Is he truly the rightful successor to Guts?

Is he truly the rightful successor to Guts?

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>My army was only a distraction
why is this so badass

im barely following berserk, who is this again?

Goblin Slayer

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Berserk has goblins?

and yes, that's a goblin kid

More similar to doomguy than Guts

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no, it's a different manga, has a guy, he's a nice oddball

true that

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Is the manga any good?

which number is his first appearance??

Abe supports Goblin Slayer. Do you?

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>edgy ""badass"" mass-murderer that has a tramatic backstory

Mediocre. At least not an isekai.

>muh goblins
Fuck off goblins are bottom trash

First issue

Fucking goblin

Guts is actually interesting character, so no.

Too bad the latest Berserk chapters were shit

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Look, we only got off the boat a few years ago. Chill out.

>a few years ago

Is Goblin slayer's real identity Eren Jaeger?

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How would a Dark Souls 3 Goblin Slayer build go like?

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>valorheart or broadsword+target shield
>follower's javelin
>warpick/thrall axe/dagger, take your pick
>composite bow
>poison mist or storyteller's staff
>heavy consumable usage
>nameless knight armor with alva's helm
stats-wise it'd just be an average knight-based str build i guess
ringswap scholar's for mist/staff

That depends. How big was the nigger that fucked him as a kid?

>implying it is murder to kill goblins

I'm not gonna argue that GS is a better character than Guts, but saying that he's not interesting at all would be very strange to me.

his motivation is nowhere near as guts

That's a strange criteria to reduce it to. Goblin Slayer is essentially a suit of living armor. All that's left of him is the will to protect the few people left that are close him and to slay gobins in a quest for revenge. What makes him an interesting character in my opinion is that he doesn't seem to falter in his resolve, and it could be an interesting thing to explore where exactly this will get him in the end and whether he does have any humanity left in him. Also scenes like pic related never get old.

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Good stuff, user. I might attempt to make a Golbin Slayer run so I'll keep all of this in mind.

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Rape when?

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>Isekai pretty boy under armor
>Has a harem
>Doesnt even suffer that much

Stopped reading there.

>stupid tactics
>shit armor
>cannot Harnischfechten

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Is Re: Zero the new Berserk?
Is Black Clover the new Hunter X?
Are Isekais any good?

The answer to all of those aply here.

Guts and Doomguy/Doom Slayer. especially the latter.

First chapter I think.

lol no

GS is not an Isekai.

He has the autism of early guts but he is a manlet. He can apply when his chin reaches the door knob.

DO I?!

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>slow manga mc
>raped by bbc
>talk shit about GS mc who has never been raped and only kills the rapists

Why is so important how tall is character? Only americans are obsessed with this, is annoying.

there is only one REAL Black Swordsman

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Guts doesn't care about some stupid nickname, so anyone can claim it.

It was an halfling

>GS mc who has never been raped

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But he wasn't rape, gobs aren't fags

And then in the anime everything Clangs and no finesse

hell yeah there is

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>Shit manga barely one step above isekai
>Anywhere near Berzerk

Thank god I filtered most of your threads.

Nice try user. We all know that they rape men too.

Did Isekai raped your mother?

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Feels more like halo guy to me.

But is he going to build a wall to keep the goblins out?

This must became canon

>So desperate for rape is willing to accept gay shit
Rapefags are pathetic.

Send it to the author's twitter or something and it might just happen, they already revealed themselves to be huge memers with that DOOM box art reference.

>halo guy

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Damn I never noticed the halfswording
Nice touch Miura