ITT: Post God-tier dubs

ITT: Post God-tier dubs

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Code Geass

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These ones


Pic related

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I was surprised at how okay I was with this.
I think the only voice that really grated on me was Nunnaly's. Fuck that was annoying. Made me hate that useless plot object of a character more.

haikyuu has the funniest dub ever if you have seen it in sub, otherwise it's just shit

Dragon ball.
Sean >>>> Nozawa.
Goddamn Goku's japanese voice gives my ear cancer.

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I hated Nozawa's rendition in the beginning to but got used to it, now its just as good in my books but there will always be that nostalgia factor to Sean's voice

Check THESE dubs

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It's amazing how much the dub VAs improved since the 97 anime, since that dub was quite frankly not that good.

Do you happen to know why they never brought them back for that dumpster fire known as Berserk 2016? They're the only thing that could have saved it

I imagine it's because it had a different dubbing studio and director. They probably could have gotten the old cast back but they decided to settle for their in-house actors probably because it's cheaper and easier.

Fucking cheapskates. Mark Diraison and Kevin T. Collins are miles better than the literal whos we got for nu-Berserk.

Fucking pricks, hopefully when Netflix remakes it they'll set it right


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The devil is a part timer has pretty good dub!

Talking about dubs, look at those numbers!


Yeah it was pretty good and so was Akiba's Trip

Gurren Lagann


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I just watched this the other day and thought the dub was pretty damn good. You can tell the VAs have improved since their time dubbing the old anime series too

Bleach and Fate/Zero have unironically fantastic dubs, just like me

The dubs speak the truth

I will always have a place in my heart for that show and it's dub. It was my first anime love affair. Without it I would not be here [sspoiler]yes, I know that would be an improvement to this board, but I thought of it first, so fuck you[/spoiler]

No dub has come close

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Baka and Test.

Special mention to Assassination Classroom for getting Sonny Strait out of his Krillin/Usopp type cast shell.

Never watched Baka and Test but I did like Assassination Classrooms dub. I wish Funimation could actaully keep a consistent quality like that simulcast

best dub coming through

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>golden age dub
Holy fuck I watched this a few weeks ago after a snow storm wiped out my internet for ten days, the fucking dub was as bad as the 2016 berserk animation, would not recommend. But some really good dubs: Gundam Wing, Samurai Champloo, and FLCL for sure.

Hope no one fucks up the new seasons dub

>tfw chris patton is almost 50

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Subs > Dubs

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I fucking loved Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash

A show so bad, not even the VA's gave a shit. And it was amazing.

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>proves himself wrong by posting dub perfection

>try watching with the dub
>god damn everyone sounds so fucking annoying
>switch to sub
>same level of irritation
they did a good job I guess

Was the first thing I bought on VHS. Motherfucking Trigun dub so i can trade other vhs's with my friends.
I agree completely JYB fits Vash perfectly.

I was so sad that he wasn't Genos in OPM

Baccano. I mean it's set in America FFS.
Hellsing. I mean it's set in England FFS.

Too bad the ending of this is so retarded and masturbatory. Everything was great up until then when it totally just drops the ball.

>god tier dub
>no one posts Cowboy Bebop
Trash thread

I've found that if a show is set in the West, or has obviously western influence (i.e. Ergo Proxy), then the dub is much more likely to be good. I don't know if the dialogue is written in a way that translates better to English due to the setting,

its all in your head, champ

Dragon Ball
>Very liberalized translations
>Had to be redubbed no short of 5 times because the originals were so bad
>Most of the voices aren't as good as the Japanese version.

Dragon Ball is probably FUNimation's worst dub, but then again it is their most important one so they Westernize it a lot more.

>the ending of this is so retarded and masturbatory

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>anything but absolute trash

I felt Soul Eater had a good English dub, with the exception of Black Star. I found his VA to be really annoying, along with the character itself.

I find Black Star to be annoying in all languages and forms of media

I think that was the point to his character. Just someone so entirely self absorbed that you either love him ironically or view him as the bane of the series. Hell I prefer fucking Excalibur over Black Star

Really hoping Hillary Haag comes back as Tessa. She’s not a VA primarily she has another job and does voice acting on the side.

Check these god-tier dubs

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Excalibur is Troy Baker and Takehito Koyasu respectively and that’s awesome.

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None. Only retarded /r/anime browsing fags watch dubbed anime.

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This too
The brazilian dub was also godlike.

MXC was too good for this world.

I don't know about the other actors but Crispin Freeman's retired from voicing anime.

>posts trips


Didn't know that; well that sucks

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Normalfag thread for ironic weebs.

>dubs, then trips then dubs

Pretty good

I feel like every time this thread is posted its a bait

aw man