Sup Forums makes their own servants

Class: XXXX
Alternate Classes: XXXX, XXXX, Etc
True Name: XXXX
Alignment: XXXX

Strength: X
Endurance: X
Agility: X
Mana: X
Luck: X

>Class Skills:

Skill (rank)

Personal Skills:

Skill (rank)

Skill (rank)

>Noble Phantasms:

Noble Phantasm (rank)

Shitpost thread.

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Class: Maniac
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
True Name: Old Man Henderson (no first name)


Strength: D
Agility: C+
Endurance: C
Mana: D
Luck: A++

Class Skill:

Derailment: Rank A+++
The ability to change, defy or disrupt all predetermined or preplanned events. Higher levels give the side effect of minor mental disorders, like mild dyslexia or schizophrenia. At this rank, nothing is certain.


High-Speed Drunken Language
Rank B++
The ability to slur words incomprehensibly. At this level, due to a combination of an inconsistent Scottish accent and alcohol, it is possible to mistake the only language you know for an Elder tongue beyond human pronunciation.

Outrageous Activities
Rank B
The talent to reduce the enemy forces under the protection of absurdity, before they can register your actions. Maniac can disorient entire platoons and military bases enough to accomplish the most ballsy heists.

Benefits of an Eventful Life: Rank B
A vast collection of eclectic skills and talents gathered over the course of many years. At this rank, Benefits of an Eventful life grants almost a hundred different skills at E rank competency.

Master of Explosions:
Rank C
Skill with explosives and incindiary devices of all kinds.

Pioneer of the Stars: Rank EX
This unique Skill is given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".

Noble Phantasm:

Rank C-
A stuffed parrot that Maniac wears on his shoulder. Provides advice, but not information. Only Maniac can hear Rupert. Rank is reduced due to the often unhelpful nature of the Device.

Investigator's Shotgun
Rank C
An automatic combat shotgun. While it's status as a Noble Phantasm allows it to damage entities it normally wouldn't be able to, it otherwise does functions identically to a mundane combat shotgun.

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Are there canonical stats for Neil Armstrong?

Michael Jackson, berseker

Make them up

Class: Faggot
True Name: Complete Dick-sucking Homo
Alignment: anything that involves cocks

Strength: E
Endurance: E
Agility: E
Mana: E
Luck: E

Pussy Immunity (Rank EX)
Cannot be aroused by the female body. Immune to all magic that would cure their homosexuality.
Faggotry (Rank EX++++)
Active at all times. User becomes a level of cum-lusting faggot inconceivable to even the omniscient. Surpasses the power of True Magic.

NP: Make A Terrible Thread (Rank EX)
Makes a god awful thread.

Harsh, I wasn't the one who made these originally

Doesn't matter. It's still shit

Heroic Spirit: Kirei Kotomine
Class: Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strength: C+
Agility: B
Endurance: D
Mana: C
Luck: B

Class Skills

Presence Concealment B: While concealing its presence the Servant can fade from sight, moving as a shadow making them extremely difficult to spot even when actively searching for them. Servants will only be able to detect them at a third the normal range.

Personal Skills

Chinese Martial Arts B: The servant has learned almost everything there is to know about Chinese Martial Arts.

Magecraft C- Capable of using some aspects of orthodox Thaumaturgy, and can use it to supplement their combat skills.

Baptism Rite A: A type of Magecraft that became a tool of the Church. Especially effective on spiritual bodies such as Servants.

Projectile (Black Key) B: Thrown projectiles are now comparable to bullets.

Noble Phantasm

Angra Heart: The Heart of the corrupt Man

Rank: E-

Type: Anti-Curse

Angra Heart: The Heart of the corrupt Man is the Noble Phantasm of Kirei Kotomine. This Noble Phantasm was created by Angra Mainyu after Kirei's heart was shot by Kiritsugu, and was washed over by the black mud, Angra Mainyu healed the wound, and created Kirei black heart. As a Noble Phantasm it allows Kirei to become immune to curses like Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat. However, curse weapons still can harm Kirei. for example Gàe Bolg. Alsoi ts does not make Kirei's any more resistant to being slain by others.

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This annoys me

How come?

Class: Saber
Other Classes: Archer, Caster, Berserker, Rider
Alignment: Lawful Good
True Name: Elsword Seighart
Titles: The Leader of the El Search Party


STR: B++
NP: A+

Class Stats

Magic Resistance: B
At this rank it can cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.

Riding: A
He rode on many animals that are native within the continent of Elrios in the past and had no trouble in controlling their actions to the point that he had even managed to ride beasts that were otherwise known as magical.

