He's getting out!

He's getting out!

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The fucking MOON!!! His dick is theirs!

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So this is the way that they'll show up a bit of the main girls. Kinda sad
Also, looks like Cathyl and Merino already had enough from their boyfriends to not go after him

Here's Miru!

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jesus christ how horrifying

Those eyes!

I stopped counting after the 9th captcha I had to solve for this shit.

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he dun goofed
damn idiot

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A wasted chance for more with the main characters.

Food Porn now!?

Holy shit the right side of image. I have to wonder how many jap artists like making that reference.

the author stated that it won't happen anymore
fucking hack

>A wasted chance for more with the main characters.
that's my main problem with this arc is jut fluff the stretch the live of the manga

They learned to control it. So they can rape him with memories 100%.

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Based King Kurusu.

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>full moon

Fuck street signs

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heeeeeeeeree's johnny

Time for a blowjob.

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Tan Goat Lolis are abusive.

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Apparently we get a full moon now though. At least Manako needs to be affected by it if the original ones won't be.

They learn well

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what the fuck is wrong with this manga???

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Well satyrs are known to seduce and rape fauns.

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I meant that the main girls won't have any more full moon, not even the newest ones

So the farm turned into Yuri paradise.
Im fine with this YUP.

okay that was a very surprising twist, I admit defeat

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Called it.


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so wolfgirl next chapter?

>Correction: All farm girls are bi rapists.

>Cathyl doesn't pursue Darling during the full moon
Faithful! FAITHFUL!


I'm sure someone's excited for the prospect of another gym chapter to get these fatties back into shape.

I always hate how the author throats everything under the buss the moment he guess boring of it

I know they just got fat. But holy shit if they dont look preggo here.

>But holy shit if they dont look preggo here.
that's not how a pregnant woman would look (is has to be from the womb not the stomach )

Here's a gallery.

Sex with monster girls is bestiality.

Just have Cathyl move in with him already.


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>Sex with monster girls is best

>naruto eyes

Minotaurs are shit.


a what?

He mean Polt.

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ah, that's good too

Cathyl a Best, should just move in with darling-kun and cuck his cowfag of a boyfriend


Or he's referencing since I Can't Believe My Little Elf Is This Fat has a doughy ass werewolf in it too.

It doesn't look like a cowgirl wil be joining his harem, shame cause i really wanted that to happen. Or is there still hope?

We honestly don't need more girls in the harem. Lala is getting shafted enough as it is and everyone knows it's either a harem or Miia ending

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Sporse ending best ending.

this arc was pretty shit other than the fapbait

>Horse ending

So he never got milked?

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Lala gets the dick for eternity in the future thou so she is good.

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Doesn't Miia gain weight in her tail first?

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>ywn work in a farm all day then get milked by a satyr all night

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Doppel is the Superior Girl

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How often do you think darling has to masturbate to keep his dick from exploding due to all this eroticism?

I think so. Doesn't her method of movement prevent her from getting too fat?

No fucking the animals.


his balls must be one hell of a strong hue of blue then.

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Expect glorious handjob, get the other king of "milking" instead

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Doppel makes my big boy milk come out.

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Guys in the anime are always so lucky

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damn satyrs

Ntr? What's up here

Whatever happened to these two anyway
I haven't followed this manga in a while but I assume they weren't two of the brown tittymonsters in this chapter

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Muh dick

Still on the farm fucking the new assistant dudes. And taking lewd pics.

>implying she won't ultimately give it up when the time comes so that he can instead spend the afterlife with the girl he actually chose


Better resolution.

Cathyl is still my favorite

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But Cathyl is fucking shit

Oh look Rachnera to the rescue

She has best nipples.

all MonMusu nipples are shit
too small

>Pot, kettle, black.

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How does Cerea even get fat when she's a herbivore and had those scuffles with some of the Dangerous Girls to burn calories?

Because we need wacky hijinks and only Rachnera can be perfect