The Breaker to return in 2019

I don't know if you guys have heard that The Breaker 3 is gonna be probably back in 2019. The authors have said they will probably wrap up work on (really really shitty) Trinity Wonder this year.


How amazing is this?

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Has manga run out of ideas so tehy're just reheating up old failed mangas?

>failed mangas
>the breaker
It was an extremely successful manhwa you swine. And the purposefully stopped work after New Waves because they felt like they were burning out and needed to work on something else to catch a breath.

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Also, is Sera Noona best girl or what?

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Better Sera.

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Part 2 was so unbelievably boring. I don't even give a shit.

Does Sup Forums seriously not like The Breaker, one of the best martial arts stories ever?

What the fuck are you talking about? New Waves season was as good if not better than first season. It had good pacing and fleshed out much more side characters and gave more things for Shioon to do. How can your taste be so shit?

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Also, Nine Arts is so damn sexy.

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You're probably the only person delusional enough to actually believe this. Also stop bumping your own thread every two seconds.

I'm gonna dump a few chapter covers just because they are cool and I want people who do care to see this.

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>A Manwha continues
>It's not Veritas

See if I care

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Not really, I know 2 other people IRL that I've met after I've read The Breaker that also enjoyed New Waves. I think your taste might be just utter trash. But don't worry, maybe there's spirit medicine for that.

Well, I'd love Veritas to be picked up again too. But I guess we can't have everything.

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talking about manhwa
sun ken rock was great but went to shit
they should have kept it mafia wars style with high levels of fan service
too bad author went full retard
art style still insane.
one of the things that got me in to exercising was the aesthetics of this manhwa

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>sun ken rock was great but went to shit
I know how you feel man. It felt like the author wasn't sure what it was or what it was supposed to be. The beginning was great. Just slowly groing the gang empire. It should have stayed with that.

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Any word on whether it'll be weekly or monthly?

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And yeah, Sun Ken Rock had INSANE aesthetics. There was mirin' material pretty much every chapter.

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>ywn have 100 chapters of ken expanding his gang empire to different countries and over taking evil gang regimes with his iron fists and saving cute ladies.

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It's not mentioned in the blogpost so we'll have to wait and see. I assume as we get near to ending of Trinity Wonder we'll get more details on that blog.

It would have been glorious...

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my hair is very thicc
i can actually pull off kens hairstyle
should i try it or would it be to edgy?
in fact fuck it, got nothing to lose.

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It's good
This one too

i remember reading the breaker completely in like two weeks, it was a good ride but mostly because aesthetics and some fights, because the writing was shit honestly, i barely rememeber the story

I don't know man. It seems like it would require a lot of stylizing/hair gel. That seems like it would look REALLY tryhardy.

You should re-read it. I did so like a week ago and it's better than I remembered. There's quite a few chapters in New Waves that is just older guys talking, but they actually explain quite a lot about the overarching plot and the relations betwee schools/clans. I found that reading it now, quite a few years later, I enjoyed those parts much more.

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I really like Kang-Sung, he's a real bro.

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i mean im 21. people will prob just think im a hipster or something
ether way idk if i should dye my hair blonde. might not do that one, but im definitely growing my hair and getting that hair cut.

Definitely grow the hair out, and then go to a good/recommended barber/hair stylist and ask him if you can pull it off and whether dyeing would make sense.

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I gotta make some supper so I'm going to leave it at that. Hopefully some people that care about The Breaker saw these great news, or at least someone decided to reat The Breaker because of the pages posted.

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No one cares. It's not a manga and it doesn't belong here.

Where does it belong then user?

I don't know. Maybe reddit? I don't care about your gook trash but it certainly doesn't belong on the anime & manga board.

You are so mean user. I think manhwa is pretty close to manga.

For EOP purposes there's no significant difference.

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You have to read from left to right it's terrible.

Looks right-to-left to me.

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Translators mirrored Breaker so it'd go right to left

This is as good as any moment to comment on how good the fight choreography is in The Breaker.

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Imagine leaving your disiple pretty much crippled in terms of martial arts and coming back I think not even a year later and find him running the most powerful clan, not just as a puppet,
but for real, with it's most esteemed elder respecting you.

Nine arts really is the worst teacher.

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It still doesn't belong here. Fuck off back to plebbit.

All these flavours, and you choose to be salty.

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You have to be at least 18 years old to post here. Please leave, newfag.

Sweetie, I've been here for many, many years.

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It's about fucking time.

Aaaaand back to that good shit, Sera.

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>It's about fucking time.
I KNOW! Right?!

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plebbit please leave.


Sae-Hee is just the most bland girl ever.

Why are you so grumpy? Maybe you need a snack? Have you have propper breakfast?

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Mods have lenient with Korean content for a while, I recall manhwa/webtoon threads being deleted quite quickly a few years ago, which is quite odd since Sup Forums used to fellate Shin Angyo Onshi a lot 10 years ago.

>throwing a hissy fit about a thread on korean manhwa
>but all of that japanese anime animated in china is fine

>buhu why don't you like off-topic threads
This is the board for anime and manga. Your gook comics simply don't belong here.

Jap, gook, chink, same pestilence. Stop acking as if they are that different.