Personal Skills

Armour Break: B
Any and all armour that is not specified as a mystic code or is equal to or higher than a rank B Noble Phantasm will be destroyed when hit by his sword and those armour that equals to B and above have significantly less durability and will not perform as well and may had chunks of the armour broken off. This is not at any cost of mana as most of his skills come from the fact that he swings his sword so fast that it can create flames, energy slashes and even storms through thin air.

Battle Continuation: B
Due to his stubborn nature of not ever giving up, he had withstood fatal injuries that would have costed his life however in the end each time that he had been knocked down by the opponent he gets up so long as there is not a decisive blow.

Charisma: B
He was the entire reason to why the El Search Party was so well renowned due to the fact that he had befriended almost anyone who he’d travelled with in their quests for maintaining the El.

Awakening: A
His mysterious affinity with the El had managed to completely manifest an ability to “Awaken” one’s true form ranging from 10 to 40 minutes.

Noble Phantasms

Armageddon Blade, Knight of Annihilation
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
Range: 1-8
This Noble Phantasm extends the reach of his blade by 4 times his own size and enhances the damage of the blade, although the gigantic blade is ephemeral in nature (spiritual) and relies on the user’s soul – the stronger the soul, the higher the damage – it can inflict physical wounds and will ignore the amour of the opponent to the point that it bends the earth’s own rules. Although this does have a limited effect as it will only last for 30 minutes at maximum exposure to combat as well as the fact that this Noble Phantasm consumes a whopping 2/3 of the mana that Elsword has.

Perkisas - Sword of Greed
Type: Anti Unit, Anti Army
Rank: A++
Range: 1-2
Perkisas, Incarnation of Greed, transformed into a weapon. Only a skilled adventurer acknowledged by Perkisas can wield this weapon. Perkisas lends the wielder the power to use his immense fire magic and power.

Gay thread

Assassin fits him too well. Which is why I'm annoyed.

These threads have been pointless ever since FGO came around because literally ANYBODY with a wikipedia article will become a 'heroic spirit'. Fucking Marie Antoinette is a hero now apparently.

Saber: 2B
Archer: The Spanish Flu
Lancer: Robin Williams
Assassin: Batman
Berserker: Cookie Monster
Rider: The Letter 'Q'
Caster: Stephen Hawking
Grand Ruler: Seto Kaiba

This setup will happen if you wait long enough.

Forgot to include his newly improved art.

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>still no Toyotomi Hideyoshi

At this point, I wouldn't even be surprised if they turned him into a girl too.

Class: Saber
Other Classes: Berserker, Caster, Ruler, Rider
Alignment: Lawful Good
True Name: Reios Fatra Bertorion (Koutaro Satomi)
Titles: The Blue Knight

NP: A+

Class Skills:
Magic Resistance: B (EX)
Although The Blue Knight has no natural magical protection, his friend the arc-magician Yurika cast a magical barrier on him that protects him against most magic. Furthermore, his Magic Resistance is boosted to EX rank when using Signaltin as it can completely negate any type of magic.

Riding: B
Although The Blue Knight does not have much experience riding traditional knight mounts such as horses, he was able to befriend the Flame Emperor Dragon Alunaya and later ride him into space. Furthermore, he pilots the advanced spacecraft, the Blue Knight as if it was an extension of himself.

Personal Skills:
Spiritual Enhancement: B
By infusing Spiritual energy into his body, The Blue Knight is able to increase his speed and strength to superhuman levels. Furthermore, by infusing his eyes with Spiritual power, The Blue Knight is able to "see" his enemies auras meaning any type of cloaking or smokescreens will not work against him. Furthermore, he is able to read those auras in order to predict his enemies movements and intentions. Combined with his combat experience honed by fighting in the Forthothe war, using the skill in this way is slightly superior to Eye of the Mind (True) of the same rank.

Charisma: A
During his time in Forthothe, he was able to lead an army of thousands and win every battle with minimal casualties on both sides despite having only experience fighting in small groups before then. As the war continued, many of the soldiers and citizens started to worship him and even people of the present day Forthothe admire his legend to the point of obsession.


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Oath of the Knight: A+
The Blue Knight is the ideal knight and that mean keeping the oaths sworn on his sword no matter the cost. This skill is a combination of Battle continuation, Guardian Knight, and Bravery in which it allows The Blue Knight to continue fighting regardless of a fatal blow and protects him from mental interference as well as slightly increases all his parameters as long as he is protecting someone. However, the effects are only about B rank when compared with the actual skills.

