Would you risk life and limb to rescue a cute JK from a band of violent lolis?

Would you risk life and limb to rescue a cute JK from a band of violent lolis?

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I'd risk it for Nono, yes.

Rekt imo.

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That loli gang will throw unko at me for days so I better get something good as a reward if I were to rescue Nono.

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Why she has poop on her head?

Saito is a fucking asshole
He is the kind of cops who would beat people under arrest

No. I'd do it for a cute JC like Nono, though.

>faceless lolis beating up a JK

>literal slut
>cheat the tofu guy for old merc driver

Dagumi was right when he dumped her. Bitch deserves every beating that she gets

Let's be honest here, she deserved it.

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I'd join the lolis and throw in some kicks of my own.

Nono is just too sexy for this show.

I really wish she'd use her name as an exclamation.

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Why are loli legs so sexy?

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Weak episode. We better get fashion show in the finale.

The documentary should be the finale.

I'm sad.

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Because a JK's legs are better.

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>Weak episode.
Found the Nono poster.

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Kotoha is also adept at dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

>that difference in size and thickness
God I need to rub and lick both their legs.

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I'd rather have it on my lap.

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Look out user!

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Is this true?

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How good of a punching bag is Nono?

She loves getting punched in the womb by a dick.

Good enough.

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I want to be crushed by Kotoha's fat butt

loli love frog

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Nonoka has my heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

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Now I want a Nono spinoff where she becomes a punching bag for an aspiring boxer.

>Sacchan, from now on you should call Saito-san "Dad"
>Also, i have a good news....soon you will be a big sister
How devastated she would be?

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She would fall out with her mom for stealing her bf.

cutest sneezes incomming

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Very average sneezes

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Sacchan's mom could share.

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I wouldn't be surprised to be honest
Saito is a fairly handsome man, and the uniform is extremely appealing to adult women
I'm sure he patrols that store's storage room every other day if you catch my drift

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I don't think Saito is seeing the mom, he was flirting with Yui right in front of her.

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Everything about her just screams cuteness. Why does she even hang out with Yui and Kotoha when clearly she should be spending more time with the cool kids?

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Nice try, Saito.

Isn't he Sacchan's boyfriend though? What the fuck is that guy doing?

>second to last episode
>still doesn't know how to name a thread

nice job numbnuts

living the dream

Imho this was a pure asshole behavior
The Colors are right
Saito is the worst character of the show

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She's a JC, so I'd record it and fap to it later.

What would you have named it?

I'm sure he patrols Sacchan's mom's storage room every other day if you know I mean.

Who can Nono even beat up in a fight? She just seems so weak.

He didn't know better, destroying Yui's plane was an asshole thing to do though.

Even the new Gintama fails to deliver laughter now. What are we going to do once the colors are gone?

Don't be too harsh on him. If I saw Kotoha daily then I'd get tempted too.

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JS is too young but honestly JC is fair game morally speaking

She can beat my dick, not as efficiently as any of the Colors but she can still beat it.

Saito needs to die.

I want Kotoha to kill me

>morally speaking

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No such thing as too young, faggot.

There is. 9.

I don't understand.

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Kids aren't for sex.

You aren't making any sense.

Nobody likes liar hag sneezes.

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why does she sit likes this?

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You are doing something very wrong.

Yeah you're right.
That faggot is streaming.

That is your reward.

Then why are they so sexy? Checkmate, atheists.

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I can't believe Sacchan fucking died. Holy shit.

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About time

At least the panda god is happy now.