Dragon Ball Super

Will he finally use his true full power?

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Usually, I get angry but I can not even feel it. Wukong has given too much convenient power and too much armor, so I do not even care. He will not lose because he is the protagonist. The writers flew them to the limit. I should have ruined Goku before many episodes. The base of annoying fans of Dragon Ball apparently will not give the damn injustice of this fight. I thought I was watching the episode of the One Punch man because it was an episode of common Shonn. 17 The most absurd part of this episode is the return after the explosion. In fact, the worst part is when Goku relied on the power of friendship to magically gain another strength. At this point, I just watched how it ended.

Am I the only one who has this feeling?

How can we get him the canon?

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Ui had the exact same cop out that every fusion character has ever had and 17s revival was the cheapest thing the series has seen in a long time.

But hey at least the animation was good

It is not yet immortal because the ring of time has not yet been taken since the ring of God who likes God tubes is still alive (Well, I have not made black yet )
Wis and Goku Even if you lynch Zamas with three people of Virus, you can easily easily solve
all the king. If it is current Zamas

Daily reminder that he won. Goku didn't have enough energy to knock him out but Jiren knocked him out no problem.
>b-b-but he admitted defeat
Goku went all out trying to eliminate him but couldn't do it. He just didn't have enough energy left. Something that Jiren didn't know before, which is the reason he admitted defeat.
Only /ouremperor/ will knock the ayy out.

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>multiple threads all day long
Is there anyone who can challenge our power?

>DBZA episode 60 STILL not out

Come on TFS, I want to see our boy GODHan go nuts and wreck bug man.

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It's here boyz

How hyped will you be when Freeza and Goku tagteam Jiren to this in the final ep?

Hype a character so much only to job it at the end.

Please let this shit die already.

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Was this run through google translate?

>Freezer is now praised by a bunch of spics

I saw everything

If we had a sticky yesterday we would surprass 3k posts. There were 2 separate threads with 900 posts and 1200 posts each by the time the episode was over

fuck off


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How long has it been now? 6 months? I know they released a special on christmas but this is just ridiculous. Their patreon is probably not doing poorly.

Was it already posted before in Sup Forums?

If so, link to the thread please? To see the reactions

>my brittle bones...

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Okay before goku's body gave out I'm like 80% sure he was going to give jiren energy.

FREASA-sama is the ideal boss
· enemy scouts
· Weapons give weapons to weak subordinates
· Medical machines and welfare benefits perfect for harvest recovery ·
honorific words for subordinates
· Site-based
· Make an accurate judgment · give excellent people a chance to recover even if they fail but
· they also recognize their names and faces properly in subordinate fish subordinates like Rudits

Let's decide this once and for all

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Only hyped if F plays

Laughing at Jirenfags.

Would they have been good friends?

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Ve2eta - G0ku

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>Goku and Freeza fighting Jiren
>Goku taking the brunt of the attacks and eventually gets knocked out
>Limit Breaker x Survivor Ends
>Freeza gets enough stamina to go Golden again
>F plays
>Freeza almost kills Jiren
>Grand Priest announces the end of the tournament just before Freeza kills him
>"Ohohoho, how unfortunate."

>Nah. These are there because they are popular and missing during most of the series. There are reasons to promote the return of 17 or Freeza, but the other ones are always there (and Goku is the protagonist you know).
>I'm not saying this is "Gohan's saga", that's fucking retarded, but no way 17 will be more relevant than Vegeta or as relevant as Freeza. Goku, Vegeta and Freeza will be the MVPs in the tournament, 17 is there because marketing
>Android 17 is more relevant than Gohan and Vegeta

Where are you guys right now?
Feels good to be right

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I can't wait for Super to end so that you crossboarding faggots can finally leave.

There are rumours that Gohan and Trunks are getting a Trust and betrayal style OVAs.

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Feels so good. Hate those cucks

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I can't wait for you to realize they won't.

>Only shining moment is killing his creator before jobbing to 2 green monsters

Jobroid 17

He didn't really job against Piccolo though.
They were about equally strong.

I just realized this applies to both goku and jiren

Trust and betrayal? You mean like Kenshin?

down with moe shit!!!


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>Is there anyone who can challenge our power?
the mexican government

Will Goku suffer a Gon event

>jobbing: being a punching bag to show how strong someone else has become

he jobbed

N-No! this only applies to Gokek!!!
Jiren didn't lose!!

>outlasted by 17
>weaker than kefla
>less eliminations than goku
>muh promise
Why does anyone like vegeta again?

kid, future, or GT?

>but no way 17 will be more relevant than Vegeta or as relevant as Freeza

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Daily reminder Goku jobbed to Mercenary Tao.


