How was this not AOTY?

How was this not AOTY?

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I got bored on the first ep.

I liked it. I found the high levels of pure autism endearing.

boring couple

I dropped it at 7. It doesn't get any better.

>No pantsu shot

into the trash it goes, amirite user?.


People were caught in the pleb filter

I wonder when will people stop using "autism" to descibe completely normal teen awkwardness

First time I heard of it, but looks incredibly boring. Wouldn't watch.

user this is Sup Forums, people will describe literally anything as autism here

They're not normal, they're both basically the most awkward people in their classes.

Because it's babby's first non-harem romance and basically it sucks dick

Notice how every other couple in the show acts, thats regular teen awkwardness. The main couple is autism

No, that kind of anime I wouldn't probably give a chance in the first place. This one I did, but it bored me.

If they were "autists", they wouldn't be in a average school and have average friends you buzzword spouter.

Sounds like you're the autist if you can't grasp a basic metaphor

>tey wouldn't be in a average school

Not every autist has full-blown autism, faggot.

Too much QUALITY

>calling someone "autistic" is a metaphor now
jesus christ, the quality of this boards posts.

I can, I'm just tired of people using "autism" to describe literally any degree of awkwardness.
You don't know what is autism, buzzword spouter. They're completely average awkward teens.

What a credible source.

What was wrong with the quality of the anime?

back to Sup Forums, cancer.

It's projection.

>back to Sup Forums, cancer.
its not his fault that youre retarded. the BBCs credibility is basically equal to that of the dailymail at this point. them saying that manga attracts autists means virtually nothing.

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Are you kidding me?
CG crowds galore, off model main cast, jerky movement, sliding characters, questionable voice acting

It's a very ordinary love story that is very well told. Anyone who's been through it is bound to empathise, and even if you haven't, you'd still find it very cute. The focus on personal emotions and lack of ostentatious plot events does mean that some people will be bored by it, but that's a matter of taste rather than quality.

quite laughable complaints, particularly the last one.

To be fair they spent the entire show being awkward with each other, that's not realistic. Kids fuck as well.

>questionable voice acting

Why are you trying so hard to hate the anime?, man.

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Too straight for the current generation of anime viewers

They fuck when they're still in school, get married and have kids after they graduate. Pure autism, am I right

>Kids fuck as well.

Let me guess, you're from mexico. Dont you have some dragon ball episode to watch?, nigger.

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This is a complete meme.
Only Chads fuck that early, the majority of teens still stay virgins until they're in high scool.

Did you?

>that's not realistic
sounds like the people who said that long distance relationships "arent a thing". i dont think you actually understand what realism is or how long it can take people to truly trust eachother. you realize that the show covered less than a year, right?

not even true. the majority stays virgins until they are 18+, so basically until graduation.

yeah but we all know thats kinda true

Autism reings supreme here

can confirm.

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Because a better love story aired at the same time.

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>unintelligible stuttering: the LINE ad
yeah thanks but no thanks

>sounds like the people who said that long distance relationships "arent a thing"

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I want to look exactly like Sage Northcutt

Fuck, this was for you

i didn't know pic related, this is pure gold

I'm glad it flopped, only pretentious faggots who thought it portrayed complex MIDDLE schooler relationships liked it. Truth is the show was shallow and tropey as shit.

It still triggers me that the writter couldn't give her a happy ending, even more when girls like that are pretty rare in anime.

I can't tell if this is trolling or not. Especially with the 2.1 gpa thing

For me it was amazing show. Straight to the romance. Without bullshit or misunderstandings.

I liked it. It just portrayed a certain kind of relationship, where both parties are weird betas and not just the guy. My main issue is that the whole thing is basically one giant LINE commercial. If you took away their cell phones would they even have a relationship?

Poorly constructed strawman

Way different that people that browse this board.

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You realize kids these days are everyday in their phones, right?.

OP here.
I love this anime to death. After reading the LN, I felt they really moe'd up chtholly near the end. The anime does a better job at portraying things like encroachment. The weakest part of the show were the Corne di Luche episodes but they both ended well. If Tsukigakirei didn't have the extra couples at the end after the ED, SukaSuka would have easily been my AOTY. It's a very close second.

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pretty pitiful bait

If I wanted to bait I would have posted pic related.

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blows my mind how people are too retarded to understand the central point. the fact that they built their relationship VIA MOBILE APPS is precisely what the show is about. using LINE to get past insecurities and individual short comings in an attempt to start a relationship. its quite literally what the vast majority of people does, sfn hsd done for the past 15 years. most people i went to school with started their romantic relationships using ICQ or MSN. nowadays wed be using whatsapp or, in japanese case, LINE. its utterly retarded to complain about this.

They had their moment together and overall it was nice and warm story.

Didn't knew so many people disliked it. I enjoyed it for being a romance without dragging and couple getting together way before ending without some magic misunderstandings.

But they shown a sexually active couple (the one whose girl got tired of paying for everything)

Negative, not for middle school. HS maybe. Going to love hotels and pounding it up? That's college behavior and not at all normal for middle school aged kids.
As far as first relationships go they were about the norm in behavior. The thing I think got to people was that most of the viewers forgot what it was like to be an idiot not knowing what you were doing. No one is born don juan.


Because GuruGuru aired last years. Still top 10.

What was so great about it?
I finished it, but it was pretty generic teen melodrama in the end
I would say it's closer to jap melodrama live action movies than anime, but still