Breaker makes me miss Veritas all the more

that is because Breaker is one of the few good once and in the manga style.

Are you retarded? It doesn't matter how similiar they are. Manhwa does not belong here just like LOTR or harry potter doesn't belong here.

Jini is cute, but she has nothing on Sera.

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just posting best girl

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I'm gonna give her second best position. That's the best I can do user.

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It's trash on the level of Nardo.

Fuck off you autist

Has it been like 4 years?
Do they plan to do weekly or monthly?
I hope they do it monthly so we can have quality chapters and not the weekly cliffhanger clusterfuck.

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You must be having a really bad day user. I hope your mood improves.

Not clear yet, but I believe Trinty Wonder is monthly, so Breaker 3 might be as well.

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>tfw her odds of dying are higher than winning

I'm surprised the author completely dropped any Saehee plot thread after the school battle. A lot happened to Shioon, but you'd think he would remember to give her a call at some point to let her know he's alive.

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Fuck off you shitposter.

I mean, he's been literally running around the city fighting pretty much monsters and saving the day. Kinda hard to remember the most generic love interest ever put on paper. She is better forgotten.

Or maybe sacrificed for another activation of Black Origin Threshold?

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I can feel the low IQ oozing from the screen

>Has it been like 4 years?
Not that long surprisingly enough, it has been 2 years and 7 months since New Waves ended, May 2015.

Should I read this? Are the girls hot?

Still, far too long considering the trash they've been producing instead of The Breaker.

Does anyone seriously like Trinity Wonder? Sure it looks good, but it's so devoid of any spirit.

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Yes they are user, yes they are. And yes you definitely should.

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>talking shit about Veritas
>this huge boner for breaker instead
You're a huge faggot you know that?

>talking shit about Veritas
Your reading comprehension is really bad user, I assume you're american. Where have I done that? I enjoyed Veritas a lot. Is this just bad bait I'm falling for?

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>Not liking off-topic threads means you have a low IQ
Are you actually retarded?

You should be warned that Part 1 can mislead you on who's the protaognist of the series though, Part 1 focuses on this one badass martial artist that for reasons tags along a cowardly kid that doesn't do much but being a whiny sob, in fact said kid is the protagonist and he only starts being able to pull his own weight in Part 2.

Don't read it. It's not even manga. It's absolute trash.

If you like hot girls read Girls of the Wild's

>one of the best martial arts stories ever?
Kiero outa here with that bait.

I want Shi-Woon to impregnate her in front of Goomoonryong.

I think it's pretty clear who's the protagonist from the beginning.

I admire your persistence in shitposting.

Don't we all?

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That one is even worse. Holy shit, are you actually underage?

No, it became shit after the fights basically disappeared and the setting found convinient ways to have the "side-harem" girls fuck off, it shouldn't even have started as a harem in the first place if who the MC liked was clear from the get go.

meh i liked part 1 i didnt really like part 2

part 1 felt like the typical underdog story but part 2 he just got everything kinda handed to him and was just along for the ride due to his teachers name

>>I admire your persistence in shitposting.
So you say while spamming off-topic posts.

I said hot girls I never said it was good.

>She is better forgotten.
For the sake of her health and plot streamlining, sure. It'd still be weird though.

But yeah, it'd be hard to give her an active non-hateable role in the story now. If she's brought back, odds are high she'll be taken hostage, or killed, or get somebody else killed.

Best-case scenario might be a sendoff where Shioon says goodbye to her to shed the last bits of his former life, but in that case, they should've squeezed it into New Waves somewhere.

Yes and yes.

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So where do I get good scans of S1 and NW? Seems quite interesting.

Stop shitposting please.

>Firls of the Wilds
Dem lips, but overally really, really boring. I wish I haven't spent time reading it.

>everything kinda handed to him
Eeeeh? I think Shioon had to work/fight pretty hard to get his ki centre back, to learn new techniques, and pretty much none of the major fights, even after Full Body Rebirth were a steamroll on his part, it was always a grueling fight till the end of his stamina. And even if he would win it was by a technicality.

Yes, just dropping her would be wierd. What would be the worst is if they tried to pull Saa-Hee into Murim world with some asspull. God that would be annoying.

I can upload an archive of S1. Give me a few min. My NW scans are kinda lacking.

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Hah, no, from everything I've seen the first part is widely accepted as superior to the second which dragged on a lot and only really started to get good towards the end, except for a couple occasional spikes in enjoyment.
Part 2 was a straight downgrade, worse art, less engaging plot, worse production value, worse pacing.

A-Team's website

Stop shitposting please. This is the anime and manga board. Take your off-topic posts to Sup Forums.

Actually, I already have S1 scans up on dropbox:


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Is this what autism looks like?

fuck off already

I don't know. Are you autistic? It's seems autistic to spam off-topic posts.

Can you please stop shitposting?

I think he's just really angry at something else and this is his release.

Attached: The_Breaker_v5_095.png (931x1400, 344K) Because it seems kinda down to me. And the wordpress page only links to that.

I'm angry because you are making off-topic posts. You are on the wrong board.

Have you ever seen a mod delete a manhwa thread? Pretty sure they've just decided to leave them on Sup Forums

Yes, I have seen that.