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no spoilers, I'll just say this has been the best changer in a LONG, LONG time

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>jojo sunday
I can get used to this

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It always comes out on the 18th, next month will be a wednesday


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>those faces

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dont worry, they look a lot better during the chapter

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>willingly licking pussy
bit gross desu

It really seems like the endgame stuff for me. Either Jobin or Josuke are gonna get the branch or give it to Norisuke. What else could they possibly do in the story

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It's been a rollercoster so far, but I doubt it's going to end here. There are still a lot of loose ends and confrontations to come.

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I feel like this is the Chocolate Disco to the D4C. Basically we are heading towards the climax

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I could see that. It's where things are going to start ramping up, which means the final villain (looking to be Jobin) will really amp it up soon.

I'm glad it's a fairly lengthy chapter. Also we're finally getting a climax from the story of the last few chapters. Also looks like Joubin's ability doesn't require touch unless I'm reading that page wrong.

Araki stop.

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I've hunted near, I've hunted far
I even looked inside my car.
I've lost my Tsurugi, I'm in need,
To save him now so I can be.
I loudly swear and then I curse, I need to think on how to push.

Did I leave it in my shed?
Or was it all just in my head?
Sodium Bromide?
Sodium Chlorate?
Maybe it was just Sodium Chloride?

Perhaps I should have read more in bed,
Rather than thinking of beetles in my head,
So my chemistry would have been more solid,
Seven, eight, nine, oh I hope I guess the right one so I may be free.
Dam, breathe. Just breathe!


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I'd be shocked if this was endgame. A lot of characters are underused.

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>part 5 fugo
>part 6 KISS
>part 4 crew
welcome to the true ma-raki's world, user.

burn down the orchard

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I agree with this being the Chocolate Disco conflict. A lot of stuff happened after and some characters either got used or written out at that point.

Well if Tsurugi's gonna help him it could be our new version of Stray Cat + Killer Queen

It does. He was using origamis to spread the fire. He can apparently decide when to ignite the stuff he touched KQ style

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So he basically leaves residue on something he touches but can actually ignite it without touch? That makes sense with what happened too I guess.


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>speed king's secret ability is literally killer queen but fire

please don't disappoint me like this araki

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>deadly queen

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I doubt we'll get any secret abilities until Jobin actually fights Josuke. Plus there was really no fanfare to it in this chapter.

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It definitely feels like he has more fine control over it. He wasn't able to make the fire without kerosene either, so his ability to heat things seems to have some limits to it.

>i dont like it
>while grinning

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ok now this reminds me of giorno for some reason

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A new use for the bubbles has appeared. When was the last time Josuke stole something weird like friction or eyesight though? It seems like he's mostly just using his bubbles to contain things now.

I got the vibe that Araki wanted to do more than rush straight to the finale in this part again though.

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>Mamezuku fucking dies

Why didn't Josuke just steal the pressure with Soft and Wet?

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Here's my stupid theory
>they take Poor Tom as a hostage
>he takes them to the main rocknigger headquarters
>the crew teams up with Jobin, Tsurugi, Norisuke and Joshu and breaks into it
>the main villain is the rock boss

because is large area pressure?

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hearty kek

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>main villian is King Kars, the true piller man and origin of the rock niggers

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>muh KFC

araki forgot about it like star finga

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I want to see Jobin accelerate the origami Tsurigu makes and make super fucking sonic speed torpedos that blow up in poor tom's face.

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For a fuck midget, he sure got there fast.

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That little bit of banter, god damn. Rai is pretty based

why are they laughing so much in this chapter?

its like yoda in the prequels

Shit, this is getting tense. Now to wait another month

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Why is Faggot Tom smiling? He's basically dead

>so does everybody else
final arc inc
fifty rock niggers about to appear out of the woodwork

And that's the chapter done

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Am I the only one who thinks we're only like halfway through? There's still so much stuff that needs to get resolved. I'm predicting at least like another 40 or so chapters.

Huge rock human probably gonna come out of the ground like urban gorilla or some shit and rescue him and kill the plant appraiser.
Then they'll escape and Jobin will team up with Gappy and chase him down in the lamborghini to their main base.


good lord why is rai so thick

thanks for the delivery

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JJL is a blessing for cut outs.
I need to cut some more Jobins actually.
It's the way to get around the range limitation. The 10cm thing was still really odd but it was clear with the beetles it could "go through" things he was once in contact with.
Maybe there's a Rock Uber where Doremi's kind turn up and drive you there. But considering he managed to get a bird's phone number that fast he probably just munchbox'd a lift.
I don't think this is the chocolate disco either.

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>every rock at the Higashikata estate is a rock creature/human

Rai continues to prove how he is the best character in part 8
I have the feeling Araki will end up killing him

My problem with people saying this is endgame is that to me (even though we're 3/4 of the way as far as SBR is) this all feels like a single arc basically. I think it would be pretty anticlimactic to just get the rokakaka and that be it. I guess maybe that just means it's an extremely focused story but it feels like there's been very few side stories. There was the leaves street and Milagro Man and that's all I really remember.

The rokakaka originated in New Guinea I think they said so it makes sense to me that there'd be a group of rock humans there that might have started the trade and I think it would be a shame to completely ignore that.

No problem. Overall i really liked this chapter

They were waiting for the right moment to spring out in a full out invasion.

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I feel like next chapter will be the last of the Ozone Baby Arc but Jobin can't really run away - it's do or die time for him

Why does Joubin keep getting better and better with each chapter bros? Like god damn, him pepping Tsurugi on to use his Stand to help ignite the orchard was really great. He's way better of a dad than I expected.