Darling in the Franxx

Don't you want to make a family with this lovely lady?

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If it means having to live that soulless, walking-dead experience like the person Zorome met in this latest episode? No, I'd pass. Otherwise, yeah, she's obvious breeding material.

Come home Parasite

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>Mikoto > Ichigo
>Ichigo is just a poor mans mikoto

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Nana is a soulless adult and will be purged along with the rest of them.

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This show is lacking in fun characters

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Is she even an adult?


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>look at me, I'm randumb
Stupid fucking character that did nothing but talk for about 4 episodes worth of screentime and then fucked off forever to asspull literally who MC's wish at the end of the show. Should have spent that time building up Hime instead if the show was about her kicking ass in the end anyway.

Darling in the Franxx has the Abe seal of approval

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That's not Zero Tsu!

Guys, something is wrong with Hiro.

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>"Hey kid, wanna pilot Franxx with me?

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Gotta make her tits bigger

Onifags btfo. 02 cucked Ichigo, but it seems she in turn will be cucked by Nana.

Making a family is one thing but maintaining it is another. It wouldn't hold for long because nana is prone to lose her kids frequently. Do you want as a mother to your child someone who is too busy getting her ass grabbed by old men to look after her kid? Do you not think if you had a daughteru, she would not get left behind by her mother in the city and get taken in by some pedo from the slums?
Nana is the instant gratification waifu. She's more developed physically than the other girls which means you don't have to wait for her body to fill out. But also, there is no longevity to be had with her. Your line would cease with her. Enjoy your dead end.

She wants Hiro cock

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Will the cour end with some huge plot event or 02 healing?
I'm wishing for the later.

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>Breeding with 30 yo women.

Are you retarded ?

Salt speaking

Yeah, and Nana will be cucked by 9a. Nanafags BTFO

Hiro will embrace 02 and it will be fucking nothing in the end

I can't stop fantasizing about having a doggy style with Nana, impregnate her and raising our kid together with her.

>Don't you want to make a family with this lovely lady?

No, Kokoro is infinitely more suited to the task.
Nana is the kind of female you can have wild sex with but in learning she's pregnent either wants an abortion or waits the full nine months and throws the baby away. In other terms she definitely ain't mother material.

Ah Hibiscus-sama in all her divine glory.



I want eight kids in sets of four!

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Wish I had the personality to tame a girl like Miku.

When are you going to fix this?

i hope she gets good doujins from thick drawing artists. would be a shame if she doesn't. best girl

fucking snake noses

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Why does unintended /ss/ twist make the best couple?

Really makes you think.

thats a monkey nose

>it will be fucking in the end
yes please



>Wish I had the personality to tame a girl like Miku.

Well if Zorome can do it, anyone can.

Hiro isn't a shota.

Don't worry he's just getting extra training.

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Bond, Nana Bond

I already miss the lewdposting.

Uh, guys?

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Fuck you Sharkfag. I don't know if I will ever recover from watching Re:Creators as an Altairfag. That uggo Meteora and her sidekick Shark ruined the whole show and of course people who liked these two irrelevant piece of turd characters were happy when it was their favorite girl's turn to do absolutely fucking nothing of value for 20 minutes a week. Pretty sure Michlan was there as well.

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>Zorome's dream completely crushed
>He took it like a champ
>Within a day he is already at high spirits, having a usual banter with Miku
What a lad. I would cry in a corner for a day if my dream was annihilated like that

And don't forget to bring horn-girl along for the ride. After all, 3 is better than 2.

>ywn pump your seed deep inside Nana
Why even live?

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i want to grab nana's butt!

Nana is drawn with the same soulless eyes without pupils as the granny, so the suggestion so far seems to be that she's an "adult" too. Nana and Hachi's situation is strange, though. They appear to be adults (and clearly are from a physiological perspective) but they are both permitted into the city and they do not seem to worry about whatever "infection" the children have. If they don't have the infection, why aren't they worried they'll catch it? If they already have it, why aren't the other adults wary of them?

