Why do you people like her so much?

Why do you people like her so much?

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Because she's part dinosaur.

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Because she can peg me with her fangs.

because she has a unique design and you're supposed to

Being surrounded by a cast of unlikable stereotypes whose only purpose is to make the main girl look better will accomplish that

because hiro still lets redditors come here

Goddam sexual tyranosaurus


hotarufags who dont want to acknowledge she is hackeĀ“d off dagashi kashi

her feet.

I love 02!

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people fantasize about a wild girl suddenly appearing and changing their lives/saving them from the everyday grind, plus she's extremely committed/faithful/only cares about her daaring

Because she's the most interesting character in the show.

How is she similar to Hotaru?

She's the best villain

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She isn't a boring repeated archetype

She and Hiro gave me type 02 diabetes. they're also good characters

because im always going to be a virgin and this qt gives me something to beat my noodle to.

Probably because of her eyes and she likes sweet things. It's pretty funny how many different characters 02 gets compared to.

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What archetype?

Because she lusts for bland MC dick hard

Best girl archetype

What man doesn't dream of a cute, taller, older, more financially and professionally successful girl appearing in his life to guide him through life, making all problems and insecurities disappear?

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A manic pixie dream girl?

Because she's just a Lum/Anemone/Asuka/Hotaru/CC Clone depending on who you ask.
She's Best Girl

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I want to protect her smile.

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I don't get why it's supposed to be bad.

I think she might start causing more problems for everyone instead of fixing any soon. Hiro was forced to accept her completely or die of Oni AIDS if he doubted her.

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They are so cute together.

Maybe, but the manic pixie girl is childish and eccentric.
While 02 is a more mature woman who is also an outcast, rebel and reject with internal problems.
Maybe she does fit the trope perfectly and I simply can't admit it.

Because otakus love virginal sluts devoted to MC

>Anison Index last night
>VJ dressed as pic related
>Twitch asks "Is she cosplaying O2?"
>Some retard replies "No it's that girl from Hayate no Gotoku but they look the same."
I get it. Newfags exist. And newfags are going to ask stupid newfag questions. I can put up with that. But when the idiot acts like he's not a newfag that makes me want to burn down the internet.

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She is Asuka without the annoying parts, she is Asuka secure of herself, yet equally assertive.
It seems Miku absorbed all the bad Asuka elements.

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The problem with the term is that it can literally apply to every female love interest in any form of media ever. It's not an intelligent critique, it's a term for faux-intellectuals.

Hair inspo.

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At first i though that, that O2 is basicallyasuka buyt with the alien-like elements from Rei but the longer i think about it the closer she reminds me of mari than asuka. or atleast it would be if we knew anything about Mari.

She's a shitty waifubait slut and Sup Forumsnons have zero taste.

I think they're mirroring episode 5 and 6 with 02 in Hiro's place this time. So most likely it will end up with 02 moving past her insecurities to completely trust Hiro and his desire to be with her regardless of her klaxosaur side.

But she's not Ichigo and Sup Forumsnons don't like Ichigo.

I don't think the term is so useless. For example, but a bit unrelated, I don't really see why 02 picked Hiro of all people to be her partner- without knowing before hand that he wouldn't die after piloting her or that he was parasite jesus in his childhood.
He is simply bland, uninteresting, immature and inexperienced while she is like ultra interesting, active and experienced, she even knows the plantations architecture.
She is like the alternative busty instagram model with million followers and a career in architecture settling down with an average guy who lives with his mother.

Its like they drew perfection and gave her a perfect personality AND voice

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I like Ichigo 100x more, but that's only because I have a soft spot for losers

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Because she hardly falls in a established archetype and the design is cool. I really can't come with a character similar to her desu.

Nothing wrong with letting people dream.
There is obviously a bit of that but I guess the MC is mostly bland because the characters of that show are bland except 02.

Well, its because she's great wonderful and faithful to her Hiro. You know the name of her FranXX, Strelizia? Well its commonly known as the bird of paradise, which represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness -- making it the perfect romantic gift. Birds of paradise also represent having a good perspective on life as well as freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower's resemblance to birds in flight. It means paradise on Earth, joy through challenges and successes alike, and faithfulness in romantic relationships, all of which describe 02 thus far.

She is a meme waifu

What's a non-meme waifu?

It makes sense that losers would like other losers.

>insulting others for not liking a sociopathic murderous cunt

02 is a horrible non-human. the only reason anyone would deny it would be because they self insert way too freacking much.

She did nothing wrong.

Be honest Sup Forums

Does she make her show worth watching?
I've seen one or two episodes and it was a shitfest. Is she cute enough?

Because she's confident, competent, supportive, affectionate, and sultry. At the same time she has deep insecurities and wants to be loved and supported in return. Also she has horns.

>putting honey on bacon
>not doing anything wrong

No, it somehow gets even worse

Hams have honey glazing on them all the time. What's wrong with putting it on bacon?

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She's just a horny (in every way) and somewhat less angery Asuka.

>manic pixie dream girl
I love this meme

how is that even possible

All men. You can hardly call yourself a man if that's what you dream of

Only a 02fag would deny that her eating habits are a crime in itself

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people put maple on bacon already

this show looks like shit

Because it's a meme to like her and it triggers newfags who don't know how to take a joke.

>Is she cute enough?

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More like
>eating bacon in the first place

The cutest.

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seriously though, how is a girl eating as if she were mentally challenged cute in any way?

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why did she have to be in such a shitty show

it's not fair


you ask like half of CGDCT shows aren't mentally challenged girls

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A lot of great girls with great designs are in horrible series.

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She makes it great for the first 5 episodes.
It went downhill for 2 but then she was great in 8, 9 was okay and 10 ended up being brilliant without too much of her.
She's a good reason to watch it.

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but why

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Waifu for beta fags that can't initiate a conversation with a woman.
If she proposed them to peg them in the ass, they would bend over

>Waifu for beta fags that can't initiate a conversation with a woman.
But I'm initiating one right now.

Is this true bros? Cant we talk to women? I thought everyone here was a womanizer

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>if she is shy and passive then she is a living sex doll
>if she isn't then it's a beta fag fantasy
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Onifags btfo how will you ever recover?


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>Can't find moderation between the two
In one side you have reifags
In the other you have onifags
Both are disgusting

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>She makes it great for the first 5 episodes.
>this is what onifags unironically believe

>he doesn't think the first 5 episodes are good
What a fag.

02 is hiro's bitch, not at all 'strong' or anything like that. Strong people don't bend over to get fucked every day.

>BGOTS is in the WAOTS
many such cases

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not a high bar

>shameless girl desperate for your dick,
gee I wonder

>for your dick
My dick?

>why do you people like her so much?

she got gret tits

She's dominant and headstrong while being lovey dovey and caring, and fun loving.
She's basically most girls ideal man genderswapped.

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>Dahling~, can you get me some more honey?

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Jacket fits af

Why would you post this.

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Why would you draw this

What are you talking about? O2 childishly fools around at every opportunity. And what was the underwear prank but an eccentric escapade?

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>Why would you draw this
Because it turns me on