NaNa thread

Thoughts on NaNa and the many, many, many terrible decisions made by the whole cast.

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>Thoughts on NaNa
I just want it to return, we were so close to seeing the reunion. If Yazawa doesn't plan on ever continuing it then I wish she would reveal what was going to happen in an interview or something so fans could have some sort of peace.

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They're good decisions from a female perspective

I stopped caring about these characters and stopped 3/4 of the way through the anime.

Next year will make it officially 10 years of waiting.

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I watched the whole anime and here's what I got:
>At first I went into it thinking it was a anime about music, like Beck
>Slowly start rooting for Hachi and NaNa to get together
>Start enjoying the whole cast and the comfy feel
(Episode 12 happens)
>From then on it was a feels train ride of cuckholdry and just a fuckton of issues
I loved this anime, but my god I've never been so angry over a fictional characters Descions before.
(Also the bands in the anime are real)

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It gave me a very specific terrible fetish.

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What the hell is going on now?

Great aesthetic

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It made me a misogynist

It was great to experience once.

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None. I forgot most of the series except the OP. Still one of my favorites.

I absolutely hate this story. It's a boring mundane life of absolutely unlikable morons, who keep fucking their own lives over every time they want to fuck, which is all the time. Only two characters in it had actual interest in their life other than fucking, and they were complete drama queens about it, because fucking each other was still equally as important to them as those half-assed music ambitions, which I barely saw them pursue, but somehow were implied to be driving them apart.

Nobu did not deserve to get treated this way by this absolute CUNT of a woman, I have never hated a fictional character as much as Hachiko. I even read the manga so now I have to live for the rest of my life knowing she will never get what's coming for her. Fuck her and everyone she represents.

What is that, some sort of avatar for a 2007 anime forum

Nobu is a beta male
Takumi is an alpha male
Reminder that according to most female readers, Hachi took the right choice by picking Takumi at the end

100% of the female readers are female so of course they chose money

I liked this show but the ending blew and was super unsatisfying. Is the manga worth reading, does it resolve some of the dropped plot points?

It's not even finished.

I love the rationalizations of how mature was Hachi for marrying the rich asshole

2007's anime forums are actually superior to current state of /a.

>Marrying a rich and confident guy who will provide for her and her children
>Marrying someone who does not have a stable income and is immature enough to never confess to her until its too late

Stop self inserting faggots.

One is a rich asshole who, upon hearing she's pregnant, offers to raise the child together.
Another is a broest of good guys who, upon hearing she's pregnant, runs away in a feat of fear and jealousy.
Nana gets a half of an excuse because of her huge abandonment issues, Nobu doesn't.

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As an avid user of 2007 anime forums, they really werent. Unless you found small forums with 10 users.

so...japanese degrassi?