Find a flaw

Find a flaw.

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Not an idol.

>a flaw

These proportions are what all women strive for.

There's a newer model available.

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They fucked that one up on the latest version, now its a sidegrade at best.

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That's just temporary.

shes not real

neither is your waifu

Not Erika.

>implying she isn't my waifu

>S O G

shes not sitting on my face

Not Erika.

Additionally, jealous crybaby bitch.

She's a homewrecker

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What went wrong? Raita sure loves anorexic girls with implants

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Worst Shoujo.

Pic related.
Best Shoujo.

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not the mama

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can someone give her a sandwich for god's sake

What are you gay?


post brown girl

Which one?

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Both, I can't choose.

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I'd have to pay for back surgery when she gets older.

I meant which brown girl?

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God i want to fuck their butts and cum on their chest

Nipples should be lower on the breasts closer to the center.

We need more costumes.

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I'd rather swallow wasps.

What is this from?