Affections of the Goddess of Dawn: C-
The Blue Knight obtained the Goddess of Dawn's favor when he was was saved from the void outside of time and space by her and then her affection when a fragment of her, the Silver Princess Alaia, fell in love with him. Furthermore, his allies who are in love with him are all fragments of the Goddess of Dawn. When two or more fuse together, she can manifest herself for brief periods of time in the mortal realm and perform miracles. However, The Blue Knight himself is completely unaware she really exists even though he knows of the religion so the skill only provides him with a high luck parameter.


Noble Phantasms:
Signaltin, Birth of New Fortorthe
Type: Anti-Country
Rank: EX
The Sword of the Goddess of Dawn, the symbol of the one chosen to rule Forthothe, and The Blue Knight's most famous Noble Phantasm. A truly divine Noble Phantasm, it was originally the Royal family's treasured sword meant only to be unsealed when the country was facing a great peril. The Silver Princess Alaia unsealed it and sacrificed most of her life force in order to keep The Blue Knight safe during the war. Posessing an unimaginable amount of Mana as well as the ability to negate other magic, Signaltin turn the tide of any fight. Furthermore, after Alaia sacrificed her life force to strengthen the sword, her will lingered inside it and allowed Signaltin to automatically protect and heal The Blue Knight and his allies in life threatening situations, even when they are great distances away from the physical sword itself. However, although he can use magic using Signaltin, The Blue Knight isn't very skilled at magic.

Armor of the Holy Knight
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A (B originally)
The armor of the Legendary Blue Knight and the reason he's called as such. Aside from Signaltin, this is the Noble Phantasm most people associate with him to the point where modern Forthothe knights refrain from wearing blue armor as a sign of respect. The armor is a vivid blue plate armor in terms of appearance and is a sophisticated and advanced piece of technology unlike any ever seen on Earth. It was made by the Empress of Forthothe specifically for The Blue Knight and greatly enhances his speed, strength, and reflexes. Furthermore, it allows him to fly through the skies at high speeds by manipulating gravity and distort space in order to make shields and barriers. It was designed as a space suit so The Blue Knight has no fear of poison gas, oxygen deprivation, or similar attacks and it can keep him safe from extreme temperatures.


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Quick someone do one for Rudeus.

I don't know who that is

MC of Mushoku Tensei

>No Hitler yet

Come on Sup Forums.

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NP "child molesting"

Class: Caster
Alternate Class: Ruler, Archer, Avenger
True Name: Adolf Hitler, King of Führers
Alingment: Chaotic Good

Luck:B ( ranked down to E against Russian units)

Charisma: B+
Hitler had great leadership skills, allowing those who lost everything accept him as their Führer to victory
Painting: D-
Hitler is able to paint pictures that are extremely bad in artistic view, yet somehow count as art
Territory Creation (A++)
Territory around him forms a Reich that will cause anyone around it to fall into the state of war against it and increases defense power of German units by two ranks.

Personal Skills
Flucht des Führers (EX)
Can any time teleport to South America, cannot by stoped once activated
Anschluss (A+++)
any territory once occupied with enough german units becomes part of his Reich

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Führer des deutschen Reiches (E-EX)
As Führer of the great Reich he collected many artefacts and is able to command any Noble Phantasm that was wielded by Aryans or were used in Germany territory in historical records. Noble Phantasm summoned are ranked down by one rank

Armee des dritten Reiches (Ex)
Anti-Poland Noble Phantasm
Hitler commanded a great army, leading powerful soldiers into battle, he is able to summon it again. The army is completely composed of servants and in its presence all French and polish opponents are ranked down by two ranks.

Flames of Auschwitz:Für die arische Herscherrasse(EX)
Anti-Jew Noble Phantasm
The work of a man who wanted to clean humanity of it's filth, but was misunderstood by all. It manifests as a reality marble that is composed of pure fire, burning everything to Ash. Due to its origin as purifier of humanity it Deals the double amount of damage against demons, Jews and those related to them including Christians. Due to the questionable existence of the event its mana costs are doubled compared other reality marbles.

Moon Base (EX)
Anti-Continent Noble Phantasm
Can create a basis on the moon if given enough moonstone. The base allows him to freely move the moon around and gives him access of all powers wielded by Type-Moon. Inside the base and on the moon all German units are buffed by one rank and do posses the concept of death. All abilities of Hitler on the moon need only one tenth of the original mana cost.

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Who is this chad?

Why hasn't there been one yet?A musclehead with Main Character syndrome

>Character syndrome
Is he also voiced by: Matsuoka/Kaji/Nakamura by any chance?

He's voice by Suzumura Kenichi.


Raise this to B

Class: Saber
Alternate Classes: Berserker, Rider
True Name: Ogier the dane
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: B
Mana: D
Luck: C

>Class skills
Riding A+
Magic resistance B

>Personal skills:
Giant slayer B:
Ogier's enjoys stat boosts when fighting opponents more powerful than himself, for the duration of the fight. Rarely enough to even out the difference completely but enough to turn one-sided stomps into close matches.

