Classroom of the Elite thread

Come right in and someone post the waifu pro/con meme chart
Setting all that aside, while out on one of my spiritual trips, I've noticed parallels between 50 Cent's lyrics and The 50% himself - and here are the fruits of my extensive research:
>I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
>You can stun if you want and your ass will get rolled on
>It feels like my flows been hot for so long
>If you thinking I'm fucking fall off your so wrong

Fifty% is clearly eager to finish all his conflicts within, as well as outside of school and finally get to live his peaceful school live. On top of that, he claims that everyone in his way, whether they underestimate him or not, are just pebbles on the road
>The guns spark when the shots go off
>Its fifty, they say its Fifty
>See a nigga laid out with his fucking top blown off
>Its fifty, man that wasn't Fifty, they don't holla my name

Second verse is about his ways. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid being flashy and raising suspicion, but in the end no one hollers his name. Also the line about nigga laying there with his top blown off, clearly refers to Ryuuen right after the Rooftop Scene.

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Karuizawa, Ichinose and Sakayanagi are objectively the top 3 girls.

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damn right

Kei a Best

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Horikibest too.


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whens the next chapter dump?

Maybe today or tomorrow

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Some facts need to be reviewed and renewed, huh.

>Hirata route is the best


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10/10, Kiyotaka.

Your Wife x TL user is better than Your Wife x You

Machida pls

Just who?

Just how hard will Sudo destroy Horikita's little pussy?

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Replace Karuizawa with Horikita and you'll have my top 3.

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Patrician Taste... just kidding, bad taste

If this high school is an elite one so the best students are regrouped here and kiyo is basically the smartest and strongest one so we can conclude that he is the best student in Japan and one of the best in the world?

I'm okay with this.

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Karuizawa , Horikita and Hiyori are the best girls

Lately I've been thinking this is the best threesome, not ichinose&sakura. It's like the best of the both worlds

prediction for Horikita
Horikita will pact with all the people destroyed by 50% To beat him at the end
first Kushida then will be Ruyuen (who refused to join 50% in this Vol) and then Nagu/Ichino
when she understands that 50% and brother want to manipulate her to use her for the election
she will go directly to associate with the enemy for a counterattack or an agreement between them
Vol 7.5 gives clues on this direction
50% no longer has control over it
the student will exceed his master

I'd take down 50% so I could join that threesome.

First of Kushida will Be exceller or will redeem in both cases she will not be able to attack kiyotaka and ryueen did not refuse to pair with but he says that he will try to convince his classmates to help ayano for nagumo he will be surely be expelled by a honetrap ( it was foreshadowed) and horikita has never learned something from kiyotaka and she is too brocon to hate her brother

>he is the best student in Japan and one of the best in the world?
The first sentence: No. Koenji is better than him
The second sentence: Yes

Kouenji is an equal to him but if kiyotaka push his limits he will surpass him

If there is no Kei then it's ok

You won't have to. Just ask him he'll give you a push.

Just like Goku... speaking the real, Kiyotaka will never surpass Koenji

Koenji feats
>Fuck third year senpais

Kiyotaka feats

Koenji is so Chad for 50% man

did TL user finished vol 5?

no, he's 40% in

thank you

cuteshida best

Official waifu power level rankings

S tier: Karuizawa "a best" Kei, Shaggy Blanco Verde
A tier: Ecchinosex Hoenyaa~~mi, Sakayanagi ">150cm" Arisu, Double D Ultra Instinct
B tier: Hasebe, Hiyori, Ibuki, Hoshinomiya, Biker Mice from Mars SSGSSJ4 Fusion
C tier: Sakura, Chabashira, Phineas and Ferb with kaioken times 20
D tier: Horikita, Sudou, Kushida, Zack and Cody in Great Ape form
E tier: the rest is irrelevant

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Youkoso Power Ranking

Kiyotaka 100% man = Koenji >> Manabu > Nagumo > Ryuen > Sakayanagi = Ichinose >> Horikita = Katsuragi

there really is no point in these threads. just wait till vol 8 cover comes or tl user comes with translations

TL user warned that he could dump translations yesterday or today... He could create a thread, but it would be interesting to keep a thread open anyway

Your taste is bad and you should feel bad.

>capable and somewhat genius Horikita being lower than anyone not Ichinose and Arisu and maybe Hiyori for powerlevel
That's retarded.

I'm okay with this.

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Dumb fags.

>Keifag is a DBZfag

>1st place and 2nd place: Kiyotaka (The Ultimate Masterpiece) or Kouenji (The mysterious genius even Kiyotaka cannot control)
>3rd place and 4th place: Horikita Brother (Former StuCo President) or Nagumo (StuCo President)
>5th place: Ryuuen (Compared to the other 1st year leaders Kiyotaka thinks highly of him)
>6th place: Sakayanagi (She conquered A Class)
>7th place: Ichinose (Sometimes she sees through Kiyotaka's schemes)
>8th place: Hiyori (After Ryuuen retired, she'll be leading C Class and her specs are pretty good)
>9th place: Horikita (She's pretty smart and good at fighting too but has a weakness)
>10th place is....Katsuragi or Kanzaki or Hirata or Kushida.....either one of those
Is more accurate.

