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15 minutes until next Gintama episode

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>Manga break this week
>Anime break on a few weeks until July

Talk everything Gintama related here

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You have to put up with me a few months more

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Ah, I just deleted the post

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it's ok

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Welp, that's another thread that will die quickly then..

Dead thread for a dead shitty series

She is coming any day now

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This season is so boring.

How much autism does Zura have?

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Bait like that doesn't work in Gintama threads, anons. Nice try, though.

>the BGM


oh you mean in the game?

you think the dude in the suit is really Sougo?

Expect a troll so maybe Kamui or some secondary character

Let's see if this week subs are one hour sooner.

But they probably change the EVA BGM

another translation does refer to the weapon as prey
which would fit more into Kamui's character
but I thought more along the line sof another character or this being a clone

I expect kamui to have a harem

Gintama SS Arc will take a break

General fandom and target audience : Nooo, we want more even it's original or reruns

Gajin, Weebs, MALfags and Sakuga-wannabes: Good, the "ANIMATION"" will improve finally by taking a break

Totally reflects what Gintama is for fans inside and outside Japan. Nips see Gintama for their entertainment, Gajins see Gintama as a masterpiece and should have no room for errors

I have not problems with "quality" ever,unless is something really bad
The series is decently animated and that's enough.


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>that OST

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It's been hard waiting for the next chapter.

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I know

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that's all

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I love enshou's expressions, they're always somewhere between

She's only assist, not playable.

They seriously better start giving us some new playable characters in the game.


Name a better Gintama ending song than Speed of Flow.

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And that's how Tsukuyo ends up becoming pregnant.

It's that or the current one to me

Love WO AI NI and Nakama also

There are a lot of great ones

her child will have Fetal alcohol syndrome

Manga logic will prevent that.

Subs are out!


Let's see if they changed Decisive Battle

Wake up Aneki

Changed what?

the EVA parody part of the episode uses Decisive Battle from EVA ost

Oh right. Haven't checked the crunchyroll version to see if it's changed yet.

Yes they changed it

Well that's fucking shit

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I'm somewhere in the middle here. Some episodes didn't look great, but Gintama has always had shoddy animation. The break will be killer, regardless.

Yeah that was annoying.

Are there any characters in Gintama that actually deserve the MADAO Spiral?

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Same thing happend with the Saint Seiya parody episode where they also changed the BGM in the CR version.

you posted him

and the reunion arc with Kuroko

Hasegawa did nothing wrong.

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hasegawa is a punkass bitch
check the two-years later version of him

Hasegawa did everything wrong.

He tried to get Tsukuyo to make a porn film with him and the other homeless. That's pretty wrong.

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Sparkles and bubbles Mamiko!!!!

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That was the greatest betrayal.

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She just wanted to start a party from hell.

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Boss fight coming up in July.

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>glowing red eyes
I wonder of that's his natural eyecolor

Probably. We never get to see his face.

This scene was mostly cut in the TV version, but it's fully available on the Enchousen bluray.

I am still bitter they cut so much dialogue from the chapter 620 scene between Tsukuyo and Kyubei in episode 350.

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Do you love Otsuu-chan?

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It was so great to have them bond like this and I was looking forward to it.

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I prefer Utsu-chan

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Sarutobi best girl

While I don't see her as best girl, she is still one of my favorites. Go for the goal Sacchan.

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>yamazaki becomes a robot
>his robot waifu is already dead
unfair as hell

just put tamako into a more grown up body

Can't believe Gintama is in the final arc

I don't care about animation whatever

I just don't want it to end


don't worry the manga's still going- and going- and going-

Gintama is eternal


for years

A shame they cut out the music, but we finally got animated Hevandorogon.

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still no shachi

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Shachi and Asaemon marries each other and swear revenge on Sorachi for not giving them screentime

It's going to happen.

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Can't blame Hijikata for getting the hell out of there.

This was a great troll for Kondo and Tae

Though the greatest was still in chapter 670

She lives!

Wo Ai Ni is definitely the best ED.

>loli robo waifu
I don't see the issue

What music was it meant to be? Eva OST?

Also I get feels everytime that slow version of the main theme plays. I'm not ready for the show to end.

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For my Tama-bros.

Everybody says it is, so I trust them on it. I never really watched Evangelion.