Protector B:
Objects or people marked as being under Ogier's protection provide him with a level of precognitive danger-sense when threatened, allowing him to come to their aid in a timely fashion.

Stone skin C:
Ogier can turn parts of his body into a statue to greatly enhance his durability at the cost of his agility.

>Noble phantasms
Curtain C:
Magic short sword, provides Ogier with the giantslayer skill. Won in single combat with a Saracen champion.

Broiefort C:
Magical horse mount, can be called into existence at Ogier's whim. Never tires. Won in single combat.

Victor's Boon: A
The source of his other, lesser phantasms; when Ogier bests another servant in a manner that he would personally deem as honorable, single combat he is allowed to take a boon from his enemy, usually in the form of their noble phantasm, except when such wouldnt make sense. Ownership of the phantasm confers a basic understanding of it's use, but not neccesarily any skill with it, so phantasms further away from his area of expertise (like Prelati's spellbook as an example) are much less useful to him. Magic weapons being his preffered prize.

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Class: Caster
Other Classes: Assassin(?)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
True Name: Shu Saura (Haimura Moroha)


MAG: A++

Class Skills:
Territory Creation: A+

Item Construction: B

Personal Skills

Demon King: B
He had been notorious for his reputation of destroying kingdoms and even empires to the point that he himself was even labelled as such for not only the destruction of these lands but also him being the king of the Netherworld. As such his presence strikes terror to anyone who does not know of Shu Saura's history.

Elemental: A++
Caster had shown an incredibly potent talent in the arts of elemental magic so much so that he himself had created different forbidden spells that even if the weakest of the bunch is used, it will still leave a trail of destruction and depending on the element used, it could affect from an entire city to the size of a small country.

Noble Phantasms

Cocytus, May Even Hell Freeze Over
Type: Anti-Country, Anti-City, Anti-Populace
Rank: EX
Range: 1-999
It had been said that this spell alone was the cause for the deaths of thousands within the nations that he had destroyed. This spell was so incredible that it was said to have artificially cooled the entire planet by 3°C.

Due to the nature of this spell’s power, it will freeze everything around the caster with permanent consequences to which the land will be “covered with white death” as no life would be able to grow there for many years to come.

Ouroboros, The Sea’s Reclamation
Type: Anti-Country
Rank: EX
Range: 1-999
This spell’s nature is that Ouroboros is a spell that summons a magical sea that devours everything hostile to user, with the user being able to manipulate the water freely. The sea will not go away even after the spell is used which therefore means that it is permanent much like Cocytus. This spell had been so powerful that it had actually artificially created seas before at the size of the Adriatic Sea.

Forgot pic

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Class: Caster
Other Classes: Ruler
True Name: Jose Rizal
Alignment: Neutral Good
Armament: Book & Quilt
Titles: The Greatest Man of the Brown Race



Class Skils:
Territory Creation: C+
Ability to create a territory advantageous to oneself as a magus. Allows for the creation of a workshop superior to that of most magi and has a range of a mansion, within this the cost of spells used are drastically reduced. Within the time he was alive, Caster was believed to be a magus as due to his unnatural intellect and the cunning he has shown.

Item Construction: B
Allows for the creation of prana-infused items. At B-Rank, the production of E~C Rank magical items becomes possible. Though his specialization come from making magical potions that may grant a boost in endurance, strength and agility as the medicine he has made was rumoured to have magical properties that boost several things in the human body this was due to the fact that he had cured himself of tuberculosis.

Personal Skills
Soul of a Martyr: B
A mental protection that negates mental interferences. At this rank, he is able to not be affected by most mental afflictions such as despair and anger. Throughout his final years, Caster had always been prepared to die as he himself thought that his actions may incite the wrath of the Spaniards and as such still continued to do so even though the looming threat was ever growing.

Master of Many Specialisations: B
Mastery of several skills in one's lifetime, such as martial arts, language, arts and the sciences. At this rank, he has at least 20 skills that are all ranked B under the condition of "if he put his mind to it". Caster had been renowned to have studied many subjects in many fields as he’s been known to have mastered several martial arts, swordsmanship, literary arts and many more.

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Surgical Procedure: A
Knowledge of medicinal and surgical techniques. As an accomplished physician in his lifetime, Caster's surgical knowledge is of the highest rank. Also has a side bonus of allowing Caster to know weak points of enemies.

Discernment of the Poor: B
The insight to see through the opponent's character and attribute. Caster is not easily deceived by excuses and deception from words but can still be tricked by certain servants. This was due to his time of observing human behaviour as he too was a rather well-known anthropologist.