Holy shit, Hiro is Harry Potter

I got quite emotional during this scene.

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Who's ready for the dinosaurs to turn out to be infected humans?

He was brainwashed/mindwiped


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Nana really seems to care about the children. She's like the only adult in the entire setting that does, except maybe Dr. Franxx. I am not so sure about Hachi.

Hiro is Harry Potter>Hiro is Jesus>Hiro is Charlemagne>Hiro is Che Guevara
Did I leave any out?


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No please we don't need anymore stupid speculation.

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02 looking hot but somewhat dumb.

Ikuno is Judas.


Still waiting for Altair doujins
maybe in my dreams

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Who knew she had a de-re side to her?

based deh poster

So all of this Council and Papa are this sterile adults? Dr. Franxx Nana and that other commander guy look quite normal.

Nana is a mixed bag. I had a good impression of her initially but how ready she seemed to be to throw their lives away for regulation's sake in episode 3 did a lot to temper my expectations of her.

>ywn pump your seed inside of 02
what even is the purpose in life

Who will be this anime's Marche and shatter the adults' pleasant illusions?

except maybe Dr. Franxx.
They're just guinea pigs for his experiment.

Da Vinci a shit. A SHIT

I just thought of something.
Ikuno would probably be a big fat dyke landwhale in real life who would probably be writing homo-erotic Harry Potter fanfiction and reading Twilight all the time.

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How can I go on living, knowing that I will NEVER have the chance to make love to, marry, and stay with Nana until the day I die?

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>Hiro is Che Guevara
I missed out on this one.

Wrong, Ikuno is my wife

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Lucid Dreaming

>in real life
She's Japanese. She would be just as thin.

This show has been shitting on all the different otaku fanbases all the time.
The adults are basically shut in NEETS who are plugged in to computers addicted to pointless things Sup Forums and waiting to die.

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I want your wife to bear my child.

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This show takes place in such a over-the-top, and yet completely uninteresting world

>Klaxxosaurs look and function like a fucking stupid, watered down version of Eva's Angels
>Franxx mechas look like badly designed cartoony bullshit from some Western Sup Forums rip-off show
>The concept of mechas being piloted by a male-female pair is great in concept, but awfully executed by making it some giant distasteful sexual innuendo
>Plantations and the society within make absolutely no sense, people with no real desire to live are not going to build a society as maximalistic and easy as that

I'm all for world building but the world of Franxx is just absolute dogshit
There are many ways to pull off a post-apocalyptic mecha setting, but retardosaurs and ass-handlebars are not the right way

About the only thing the show has going for it is actually the characters, which isn't saying much

I hoped there would at least be some 02/Altair gunpuku crossovers this season.

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>awfully executed by making it some giant distasteful sexual innuendo
Stopped there, normalfag.

Sup Forums isn't the Adults. We make it too hard on each other to be the Adults.

>distasteful sexual innuendo
Ah, the prude filter is working

>this shitty copypasta again
Darlingfags btfo yet again haha

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I'm probably lewder than most of you, but this ass-handlebars thing is absolute garbage
especially in a show that takes itself so seriously at times

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>I'm probably lewder than most of you
Maybe, but you're still afraid of people judging you for liking something, so you're a huge normalfag.

Stay pleb.

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Well we're not the children anyway since the children have hope.
Are we Nana and Hachi then? Like if you think about Nana, she loves little children and wants to "protect" them. She's kinda like Sup Forums.

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it wasn't me who posted this, fixed it as soon as you guys told me to

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would be sweet if you actually do turn this into a copypasta

Yeah those thin real life fujos haha.

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>>Klaxxosaurs look and function like a fucking stupid, watered down version of Eva's Angels
When were we told that Klaxos use an S2 engine? Am I a speedwatcher?

>I'm probably lewder than most of you

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Im pretty sure she is an android.