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Will it be his turn to shine next week?

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Who /oven/ here?

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Hopefully he dies.

What's he smiling about?

Vegapunk, Judge, and Caesar reunite and bond over their love of science when?

judge reminds me a lot of ego, their backstories and motiviations are similar to me and it certainly helps that gotg 2's central message was that your blood family isn't necessairly your real one

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He just ripped a nasty fart that rippled his buttcheeks against each other

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He'll be enslaved by the Charlottes and be forced to do science shit for them

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>mfw sanjifag sense is tingling
LuNafag still here, don't let your guard down.

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About how the tea party will go as planned and afterwards he'll have some banter with his siblings, uphold the law, bake some bread and everything will continue to be as peaceful as ever.

All I wanted was a SoL Charlotte arc and all I got was a lousy Germa and the SH single handedly btfo a yonkou arc.

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Another day closer to Monet's return!

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>Big Mom forces him into marriage and rapes him for an offspring

We don't need anymore ugly swirly kids desu

If he died Reiju and her brothers would be free.

Reminder Katakuri canonically has the biggest and softest boobs in One Piece

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But Irving's boobs are bigger

Her design was so much fucking better than all of the minks

Its not fair

Am I the only one a little dissappointed with Katakuri's design in the anime?
>Shorter legs
>No leather clothes or was too complicated for Toei
Probably no butt crack neither, was he too erotic for kids and needed to be censored?

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Well it's good she's going to be back soon.

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What if Caesar is with Judge now?

>forgetting Kata can make his chest grow any size he wants it to.

If that ever happens i want Franky to be there as well. People want franky to learn haki but i want him to become a super genious that doesnt even need haki

Just goes to show Oven is natty and Katakuri a cheat


She's not coming back...

I just hope this is animated in all its glory

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nami sure likes riding zoro

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The Snow rabbit will put monet in a nice and cold coffin

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Doubt it, he's not superhuman tier.

It's already animated user

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Nah you're not. I agree with what you said but above all I'm disapointed by the lack of thick eyelashes. His eyes aren't as striking in the anime as they were in the manga.

>not superhuman tier
>could keep up with Sanji and even land hits on him

This. Kata's beautiful eyes are perfect in the manga

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Katakuri unironically has the best drawn eyes in One Piece

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she's been riding jinbe this arc

are you shitposting or do you really think so?

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Thats because of his raid suit tho

carrthot is no replacement for the SH that should've been

Yeah but no.
Wouldn't the Snow Lion angle fit Pedro better? Since he's a cat and all, and if we're to assume something eaten made him a Snow Logia without him knowing, he ate a bite of that combo broth too.

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Judge is a little faggot
I hope somebody kills him, he's a waste of a character


>keeping up with Sanji
>superhuman tier

He'll destroy the cake, because he didn't raise his son to be a cook. Big Mom dies of starvation.

The Snow lion will happen user, and she will defeat Daifuku with that. Mark my words

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Yeah, this is true

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That means he's not superhuman, you dumb nigger.

That doesn't change the fact that he's literally not a genetically modified superhuman like his children.

He's a dud.

The Sulong meaning "moon lion" is already enough of a paralel, and she is also a snow bunny so it makes more sense for her to get the powers than Pedro (to me at least)

>t. doesn't know what the definition of superhuman is

I agree. The color makes them stand out and the shape and long eyelashes make them look effeminate. A characters eyes can tell you a lot about them.

Why do Nami's hands look weird here?

>yfw Jinbe is the one eating the Yuki Yuki no mi

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confession: at first, i used to love judge for his fighting style because it reminded me a lot of don krieg's and his way of using your own body as a weapon in a fight

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How in the fuck is there gonna be another full moon during the WCI arc tho

She's probably not gonna be able to do that again before the end of one piece when they have a bigass battle because it would be too plot convenient to just have her able to use the super saiyan furry powers every time she needs to

Chapter 900 is going to be BIG NEWS

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>and his way of using your own body as a weapon in a fight
So like 80% of fighters in One Piece?

>Chapter 900
>Judge arrives
>Gives Sanji this raid suit
>its his mother's raid suit
>She used to be a marine when Judge was working aith vegapunk and the comic book hero is based on her
>Since its technically a women's suit, even tho it doesnt look like one, Sanji starts to use okama kempo and fights agains Snack
Screencap this

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My brothers.
Hopefully Toei will soon notice there is a distinctly feminine touch to the way Oda has been drawing his eyes. This affront to his beauty cannot go on.

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in one piece there is a full moon every week, and nami can literally change the weather to reveal the moon

Its 1am, the moon is still up

I don't care, that would be shitty and boring, this isn't fucking fairy tail, characters shouldn't just get powerups every time they're in a pinch

isn't that what luffy does? gets a powerup when he's in a pinch?

Yeah, but all the minks have 'Sulong' forms. And she could also fit as 'the White Rabbit' with all the Alice in Wonderland parallels we had running through the arc.

Any mink eating the fruit would fit this potential theory better, but it also fails to go about explaining why beasts of various directions wouldn't represent people from the different blues better, since we have people from North, South, East and West Blue on the ship. And Zoro's theme is a Tiger, with his East Wind/East Blue stuff. And Zoro's pretty fearless, and while he's not joyful he's no downer or nihilistic pragmatist.