Noble Phantasms

Noli Me Tánghere – The Cancer of Society
Rank: A+++
Type: Anti-Army
Range: 1-99
Max Number of Targets: 1-1000
This is Caster's representation of his ideals and has materialized as a Reality Marble. It represents an ideal of equality and liberation from oppression.

Upon activation, the world outside is rejected and instead a new reality takes place resembling the old Manilla, the capital city of Philippines in addition, all surrounding prana within 200 meters of the Reality Marble is transferred inside, creating a prana-rich arena within. During the Reality Marble's duration, prana cost for spellcasting is reduced to 5% of base cost. By the time of fully manifested, all within the reality marble are given the same physical parameters as the lowest of the all of the servants and all of those who fought for the civil war will manifest with the same physical stats along with their preferred armament.


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El Filibusterismo – The Reign of Greed
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
Range: 1-40
Max Number of Targets: 1-100
The sequel to Noli Me Tang Here, this is a crystallization of the masterpiece that Caster has created, famous in his country and many others. It represents change and influence of the national identity and religious faith. It speaks of the corruption and discrimination that has happened in his homeland and his wishes to end the suffering of his nation.

This noble phantasm is able to either take form of an enhancement to or a magical field which would impose a set number of rules upon the group.If this takes the form of the enhancement, the person is granted an immediate rank B to all physical parameters or should the person/servant already have an equivalent of rank B in those parameters, then a rank up in all physical parameters are given. Should he be in his homeland, the rank of this Noble Phantasm increases and as such the potency of the field increases.

Should this take form as a magical field, then a set of rules and restrictions are imposed upon those that enter or is part of it apart from targets Caster decides not to impose on. An example would be:
[rule: stand still
if NOT standing still
decrease agility by two ranks]


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How long until he's in F/GO?


>cured himself of tuberculosis.
I don't know why I laughed at this

Because it's absurd?

He was damn good at his primary profession.

What class would Gordon Ramsay be?


read legend of koizumeme

Class: Assassin
True Name: Erik Killmonger
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Mana: F
Luck: D

>Class Skills:
Weapon mastery
Superhuman strength
Superhuman spatial awareness

Personal Skills:
Hand to hand combat

>Noble Phantasms:
Golden Jaguar suit - Suit made out of vibranium is almost unbreakable and can use kinetic energy against opponents

Noble Phantasm (rank) C

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Didn't know flips browse Sup Forums

Ahh I see.

Class: Rider
Alternate Classes: Can't think of one
True Name: Hannibal Barca
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: B
Endurance: A+ (based upon crossing Alps IMO)
Agility: C
Mana: D
Luck: B

>Class Skills:

Rank A++
Can ride any vehicle or modern utility with exceptional skill. Also applies to class mount.

Personal Skill:

Barrier Charge
Rank A+
Ability to cross or break through all barriers through the use of an elephant charge.

Rank A
Can see the bigger picture. Useful in seeing effects or movements far in advance based on current information.

Rank C
Can form minor treaties with other heroic spirits which compels compliance for different tasks. The larger the task, the more ineffective the "compliance" component. Both parties must be in agreement at the time of the treaty. Pressure is exerted on the user as well.

Figure of Terror
Rank B
The longer Hannibal stays in the Holy Grail War, the more domineering his presence is felt. Similar to intimidation, but impresses upon other spirits a projection of power.

>Noble Phantasms:

Battle of Canne Reality Marble (Rank B+):
Can summon prey into a recreation of the battle Canne at the center of the encirclement among the Roman Army.

Class: Ruler
True Name: T’Challa
Alignment: Good

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Mana: B
Luck: F

>Class Skills:
Superhuman strength
Superhuman spatial awareness

Personal Skills:
Hand to hand combat

>Noble Phantasms:
Black Panther suit - Suit made out of vibranium is almost unbreakable and can use kinetic energy against opponents

King of the dead - Can summon Wakandan warriors from the dead to fight for him

Noble Phantasm (rank) B

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Flips are everywhere across the globe. It's like the second coming of Chinese immigration.

all SSS

Class: Grand Rider
Alternate classes: N/A
True Name: St. Nicholas
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Mana: A
Luck: C

>Class skills
Riding: A++
Is obviously able to take command of any vehicle from any era and operate it to bounds far exceeding its mundane capabilities by enhancing it with mana.

Magic resistance: B

>Personal skills
Item creation: EX
St. Nicholas is able to manufacture items with virtually no restrictions, so long as sufficient mana is supplied. Not even divine constructs are off-limits.

Presence Concealment: B
Is able to disguise his whereabouts, but children have an uncanny ability to see through it.

