Sup Forums writes an anime

ITT Sup Forums writes an anime

Next repeating digits decides the genre/setting

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Pastebin of previous threads anime
Pic is WEG

Still the same OP, I'll be using a new trip this time cuz I forgot the old one

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a jewish high school in tokyo

romance isekai

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

Cute Girls Riding Small Robots.

Cute girls getting boyfriends

Setting: Farm
Genre: Mystery


slice of life
underwater facility

Horror Romance

Gay niggers from outer space

Horror slice of life in a carnival

4th-wall breaking with MC killing his author

An unpopular boy falls in love with a popular girl at an average Tokyo high school.

Cute girls fighting the apocalypse in robots, with yuri pairings.

Wild west

Power Fantasy
Only goal is getting as strong as possible that saitama can't even beat him

Japanese Manchukuo.

BIG bara men and their lives as construction workers

A high school romance with cute disabled girls

Mecha western

Penile mass shooting

gay niggers from outer space travels to earth and gets ridiculed for their sexuality and skin

Cute girls, cybernetics, AI, robotics and transhumanism

OP's ass

fuck i didnt know i wanted this

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>still no dubs
Next 0, 5 or dubs decides



baby has time travel powers but every timeline is an alternate uniberse


>two my most disliked things
Well, I'm out of here.

guy checking

were done where boys, pack up

Our anime will be an Isekai horror. Next repeating digits decides MC.

>mfw I get quads two posts late

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though luck kiddo.jpg

moe military girls
WWII era Japan

>now everyone starts getting dubs

guy with the ability to check peoples power digits

niggers in space

A black high school student who watched too many horror movies

there is no main character but a cast of black people who are gay and have a strong sense of justice. trips count?

yeah, all repeating digits do

gay niggers from outer space

honestly only visit this thread to roll safely.
mc is chutulu

nigroe male from beyond eartly atmosphere

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Suddenly an alien invasion.

a regular on Sup Forums

what's up with people wanting gay niggers who are from outer space? anyways count me in
dubs for gay niggers as the mc



An amorphous eldritch horror blob thing that wears panties and a bra

Gigga nigga

mc is araki hirohiko

oh fuck this gon be gud

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how new


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Fitting I suppose...


our MC is an "amorphous edritch horror blob thing" that wears panties and a bra. Next dubs decides name and gender (or lack of gender)

Puddle - A hyper masculine tranny


Female (female)

Chaneala mc dik
its an it

anyone gonna draw the illustration?
gay nigger, male, hirohiko araki

Bob - Male

Name: Dr. Gay Nigger
Gender: Female (male)

Antoon Alexandros 'Uri Suha, male


Squishy - Female

ifadjpoafdfodkpfdokpofdaskaf1021-9pok1 , alternatively gay nigger, male

Name: Cis White Male
Gender: Genderfluid noncomforming queer


Richard Long, petite female

our MC's name is ifadjpoafdfodkpfdokpofdaskaf1021-9pok1, but most call him 9pok. He is male. Next dubs decides the kind of Isekai world he is in.

Moot, Little Girl


Magical Girl Genre
Lovecraftian Horror Setting

Alternate reality diesel punk WW1

America but the south won the civil war

Sup Forums VR

real world, he travels between dimensions and is stuck in our world

Techno barbarian world without guns. Everyone fights like fucking orcs.

World, where humans hunt monsters for fun.
Some even put them in dungeons and enjoy them struggle as monsters try to get out.

Eldary craftworld