Left or right

Left or right.

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they were both best

Right, easily.


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I hate how s3 skipped like 80% of scenes with haqua.

Left has feet service.


man of culture

how much of pussy you have to be to chose this plain uninteresting plank from all the choice that he get?

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ayumifag here, although i don't like chihiro because she's the most plain girl in the series but it's for this very reason that it was logical for her to win

unlike all other girls he will not find a girl like chihiro in any game not to mention that she's the only girl who loved him for who he really was not for what he pretended to be.

she may not be best girl but she's the right girl for him.

>but it's for this very reason that it was logical for her to win
not really the manga just got axed

axed or not he could have asked any other girl out but he choose her, even if the manga lasted another 100 chapters the end result would have been the same.

Does this really still upset people? It was obvious who he would choose since it was foreshadowed long before.

I'm reminded of that fapfic that user wrote years ago. Firetrucks don't stop for redlights.

>he could have asked any other girl
not really in that situation she was the safe bet
>if the manga lasted another 100 chapters the end result would have been the same.
we don't know that so is pointless to discuss this theme in particular

>Does this really still upset people?
it never did user

Rape Elsie
Marry Haqua

>they didn't animate her arc

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Neither, go for Ayumi or Kanon instead

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I like Yui.

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I forgot how cute Haqua is

which country's fire trucks had the best design?

God Haqua got the shit end of the stick in that ending.

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It upset me, but I could see it coming from a mile away. It upset me because it was just fucking dumb. Wakaki deserves his failures since then.


Yui was my favorite and I was really excited when it was revealed she had a goddess in her.

I got some bad news for you, user, you like drummers

It's like she didn't even exist after the goddess arc. Still mad about the ending (not who won).

He dragged out the plot and then when it got axed, haphazardly put it back all together for that ending. I wouldn't mind if it was fleshed out more but he clearly didn't end the manga gracefully even if he intended to do it from the start the way he did.

Right any day. Elsie is fun but pales in comparison with best girl.

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>hey sensei
>you make him end with the most boring girl of all the cast without no explanation whatsoever after he dump her

3DPD a shit

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Right. People who like left are all bakas.

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He didn't end with Tenri though.

The only part I didn't like about was how Tenri was treated in all this, while I myself am not a tenrifag, more of a hakuafag, but it still felt pretty fucking cold to drop tenri like that.

Nah the author is just a hack.
He literally had no idea what to do even after setting up the demon and going back to the past arc.

>Hey, hey Tenri.
>What is it Keima?
>Just remember, I don't like you. I repeat, I do not and will never have any romantic interest towards you. I know this because I am from the future. Once again, I will never love you.
>Ok I understand, time to hold out hope for 10 years
>Wahhh why was he so mean, leading me on like that?

Only real answer.

Best girl.

Not me, she was my favorite to win. That combined with Elsie becoming his actual sister made me incredibly happy.

Chihiro was the obvious choice but second best ending would have been LC + Haqua + Keima's mom.

Left is for hugs right is for fugg

>Dumb as fuck
>Hot as fuck
>Believes everything you say

Definitely left