Eye of the Mind (True): A+
St. Nicholas sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good and he also knows about that sneak attack you were planning on pulling off so don't think that it will work.

>Noble Phantasms
Santa's bag (rank: EX)
St. Nicholas reaches into his bag and crafts an item. Unlike the Gate of Babylon, he can only make one at a time. The true power of this ability is its utter lack of restrictions on what he can make, even divine constructs, and furthermore that St. Nick will always deliver the PERFECT gift. Whatever he pulls out of his bag is guaranteed to be the absolute perfect counter to whatever obstacle lies in his master's way. St. Nicholas is committed to bringing his master the perfect gift for the Holy Grail War: victory.

Santa's sleigh (rank: A)
St. Nicholas rides through the sky on his sleigh, pulled by 8 fantastical beasts. Its speed and agility are utterly unmatched, being capable of visiting every house in the world on Christmas night with enough time to spare for St. Nicholas to deposit his gifts.

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>Grand Rider
Have there been actual Grand Riders yet?

No, they're saving it for this year's christmas event for obvious reasons

Makes sense

Venus Williams - Rider
Pierre Woodman - Caster
Ponzi - Scammer
Anne Frank - Hider
Trump - Winner
Mario - Plumber
Charles - Xavier
noone cares about stats

Best servant ever

>Hawking not rider

Scientists and inventors are Caster in nasuverse now

Class: Rider
Alternate Classes: none
True Name: Tarouza
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: D
Endurance: B-
Agility: C
Luck: B
NP: A++

>Class Skills:
Riding (A+)

>Personal Skills
Tongue of the Beasts (A-): The ability to communicate with animals and other creatures. At this rank Rider can perfectly understand the cries of almost any animal, and said animals comprehend Rider's words as if they are speaking the same language. However there are some animals, like fish or snakes, that he cannot understand.

Item Creation (D): Rider can create various tools from simple materials to use in battle. Although they are capable of harming heroic spirits, the simplicity of these tools make them not much better than distractions.

Mental Adaptability (C): The ability to quickly learn and make use of new information. As a mere infant, Rider learned how to speak coherently and understand the emotions of others before he was even able to walk.

Mental Pollution (D): Due to the environment Rider grew up in, he has suffered severe mental trauma throughout his childhood from constantly hearing, and understanding, the dying screams of animals as they are eaten by predators.

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>Noble Phantasms
The Utopia of Beasts (Anti-army, E-A++): A reality marble created from Rider's desire to create a world where all animals could live together in harmony, without having to eat each other for sustenance. Within this reality marble is a large, grassy field along with a number of small to giant animals that fought alongside Rider during his life. Every living thing in this world also gains the same Tongue of the Beasts skill that Rider possesses. Rider can also individually summon these animals into the normal world using his flute.

Telepathic Control (Support, A): A noble phantasm that allows Rider to wirelessly connect his brain to other living things. Although there are many common spells that have a similar effect, this noble phantasm creates a direct link to the brain of his selected targets, allowing him to share all their senses, communicate telepathically, and directly control their bodies. Rider uses this to control several animals, giving him huge amounts of info on his surroundings, and allowing him to coordinate powerful combination attacks that would normally be extremely difficult. However this also has its drawbacks, as sharing senses means Rider will feel the pain of any animal under his control that is injured. But the greatest danger comes from the fact that Rider's brain processing all this information creates an enormous strain. The more animals he connects to, and the longer he stays connected, the greater the risk becomes of Rider suffering an aneurysm that can result in severe brain damage or death.


patrician taste

Class: Archer
Alternate Classes: Rider
True Name: Napoléon Bonaparte
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: E
Endurance: C
Agility: C
Mana: B
Luck: A
NP: A+

>Class Skill:

Independent Action A
Distance between the servant and master is irrelevant, however the servant cannot use his Noble Phantasm from Afar.

Magic Resistance D
Nullifies only extremely simple magic, cannot defend but can reduce damage from sorcery.

Riding C
The servant is able to steer airborne vehicles such as airplanes and drive exceedingly well.

>Personal Skills

Field Marshal's Charisma A
The ability of a Field Marshal to lead an army and strengthen their morale, with this ability Napoléon gains incredible popularity and respect from his men. Napoléon is able to strengthen his front line soldiers both physically and mentally with his presence. Back line soldiers, however, will only gain half of the benefits that front line soldiers get.

Tactics(Artillary) A
Artillery military tactics manifested as a skill. Napoléon can organize an army specialized in bombing their enemy using artillery. This skill allows him to inflict shock upon the enemy with his Artillery fire which has a low chance of stunning the opponent.

