Name a character that has gotten more fucked up than this

Name a character that has gotten more fucked up than this.

You can't.

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>body intact
>more fucked up than frieza

Frieza deserved it.
Griffith didn't yet

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>he doesnt know

>will keep reliving death for all eternity
>not more fucked up than frieza
It's the most brutal punishment I've seen in shonen.

Devilman spoilers

>physical dismemberment is the only way to become "fucked up"
Dying an infinite number of times, always in a different manner, for all eternity, is a bit of a drag


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oh shit nevermind then

>he only reads battle shonen

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That's not a Lego or Hot Grits.


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>ajin dont deserve it
last I checked the majority were sociopaths

mc wasn't though

He kind of was but it never really showed in the manga until after he was rescued. Still, if you're a brand new immortal not used to death being tortured all day only to be killed and have it start again is still shit.

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>Getting finger cut

jESUS even my fingers are cringing

This guy from one of the Violence Jack OVAs

Worse than that?

Easy, Freeza

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picolo legit tortured the fuck out of goku, its much worse than freeza who can just be rebuilt

I miss them

If video game anime characters count.

Sakuri-chan, don't think I've ever seen someone get continually more fucked up that her.

Demonophobia really needs a hentai OVA.

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fuck I forgot about this whole sequence

How do you not snap and wish death on humanity after something like this

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Kei had been a normal human for a while by the time this happened so he knew plenty of humans (namely Kai) that weren't bad people. Even if he is a sociopath. Tanaka is just sick of fighting. I don't think Sato was ever tortured like this but he's the most hostile to humans out of everyone.

all she wanted is to be knocked on the head. the lengths people go to



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Stop shitting on other anime and manga. you dragon ball fags think that Dragon Ball was the only anime and manga ever made. this shit is getting fucking old.

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Bood c top that shit.

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Did she died?

sato just love war and fights, he really don't care about destroying humanity or anything, he is there just for the fun

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Frieza had a tough life.

Oh man, I love this pic so much. Fuck,
have I really been here for so long?


his entire body aside from his head (minus his jaw in revengeance) and his spine was destroyed and replaced several times

regenerators are cheating since they have to get fucked up way more than any other character so you can see their powers

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I had never really pieced togehter Raiden musn't even have a dick after all his reconstructions.

if he doesn't have a dick then why would he need his highly auspicious cyber ninja dick protector?

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Some important component must have been placed there.

>No Genocyber
If anyone got fucked up and really didn't deserve it, it was the investigator.

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>Would have survived if he wasn't atomized

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Elder Toguro
> Since his regeneration made it impossible to kill him, even if his heart or brain was damaged, Kurama used the Sinning Tree to forever keep Elder Toguro in constant pain, locked within a hallucination of his worst nightmare. As Kurama put it, 'rogues like you deserve to be damned', so would Elder Toguro be locked in his own personal hell forever - eternal madness.

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that's not even the worst thing that has happened to him

>gets burned alive but gets revitalized after each death
>continuously burned until the power inside her can't bring her back anymore.

I think we have a winner.

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This was fucked up.

At least she gets to die.
Imagine this happening for eternity or at least until the universe reboots.


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Holy shit, with your pic, now i remember that webm from the rekt threads.

Not the worst

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what the fuck is this

the world is mine i think
inb4 > spoonfeeding
he got trips

I was about to post Chino too, but with fat old faceless men.

I know he's played out but...

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Whats dis?


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Pitou got killed to death

A lot of characters in deadman wonderland since it's basically about violent murder

Dont remind me of that show
It started out so well and went fucking nowhere


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Truth. The manga actually goes somewhere though.

Szayellappolo il forte in bleach has a somewhat similar circumstance.
His mental processes are slowed so much that he feels his body dying for over a thousand years, and can't react

I should read it
Shiro is too cute

You're joking right?

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I think it's really hard to get as fucked up as Freezer. Because it's not that he just GOT fucked up. In terms of overall damage done to his body in that one instance, anyone can think of a lot worse. The main issue is that his own attack did that to him. What's worse is that he SAW it coming, and he also pointed out that he'd never be done in by such an obvious maneuver, and it STILL happened. And then his enemy showed an act of mercy and gave him energy, allowing him to live. And THEN, he tried to use the energy that Goku gave him to try to kill Goku, even though there's no way that Goku would have given Freezer enough energy to do so.

Freezer is the dumbest being in the universe.

most characters of the author's doujins

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Kaori in Akira

She was less messed up in the manga. IIRC she was just shot in the back by the biotroopers. Her movie death was pretty messed up though, being smashed in a fleshy monstrosity.

So does Frieza not have any bones/organs or is this just an anime censorship thing?

Do you ever stop and think about just how fucked up this stuff really is


Most were sociopaths BECAUSE of the torture.
And of course they would be.

I never even figured out WHY they were torturing them. For studies? Studying what?


Fuck that show! It was supposed to be a fun MMO adventure.

Yeah, they were basically lab rats. They were trying to figure out what lets them regenerate and about their black ghosts. At least at the beginning.

Surprised nobody has posted this yet. Imagine being forcefully torn apart by magic (alchemy)

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She had gotten pretty fucked up beforehand too.

MiA topped it


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Still pissed the guy that did that to Griffin never got fucked up.

calm down there battle network.

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I mean he got fucked up as much as he could have gotten, considering how little time they had.

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it's ok user, I know you who meant to reply to. but yeah it would have felt out of place if they just stopped and hung out to torture him even if they had the time.

He didn't even die from that

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Was dying thou. Until Goku saved him.

Why does that look photoshopped from three different sources?

>molest the Princess
>get repercussions

I see pussy.

Hey man, allegations.

the dad was a fucking psycho pedophile though that almost raped his daughter. thats why he was so mad Griffith sullied her.
any other king might have approved the marriage

He got stabbed through the door by Guts

>no one posted this yet
you're all a bunch of terrible hearted people

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