Where do you stand, Sup Forumsnon?

where do you stand, Sup Forumsnon?

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>elite anime fan series are still incredibly popular and well known
Every series on that chart should be in the same tier.

>Stupid fucking phoneposter
>Facebook image
>Shitty image including shitty watermark
>The absolute horrid taste someone would have to have to make a pyramid like that
>Can't even capitalize his sentence
>Making this thread in the first place

Fuck off a thousand times

i know what tier OP is on

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Fuck off back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

delete this thread

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>Elite anime fan
>Berserk (1997), Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop

Literally what?

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I would consider everything on here entry level and I’m not even a weeb. I’m just visiting this board, this is a shotpost right?

I did hear some faggot in my Japanese class say that Samurai Champloo was superior to Cowboy Bebop though and I got pretty fuckin triggered.

Really though, I haven’t watched an anime since Knights of Sidonia probably. I like it but I’m not obsessed, and I’ve seen all of the ones on this chart. Shit chart.

>that watermark top right
Extremely high quality thread.

Also it's sort of funny that three out of four shows in the top caste are among the most overrated anime of all time. I'm irked by how low Detective Conan is even though I've never watched it.

>liking older shows make you a better anime fan
Does liking Bach make you a better fan of classical music than liking Beethoven? Is Chopin entry level shit compared to Mozart?

Mozart is exit-level.

I always cringe when people think stuff like berserk and eva are some secret anime when they are more relevent and well known than shit like Bleach at this point

If only anger could delete threads.

>he doesn’t listen to Haydn


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This thread will get deleted

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Fairy Tail is better than One Piece, Naruto or Bleach

Everything in this is entry level except for Conan

Reminder that every shouneshitter thread is just like this. Please ban every shounenshitter and Sup Forums's post quality will improve greatly.

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>All the anime in that pyramid is entry level
Check this out op and leave Sup Forums

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Holy JPEG, but i watched all of them, they are not obscure at all.

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Check em

Sorry, I only watch good shows like Love Live and GochiUsa.

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Mokou thread

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Entry level should be Mahouka and Haruhi
Second level should be Franxx and VEG
Otaku should be lain and Dennou Coil and Eden of the East
Elite should be Precure and Pripara

Fuck off, Reddit. Take OP with you.

Fuck off

>Mods are dead
These are sad times.

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actually, yes

End this thread

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In the sick of everything trying to bring back the feeling of watching anime 20 years ago but constantly failing tier

It's an emotional response. Stop letting memes take over your life faggot


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Fucking end yourself

>unironically jerking off EVA and Bepop

but why tho

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Baby's first political show.
Shit taste.

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That's nice, but can you do this?

I started at the top and I've been working my way down.

I reported this thread like 30 minutes ago, why hasn't it been deleted yet?

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Fuck off back to whatever cesspool of ironic weeaboo faggotry you came from.

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Between Otaku and Weaboo


Check these dubs.

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>where do you stand, Sup Forumsnon?
Outside of your pyramid.

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Never happened before.

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fuck off faggot

fixed that for you

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All of those are shit though, so not on the pryramid

Why is it all shounen trash?

It's just another: What I like better than what you like

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I like all of these animes besides season 2 of sword art, my favorite is under "elite anime fan" tho by far

what dat mean

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It means fuck off retard.

Nobody take this bait.

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Elite anime fan means turbo weeb, just on the other side of the scale.

When will you fucking learn this you mentally retarded little shits?

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Is being part of the anime industry makes you an elite anime fan?


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I just wanna know who this the man who created this egregious image is.

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>where do you stand, Sup Forumsnon?

I stand beyond Elite Anime Fan. I have trascended the dirty otaku world to gain entrance to the divine land of the real genuine anime lovers.

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10/10 paint skills faggot.

>used the 555 KB

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I feel like all those anime are shit
But then why do I watch anime?
Do I even like anime anymore?

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All of that is shite.
Cowshit bebop and that other shitseries are both shit

Holy shit user.


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Cowboy Plebop is not shit. It's an ultimate plebshow, but not shit.

It's all entry level

Is it a thing that FBfags actually post?

I've seen every single anime on that list, what do I win.

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>Evangelion and Bebop
This is low-quality bait.

Where's Gurren Lagann on this list

I have transcended your shitty chart.

I'm so far up I watch my anime while drinking Japanese beer and sake.

Nah, he is clearly a diehard MALtard.

How the fuck is this thread still alive

Elite anime fan of course.

Mods are sleeping.

Eva is overated

It's actually a bigger pleb mecha show than Code Gayass.

I never really come to Sup Forums, but what's wrong with Sword Art Online? I know that I saw a lot of people last year at the cinema that went to watch it when it was showing, though I never thought to watch it myself.

Thanks user

>2011+x amount of years
>conforming to any type of categorical system

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Take that back right now, bitch