A poll about which Shounen Jump character had the coolest / best death

A poll about which Shounen Jump character had the coolest / best death

Oh yeah, spoilers obviously.

>#1 Ace (One Piece)
>#2 Raoh (Fist of the North Star)
>#3 Bruno (Jojo V)
>#4 Iggy (Jojo III)
>#5 Itachi (Naruto) & Dr. Hiluluk (One Piece)
>#7 Whitebeard (One Piece)
>#8 Bellmere (One Piece)
>#9 Gin (Bleach)
>#10 4th Hokage (Naruto)

>#11 Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)
>#12 Jiraiya (Naruto)
>#13 Caesar (Jojo II) & Vegeta (Dragon Ball) & Goku (Dragon Ball)
>#16 Rei (Fist of the North Star)
>#17 Piccolo (Dragon Ball)
>#18 Neji (Naruto)
>#19 Netero (Hunter x Hunter)
>#20 Kakyoin (Jojo III)

>#21 Juza (Fist of the North Star)
>#22 Jonathan (Jojo I)
>#23 Shinobu (Yu Yu Hakusho)

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Hurr durr they callin' muh pops chicken. Let me just throw away my life after countless number of my friends and my brother nearly died trying to save it. Fuck Ace. Cunt deserved that fisting. Dr. Hiluluk's death was way better.

ace's death over hiluluk's is a fucking crime, honestly

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yeah and Whitebeard death was way cooler

Ace and Lawfujos are fucking annoying.

Sakazuki is a master strategist. He knew Ace would become the pirate king and baited him into his death

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Ace died like a bitch

best boy ace

>Whitebeard still fights and runs around without the motor function cortex part of his brain
Yeah, his death was fucking dumb, too.

How anyone could think Ace's death is cool is beyond me. He dies because of literal retardation. He knows he can't beat Akainu, and he knows Akainu would never take back what he said, so he drags out a 100% pointless argument, getting himself and others killed.

Not to mention Luffy's Gumby face.

The best death in One Piece is either Bell-mère or Hiluluk.

>Vegeta (Dragon Ball) & Goku (Dragon Ball)
There are no actual death's in Dragon Ball. This is how you know the nips are full blown retarded.


>#12 Jiraiya (Naruto)
Why isn't Jiraiya #1 or at least in the top 5?

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>All these Naruto characters but not my nigga Kisame
Especially Neji, his death sucked, what the fuck is it doing there

Nips don't care that much for Nardo.

>No L death

No other anime death will compare to this

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>stealing from Gurren lagan
yeah no

whitebeards death is better in the anime. Having Akainu literally blast off part of his brain do basically nothing was completely ridiculous even for one piece. In the show it’s just another hole in his chest which is way less stupid



>Jonathan's death that low
but his death was the coolest in all of jojo

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Please remember that nips value honor above all else, Ace died for Whitebeard's honor and there's nothing more amazing than that to them, Westerners need to shut the fuck shittalking a culture that isn't their own.

>being a braindead ape that ignored all of Luffy's efforts and made him suffer for NOTHING is something to be proud for
Stupid nips, this is why they're our bitches

One piss is garbage

>Ruined everything Whitebeard, his entire crew, Luffy and everyone else fought for just because Akainu was mean
Ace was a fucking retard

it's wan piss, learn to shitpost

What an incredibly shitty list.

It's only limited to Jump how much less shitty could it be?

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Yeah, Ace death was quite hot, rather than cool.

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Pakunoda deserves a spot and Netero a higher one

I understand Ace but I'm more for Hiluluk and Bell-mere

Gyro's was, but that was after it moved to Ultra Jump

>Any juan piss
Do nips really think cheap drama = coolness?

>#10 4th Hokage (Naruto)
>#13 Vegeta (Dragon Ball) & Goku (Dragon Ball)
wich death? vegeta is probably majin boo one and goku the cell one, isn't ir?

>nips have shit taste
in other news water is wet

He died because Luffy couldn't move anymore, speedreader.