S tier: Kei =>Ichinose.
A tier: Sakayanagi, Hiyori.
B tier: Hasebe, Horikita, Sakura, Satou.
C tier: Chabashira, Shinohara, Hoshinomiya, Kamuro, Tachibana, Amulet-chan.
D tier: Kushida, Ibuki.
E tier(aka fuck these bitches): Chihiro, Manabe.

S tier: Sakayanagi, Horikita, Ichinose
A tier: Kei, Satou, Shiina
B tier: Ibuki, Hasebe
C tier: Sakura, Tachibana
D tier: Kushida, Chabashira
E tier:

S for shit.

S Tier : Kei , Hiyori
A tier : Hasebe , ichinose
B tier : Horikita sakayanagi Sakura
C tier : every girl except D and E tier
D tier : Kushida, Ibuki
E tier : Kei bullies

No shit list and taste

Where is everyone getting the translated vol/chapters from? I can literally only find up to vol 3

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thanks user

there's the mediafire with pdfs that user posted and there's the pastebin
the pastebin is updated faster

I like it.

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welcome to the party friend.

It would be if Kei was in there.


S for superior.

Kei is better than any of those sluts


50% agrees.

Tell me why you hate her. Not liking her is ok, but why the hate. I can understand some characters like for example Horikta since her personality is so stingy and is only there because of her and not because of some trauma. Literally the only people that hate her are some selfinsertfags who she is cucking right now.

As a pawn.

Kei is annoying, her character feels artificial, and she is a weak damsel.
>hating Arisu, Horikita, and Ichinose is okay, but hating Kei is not okay and I can't understand it

>As a pawn
And as a girl.

Where did I mention Arisu and Ichinose? I said you can like her. But there is really no reason to hate her?

Kei is a pawn and partner, not even a friend and a girlfriend YET. This is objectively true.

No, not really.

How convenient.

That alone makes her better than every other girl in 50%man's eyes.

Yes, yes really.

I didn't post that and that list is wrong anyway. So really no reason to defend it.

>grasping at straws
>inserting 50%'s thought process in place of fan ranking

To hate on Kei or Ichinose, Horikita, Hiyori and etc is stupid, they all have their strong points and their weak points as characters, the only girls that should receive hate in this series are Manabe and Chihiro(and Kushida due to her bitchness), now these ones are annoying and artificial.

What straws? The user only said that Kiyotaka agrees with Kei being better, which is true.

What does Arisu's breath smell like?

You are grasping at straws. The user literally said that 50% sees it that way. And it is true

Not true as agirl. And don't be coy. You used it to deny fan opinions and taste.

Putting all their chemistry, mutual understanding and obvious mutual attraction aside, he enjoys Kei's company more than any other girl's and makes him react more emotionally.

It's not even true in the story so far.

If you didn't then why butt in and argue as if you did? You didn't call him for for hating, but do it when Kei is mentioned instead.

>>It's not even true in the story so far.
But it is.

Still not as a girl. Kei just happened to have some darkness in her, so he can show some bits of his nature, that's all.

No. See rooftop scene and 7.5's epilogue. Pawn and tool is what she currently is. Being friends and maybe more is something he would consider later on.

Why would I even post anything by tagging that shit list. I am just calling out your hating that has no basis. As I said you can like her, but callin her shit just cause she is blocking your headcanon is not ok.

50% has no romantic feelings for Kei and doesn't even treat her like a girl of the opposite sex as a healthy boy.

Albert Semen

From which volume should I start reading if I finished the anime?

You should reread the epilogue then. She is a partner now. Not a pawn. Jesus you killed your own argument in the same post.

>bringing up headcanon
Your colors are revealed. You're just a Keifag who got triggered and you only care about Kei being hated. It's like you think people can't hate your girl.


He also casually talks about having sex with her. She's his soulmate.

She's his only partner while the rest are mere tools. And then you have the fact he already rejected girls like Horikita, Satou, Sakura and Kushida while giving no shits about other possible future partners.

Who is talking about romantic feelings? And Kei is one of the few girls that has made him react like a healthy boy along with Ichinose and Kushida.

Your point was girl. He isn't wrong at all.

What would hate sex with Ibuki be like?

Except I didn't. A partner in the capability as a pawn. You can't deny he doesn't think of her as a girl for him yet. It's like what the other user said.

See above.

My colours are revealed. Please Horiktafag. You and your kind are the only ones who can hate a character for literally no reason. And now please tell me the reason you hate her so much. What is such a bad thing she did in the ln that made you hate her.

Rub your dick against a stone

He literally has only opened up to Kei and her being a girl as a lot to do with it.

That wasn't my point and no, he is wrong. She is not a pawn...

>hate a character for literally no reason
Look in a mirror, Keifag. Keifags do that all the time. Already told. It's not my problem if you can't accept it because you see your opinion as facts.

>having sex with her
The headcanon is real.