this thread

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Blame Toriyama. His original draft didn't include anything about Jiren's personality.

The only thing Tori told Toyo and Toei about Jiren was that he was a silent guy, so they came up with completely different personalities for him

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>Multiverse is canon.

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Will El Hermano come soon?

what would SSG look like with his hair

tthey are saving him for the movie

>he sees your soul

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>original draft
So basically something that may have been since revised, given that the same interview states Caulifla and Kale didn't exist there?