Because Luffy threw himself against Akainu to save Ace because Ace was baited like a moron.

>everyone bitter one piece is king like always

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More like OPfags are bitter that other OPfags have shit taste

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>#4 Iggy
Damn, Japanese have good taste for once?
>#22 Jonathan
I take that back, are Japanese people retarded?

Fucking nips

>Netero at 19

this is some shit taste

Coolest death in OP was either Hiluluk or all the Rumbar pirates.

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He simply fell for weak bait from Akainu

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Pell's would've been cool if he actually stayed dead.

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pretty obviosu those slant eyed niggers just voted on whatever character they liked the most

Foreshadowing, bruh. Awakened zoan and shit yo.

A list that only includes like five series from such a massive history is a list too worthless to even get mad about

Kakashi should've been on here desu. I agree with bruno being the best jojo death

>ranked higher than FUCKING RAOH

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>Blono ranked above all the other Jojo characters

ding dong diddly cringe

Gyro fell of his horse wdym ??


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>Westerners need to shut the fuck shittalking a culture that isn't their own.
>Coming from the country that steals every cultural aspects from the West (from mythological creatures like elves and mermaids to clothing styles and historical events and people like the pirates who inspired the characters of One Piece).
This lack of self awareness will never cease to amaze me.

this ace and whitebeard haters are annoying
>asspull death

Shit taste. He's the biggest Gary Stu in anime history.

>Ace fucking first
>My Nigga Cora-san didn't even make it to the list
Fucking nips

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Fucking nips.

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Aileen killed him but I forgot why Gin decided to turn on Aizen in the first place. He seemed pretty chill with whatever was going on. Don't remember him even caring for Rangiku much either.

Be surprised that he ranked at all. It's been 30 years since he died and people still remember, that's pretty impressive.

Watching Ennies Lobby for the first time.

Why the fuck did they change the opening mid season? Brave New World was great, the song is great and the clips let you hyped for the arc. Crazy Rainbow is pure trash, the song is terrible, the Engrish is awful, it's fucking to and a half minutes long and the clips have nothing to do with Ennies Lobby. They really shat the bed on this one.

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are you mad your favorite jojo didnt go personally escorted to heaven by angels?

OoOoOh Benn Beckmann

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Historical nips valued honor, but saying modern ones do is like saying modern Americans value free speech and separation of church and state and all that shit

>at top 12
thats some bullshit

too much one piece, though i am pleased to see hokuto high up.

>100% pointless
pretty much Ace's entire character arc was this. oh snap. lets give all this exposition about the character and then have him die for no reason.

I agree, his should be at least above Iggy

Passable. But needs more FotNS.

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Ace deserves the first spot you fuckers, leave the poor man alone.

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>Vegeta's sacrifice isn't even on the list
does Japan hate Vegeta or something

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Everyone valued honour in the past, insults were taken seriously. Few people do nowadays though

Yeah but the Japanese took it to further extremes and into more modern eras then everyone else

I don't know of many other historical cultures that idolize figures as heroes who killed themselves to retain their honor (I'm sure they exist, but I can't think of them, I mean Europeans considered suicide sinful and most cultures choose to honor those who were killed, not those that killed themselves)


Gin wanted to kill Aizen from the start. He always wanted to kill him.

Why are 11-20 better than almost all of the top 10

Gin basically just wanted to kill who hurt Rangiku for some reason. Was never explained why, as he didn't give a shit about anything else, but since that moment he spent his whole time waiting for an opportunity to kill Aizen but Aizen being Aizen knew Gin wanted him dead all along and kept him close because of it or something.

HxHfags BTFO

Lol not since like the 19th century

>and then have him die for no reason.
It's mainly for the timeskip tbf.

Hiluluk should be #1, he was the only real human bean on that fucking shithole of a manga.

Pretty much this.
OP had some amazing deaths, but they had to put Ace as number 1.

Not surprising, that isn't Togashi's forte. The only death that got to me in HxH was Komugi and Meruem.


Jonathan died like a bitch. He could even beat a head.