Innocent Monster (Short) EX
A skill unique to Napoléon, whose name has become tied to his supposed short stature. As a heroic spirit, it is the crystallization of his portrayal as a short and petty tyrant in popular culture. When summonsed as a servant, Napoléon will always be at a height that is surprisingly short to his master. Deeply resenting this, against opponents who are taller than him, Napoléon's attack power scales proportionally.

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>Noble Phantasm:

Système Gribeauval - la pluie faite de feu
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Army
Napoléon's personal artillery that he uses to fire on his enemies. Napoléon can manifest multiple artillery to fire on his enemies, however - the maximum number he can summon is 5. Despite how it looks the speed and mobility of this equipment far exceeds a regular canon, for it can fire a shot every two seconds. These canons have the ability to charge their shots for more power, the maximum destructive power of one canon can destroy an entire mountain.

Sun of Asterlitz - Esprit de la Grande Armée
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army
Often considered Napoléon's greatest truimpgh - a work of tactical genius hailed as the second Cannae. A quasibounded field that holds all the artillery pieces ever used by la Grande Armée, accompanied by the loyal artillerymen required to operate these cannons. Some proclaim him to be the god of artillery, while others see just another faker with seemingly unlimited projectiles.

That's actually really good art, I can see that as being plausibly real

Would pull

I love his new design and the same for his girlfriend.

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He's matured a lot too.

Anyone can be a servant right? Then Moot.


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Who dat?

Class: Saber
True Name: Julie d'Aubigny/Mademoiselle Maupin
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Strength: C
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: D
Luck: A

Class Skills:

Charisma B
Having B Rank in this Skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King/Queen. The morale of military forces he or she commands is extremely high

Personal Skills:

Disengage B
Bonus effect of returning battle conditions to what they were at the beginning of the match (1st turn) and restores the condition of this Skill to the initial value

Showboating EX
Gains increase in stats and abilities based on the number of onlookers. Able to take on hundreds with ease with a cheering audience.

>Noble Phantasms:

épée inégalée (Unparalleled Duelist)
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C-A
Undefeated in a formal duel in life, the Nobel phantasm manifests as a law of the world. So long as both parties agree to a formal Duel, the user of this skill cannot ''lose'' although victory would take a considerable amount of time against other servants of higher skill or divinity.

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>Grand Saber: __________
>Grand Archer: __________
>Grand Lancer: ___________
>Grand Rider: ___________
>Grand Berserker: ____________
>Grand Caster: _____Merlin____
>Grand Assassin: ___________
Fill in the blanks

Grand Berserker is Beowulf that's for sure.

Class: Caster
Other Classes: Caster(Lily)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
True Name: Konoe A Mercury
Titles: The Great Sage

MAG: A++
NP: A++

Class Skills
Item Construction: A+++
At this rank she is able to make to make high magical items and weapons that even rivals Noble Phantasms, she may also be able to upgrade mystic codes to a level that may stand to against other Servants’ weapons although the cost of making such weapon is incredibly high and needs a high level of preparation within the workshop and in addition to this only 10 Arch-Enemy Event Weapons may be created as well as a guaranteed scarring of the soul should the weapon itself not accept the master.

Territory Creation: EX
She herself had made her own laboratory which was built on top of where the Black Beast first manifested, this facility itself had been locked and could not be accessed from the outside due to the restrictions that she had put in place of it, to the point that the only things that can make it possible entering is to “cut the space between outside and inside” or gathering the materials and requirements to unseal the facility.

Personal Skills
Ars Magus: A+++
As the creator of the Art of Ars Magus herself, she has understood the full capabilities of what it can do and what it cannot and as such she’s given the highest rank attainable.

Miracle ( Divine Intervention): A+++
It can be said that the things that she had accomplished was an impossibility, she and her daughter too has agreed that all the things that she had accomplished was all too convenient. As it has turned out to be, in was in fact due to divine intervention that caused her to be able to develop these weapons and the system to defeat the Black Beast.

Elemental: A
Before she had created Ars Armagus, she was renowned for her talents as a mage and a particularly an expert on Elemental magic of all types which includes affinities for Fire, Lightning, Ice, Water, Wind and even Void.

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Noble Phantasm
Miracle of the Dark War, Conception of the Ideas Beyond Humanity
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A++
Range: Self
This is the crystallization of Caster’s legend as the founder of the world’s dependence of the Armagus and the struggle for power in trying to obtain her weapons. As cemented as an unbelievable genius, it had created bias that she could do everything leading to many of the population believing the myth when in truth, many sacrifices were needed for the Dark War in order for humanity to survive.

This noble phantasm makes it so that the cost of making the magical items are far less than it would have normally made it so. Which means that preparation and material gathering is far less than that it would take when it was during her time.