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based CHADroid 17

It's ok, the manga will fix this

Not canon

>0 - 1 against Krillen
>was at the mercy of Krillen
>0 - 1 Gohan

No that's canon, unlike your shitty anime

What's the worst ending you can think for Super ?
1. Frieza jobs embarrasingly, goku underperforms and 17 defeats Jiren
2. Jiren doesn't knock out a single U7 member and they defeat him easily
3. Base Goku defeats Jiren, or goes UI again

All the best endings involve Frieza winning. Surprise ?

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Keru bracku.

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Feels good

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The most important part of a character is the character himself user.

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Choose one

It looks like gohan is about to fuck vegeta.

>Sakurada brings back Cell as the villain for the DBUltra's upcoming island filler arc.
>Briefly menaces Goten & Trunks before 17 oneshots him to show how much stronger he's become.


I don't know about Super, but I can count plenty of situations in DBZ where he was essential. From the top of my head:

>Saved Gohan's life on Namek a couple times
>Killed all (literally all) of Frieza's forces on Namek
>Put a disabled Goku in the healing chamber
>Saved Goku's life against #19
>Is the reason why Gohan won the beam struggle vs Cell
>Is the reason why Goku killed Buu with Spirit Bomb

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They're just legos keru, get over it

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>goku and vegeta are in their forties
>goku has a grandchild

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Record, power and plot relevance > feelings

>Toyopaco: Oh I know you powerscalers hate Krilin and Tien, I hate them too. Don't worry, they are out already, I don't know what was Toriyama thinking with that shit XD

Toyopaco should stick to fanfics

nice chad, but i raise you a RARE chad

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Time is convoluted lol

That is not gogeta

Kek at you butthurt Tien and Krillin fanboys. They were shit and Toyo used them better than Toei
Toei built up Krillin with fake hype then delivered none of it

Base Goku (or a reawakened Ultra Instinct) beating Jiren is both the most likely and most underwhelming ending.

However, your first scenario, with Sakurada going all-out for his husbando would easily be the worst.

Both of you shut up, kakarot is mine!

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I wish he had his old outfit back.

/fa/ approved.

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Daishinkan will take all your hopes away.

>Using Tien and Krilin

Sorry, perhaps I missed that.

For the first time I want to drop Super. Yeah, sounds stupid one week before the last episode but there's an upcoming movie and most probably a new season on 2019. I just don't want to see 17 again, I used to be indiferent to him but now I fucking hate him.

muda muda muda muda


>when base kale > lss broly
Powerscaling was a mistake

Spam the shitpost to Toei's mail

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17 still being alive is absolutely the laziest writing. Good grief.

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He used them to set up the Frost/Freeza story. But I know that's a bit too intelligent for you toeishills to get

Eh, it's kind of Toriyama's own fault though. It seems like his only plot point for Kuririn was getting knocked out by a surprise attack from Frost, and Tenshinhan was the 2nd to be knocked down without even any details about how that happens. Why even bother including them if he isn't even going to bother giving them anything?

That said, I was kind of surprised by how quickly the manga eliminated them. Like as much as people complain Trunks being underpowered in the manga, he still had some moments even Shin and Kibito had some decent scenes in the manga version of the Trunks arc, so Kuririn and Tenshinhan just immediately eliminated while doing nothing was kind of odd.


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>Buu, Satan, Krillin and Tenshinhan dont have a single fight in the whole Super manga
It really shows that Toyotaro is the gook equivalent to power level spics.

The anime ToP really felt like a celebration of 30 years of Dragon Ball, with long forgotten skills and exploits. A bit silly sometimes but trying to give every character some small reward for all these 30 years of stories they gave us.
The manga just reads like another AF fanfiction written by a guy who started DB with Z and only cares about saiyans and transformations. I dont know, it really doesnt feel like the culmination of 30 years of history. Might as well didnt bring any human to the tournament if you only care about powerlevels and not the characters.

Explain why
Calling it Lazy is lazy criticism

He'll unleash his Stand "El Hermano"

So a one-chapter thing. Sasuga Toyopaco.
>tfw even his DBAF fanfic is better than Super's manga

>Caulifags morphed into Gokufags morphed into Friezafags now morphed into #17fags

Gohan loyalists win again.

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why do so many db villains have ears like this

I'll take those fun loving Sup Forumsedditors over you moe loving elitists "muh sekrit club" dipshits anyday

*blocks your path*
wat do

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Because Pablotaro is a shit writer. Be happy that cancer is not canon.

What do you guys think the 'final ace in the hole' that goku refers to in the preview is? Potara ?

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Lick her asshole

theyre just scamming us at this point

If we're talking about current broly then he's stonger than kale.

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This is the most pathetic post I've ever seen on Sup Forums

What a moron, you just destroyed yourself. Frost/Freeza did fuck all in the anime. Krillin got buildup for nothing. Toyo had a full chapter showing how smart Freeza was

You toeicucks never fail to bring the keks. Keep raging children, your shitty anime is gone next week

>is not the actual batalla final