How do we get rid of fat girls?

How do we get rid of fat girls?
They are starting to become annoying.

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Fat shame them

3 mating presses a day
An all semen based diet

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Make them even fatter and watch them die from overeating.

keep your disgusting fetish crap in one thread please

They are getting pretty annoying, they used to put out and keep there mouths shut , now that she I got is a thing and they feel empowered,they are total trash . “F*ck Bih do you ever shut up &put out ?

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What did he mean by this Sup Forumsnons?

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introduce a virus that spreads through starbucks coffee drinks. while were at it killing fat girls, we might as well kill all girls

My brain agrees with you guys on killing fat girls but my dick wants to make them mommies.
What do?

Cull half the male population so women have to become confidant and not so full of themselves.
The neet population would plummet and so would the fats.
Women would become more dominant and motherly and there would be a fresh supply of cakes.
Men would be hired as a hard working minority in the workplace and we would be the ones fighting for equal rights we don't even need. Most feminist organizations would fall apart now that there are no men oppressing them and the world would be a better place overall.

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I mean by it ,was here before a major paradigm change , watched the oppressed not learn from history & become the oppressor .

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I agree with that only if you provide me with enough neetbuxs to live and a mommywife

You would be able to choose from a wide variety of moderately wealthy women and would be targeted as dating material from overseas(because even chinese women would fly over to compete with the SJWs and borderline lesbians for your attention)

Dick them, then kill them. Then dick them again.


do you really think anything would change? they wouldnt be that desperate, theyd still all go for chad like they always do. instead of the top 80% of women going for the top 20% of men, 80% of women would go for the previous top 10% of men.

All because you won't step outside and talk to a woman.

you get arrest for that these days

So how many of you fucks are crossborders with /r9k/

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/r9k/ used to be my main board until 2014 or so when it got too unbearable. but most people who like anime are generally losers, so you shouldnt be to surprised.

Not making threads about them


Ban crossboarders from Sup Forums

give them all to me

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>announcing a sage

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>being a loser is exclusive to /r9k/
This is still an anime board, my normalfag friend

What will you do with them?

Learn english