>Giving Event Causality Weapons to her master
This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Grand Saber: Arthur(Apex)
Grand Archer: Hercules
Grand Lancer: Sun Wukong
Grand Rider: Santa
Grand Berserker: Beuwulf(That meme theory better turn out true)
Grand Assassin: Cain

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Why Beowulf

Someone on /fgog/ made a long autistic theory about how Beowulf will surpass his limitations and become the Grand Berserker in the Norse lostbelt, I don't have it with me though.

If I can use gods
>Grand Saber: Futsunushi
>Grand Archer: Rama
>Grand Lancer: Odin
>Grand Rider: Apollo
>Grand Berserker: Ares
>Grand Caster: Circe
>Grand Assassin: Hades


Yeah that's not good to end well

If she's any smart, she'll make one custom for her master

Kind of shitpost

Class: Grand Saber
Alias: The Black Swordsman, Kirito
True Name: Kazuto Kirigiya
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A++
Mana: B
Luck: A

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: -
Overwritten by the 'Full Dive' Class Skill, due to the Servants nature.

Riding: E
Lacking a legend in riding beasts, Saber only has this skill on a technicality.

Personal Skills
Eye of the Mind (True): A+
Known as the person in his world with the single greatest reflex speed in combat, Grand Saber's ability to identify and react to aspects in a fight is on par with the greatest of legends.

Full Dive: EX
The manifestation of the Servant as a Fake Hero, who earned their legend in a Fake World. Saber's nature is one in which they do not take wounds until they are dead, does not feel pain, and can maintain an 'Inventory' of certain items. On top of this, instant communication with allies is possible, and the Servant is able to quickly become skilled at something, even if it would involved manifesting a supernatural ability like instant regeneration.


Attached: Sword_Art_Online_ME02_024-025.jpg (1857x1300, 1.11M)

Sword Saint: EX
A variant of the Skill required for a Grand Saber, though Servants originating outside of Japan would likely have a variant of it reflecting the local culture. A Sword Saint is the pinnacle of swordsmanship, in which a Servant and their sword are one, and reflects peerless skill with the blade. A Servant with this skill will never lose a contest of pure skill, unless it was against another Sword Saint or equivalent.

At this rank, Grand Saber is able to, as needed, manifest and drop Skills needed for combat. Disengage, Prana Burst, Instinct, any skill which can be of use in melee combat can be developed depending on the Servants need. Additionally, the development of 'Unique Skills' similar to those used by a certain ill swordswoman and simple farmer are possible, creating abilities on par with Noble Phantasms or recreating similar skills as needed to create immense advantages.

Due to the aspect of a Full Dive Servant, these Unique Skills manifest as complex Sword Arts, such as the Servant's Starburst Scream ability. These Sword Arts cannot be interrupted halfway through, by either Grand Saber or his opponent, meaning that if a skill has been activated, there is no way to stop Grand Saber from finishing it.

Noble Phantasm
Dual Wield - The Black Swordsman
Rank: EX
Description: A 'Unique Sword Art' allowed to Grand Saber, the Servant is given the natural ability to make use of multiple blades at once. With this ability, Saber is able to make use of multiple weapons at once as if he had trained his entire life to fight with them, no matter the combination. As long as the weapon counts as a 'Sword,' Saber is able to use two at once. This allows him to use one sword in a Sword Art while turning the other to defensive action, or use two Sword Arts at once to truly overwhelm his opponent.

Any trait that the two swords have are shared with each other while being dual wielded by the Servant.


World Seed - An Incarnating Radius (False World)
Rank: EX
Description: An ability granted to Saber for his victory in a false world, and the creators subsequent need to deny it to another of Saber's opponents. In this class, Grand Saber is unable to make use of the full manifestation of Cardinal, but is able to apply the logic of the False World Aincrad to reality.

When making use of the Seed, Grand Saber overwrites the laws of Gaia and common sense of Man to reflect the common sense of the False World. In this circumstance, this acts in concert with his status as a Full Dive Servant. When Grand Saber defeats an opponent, he gains Experience, becoming stronger. When Saber defeats a notable foe, he has a chance to 'Loot' a powerful weapon off of them, allowing for the theft of Noble Phantasms while converting them to sword form. Non-Servants can also be looted and have powerful items or abilities stolen and converted into swords.

Through this manner, Grand Saber becomes more and more powerful the more battles they fight, the more Servants they defeat. Combined with his status as a Sword Saint, his versatility in combat becomes nigh incomparable.


The fuck did I just read.

High effort shitpost

This annoys the living shit out of me

More like high levels of autism.

Where do you think you are?

You implying there's a difference? This is a Fate thread, after all.

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