Seems like you're just reaching for a double whammy on a pointless twist to spur people like me, for a character with an established powerset and skill base, that has no need to throw in logia on top of it, let alone one that no one noticed for weeks on Nami's tree if we follow this theory. Luffy wouldn't grab from Nami's tree because he knows it's important, and Carrot wouldn't mistake a devil fruit for a carrot because it's not going to be Orange, like all the others.

Carrot's not going to be a Strawhat.

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>What is Alabasta
>What is Enies Lobby
>What is Fishman Island
>What is Dessrosa
>What is One Piece

She wont even know how to use it yet, it will just make daifuku's genie useless since i doubt he can use haki


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Why do you keep insisting that Monet will join? Her loyalty belongs to Doffy. Will she really bow down to Luffy?

I forgot how cute Luffy could be when he eats.

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Kata boobs are better!

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>i doubt he can use haki
>i doubt this warrior of one of the strongest pirate crews in the world can use a basic essential for surviving in the new world

come on dog, you know what i meant: i liked their warmongering attitude

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>it woud make sense for any mink
Yeah, but carrot is the only one that has real relevance besides pedro and he ded
>ignoring all the other aspects of the tiger that zoro has amd the his animal in a cover page and figures is a tiger
And carrot was in the ship starving because of luffy and she has never seen a df so she would probably eat it and then throw away thinking that its was a rotten fruit

Its happening user

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Not daifuku himself, im talking about his genie. Since its just a DF hability it wont be able tobuse haki i think

remember in little garden, sanji did nothing, but he saved the crew by getting the compass to alabasta..

In alabasta, he saved the crew from drowning.

In ennis lobby he messed with the gate controls.

basically sanji always jobs, then does a small thing which has a huge effect on the plot.

I just hope it wasn't the cake, its too crony (i fear it will be though)

That's fucking retarded. That's like saying Doflamingo is useless because "he makes strings and the strings don't have haki"
Of course they fucking do

I'm not talking about character progression or shounen power scaling, if you got a problem with that then one piece isn't for you

I'm talking about how, actually, the entire mink race is fucking unnecessary, I like the fishmen because they're basically the niggers of the one piece universe, but literally the first thing we learned about the minks is that they're super not racist, they all know kung fu, they all got that biological tazer gun adaptation that seems to somehow have no effect on anything but mooks and on top of that they can all do THIS, I think they're what TVTropes would describe as a mary sue race, no mink we've seen so far has had any character flaws at all aside from obvious mary sue tier shit like "he's too loyal", they are too cool and not goofy enough which is why they have no business even being in one piece, they seem to only exist to express Oda's repressed furry fetish and to pad out Big Mom's united colors of benetton commercial, they and especially carrot totally shit on the tone one piece has been setting so far, I got extremely triggered by that one scene in the anime where that 7 year old looking kid defeats a whole squad of jack's dudes, which is a FUCKING YONKO'S CREW, by just tapping them once with his little lightning powered bitchslap

>Bow down
She's not going to worship Luffy like she seems to with Dofla, because her experience with family has been so toxic she can't leave it.

I don't have a lot of time today since I've got work to do, so I can't get into the explicit whats I personally think of, but experiencing the Strawhat's familial ties, in contrast to her big goal of getting to and freeing Doflamingo initially will be the character arc she goes through when she comes along. It's the experiences later that will change her. Much like Nami and Robin she'll start as a crew member for convenience then later arcs will revisit and solidify her position.

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People will disagree with you on this because people want to fuck Carrot but you're 100% correct

Do mermaids poop?

>can't leave it
Correction, she can't leave it completely until she's had time with the Strawhats.

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Are Monetfags and Zorofags made for each others?

Sasuga Kalewdbro.

Yes. They have little buttholes, like fish do. And before you ask, no, they are not penetrable like human buttholes are.

it looks like it's completely covered in armament

>Monetfag still believes
You're adorable, you know.

>tfw you take a 5 week break and faggots have likely been stuck on repeat several times a day doing the same exact thing each thread physically incapable of doing anything remotely interesting with their lives
Feels good

Oven's boobs are... Hotter

All holes are penetrable with enough force.

>I'm so fucked up

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welcome back

Ok. Maybe I will ask the question again later when you get out of your job.

Daifuku's power is nothing like that, his genie is a entirely seperate being, there are no othe DF that are similar to his so we cant say for sure but it would make sense for a DF creature to use haki since its not really a "living creature"

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How does it feel knowing you relapsed back meaning you're no better?

I'm not going to ship them, but I think if Monet's going to be anywhere on the ship she'll hang out in the Crow's nest, which means messing with Zoro during his weightlifting. However, her cold could make him work out better, with calorie use. Granted, they weren't on the best of terms, but Zoro would probably prefer to keep an eye on her anyway.

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Ill just pop in ~ 400 posts to laugh at the faggotry

With the Mochi Mochi no mi Katakuri has
>biggest boobs
>biggest dick
>biggest ass
>longest legs
How can anyone even compete?

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*wouldnt make sense

I mean, you can, but you guys don't like tl;drs. And it requires one.

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