ITT: "Fuck you, I liked it."

ITT: "Fuck you, I liked it."

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I loved it. Only problem was the pacing. They paced it like a 24 episode series even though they had half that and didn't seem to realize until like episode 9.

Fight me. Also, I've rewatched it with the same pleasure a few years after.

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was alright but paled compared to S1, which was a top tier production
Very good if you like mildly edgy anime to keep you entertained for a short while

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Please come at me.

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Abe feels nothing but despair for this thread

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I liked Medaka Box before Kumgawa showed up.

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I'm a secondary

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I enjoyed more than S1 but really is because i love the trope of asshole lone wolf taking care of loli.

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Same, but it's because I don't enjoy a story per episode shows.

I even watch it dubbed

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I'm considering a rewatch too.

Liked it as well. So much potential wasted though. There still needs to be a third (hurr durr there is no second season) season which wraps things up nicely (hei and yin fug) as well as a prequel focusing more about the details of how the dtb world works as well as covering the south american war and the origins of hei, pai and the syndicate.

Otherwise you couldn't just let a good universe and lovable characters go to waste like that. There's money to be made for god's sake

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Fucking loved it man.
Great taste.

i loved every moment, a completely unabashed wank

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I really, really enjoyed the first season. I found Mirai's fuyukaidesu and main guy's glasses obsession tiring, but everything else was great. Hated the movie though.


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Keep up the good work

I loved the first season. Second season sucked: Shuu's episode, Chitoge's makeup episode, Magical girl and the parrot were the only good episodes

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The threads were fun

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Thank you, generous foreigner. Perhaps I shall let you serve in our auxiliary i.e expendable unit when I rebuild glorious Nippon Empire

Some of the best uses of CG in anime. Whenever anyone praises Kememe Friends or something else as having great CG, I want to throw a brick at my computer.

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I'm still not even sure why

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God tier OST

Call me contrarian or hipster or whatever but I thought NGE was great so fuck you.

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No one praises the CG in Kemono Friends, you retard.
Etotama's CG is still better.

Pupa, it was pretty enjoyable for me and also was pretty memorable for all the wrong reasons.

I liked all of it.

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user... We all liked Chuunibyou.

I kinda liked it too. If they had given the MC a less retarded ability and had twice as many episodes to make the story more cohesive and less confusing, it could have been great. Alcohol Hei was great.

Macross 7’s slow pacing was a breath of fresh air after Zero.

You can all call e a hipster faggot if you want but i though Cowboy Bebop was A great anime with some rreally good music and all of you who disagree with me can all FUCK OFF!!!

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Um, what?

It was entertaining at the beginning, but the last third was horrible.

I'm not going to defend the last 4-5 episodes though.

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Thanks for the laugh. I liked the heavy and tense atmosphere in the beginning then there was the big drop.

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heroine was pretty cute
also there was a s2?

Honestly if being able to summon a soviet anti material rifle doesn't make your dick hard then nothing will

why did people not like it? Because it wasn't another toradora?

Fuck that fascist piece of shit ruining this country god damn

Main issue wasn't the season itself but that it didn't felt like a sequel but more like a new series that got the Darker than Black name slapped over it, also it ends in a cliffhanger and the franchise is dead now so there won't be any conclusion.

Because kouko was too good for the average Sup Forumstard.

I've had to beat away feminazis just for mentioning this one

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I liked first half of SAO, before gary-stu started to live together with asuna.

Fuck you

go back to angola

they thought ghost banri was annoying and he was just a tool to move the plot along, also the retards who've never been in a relationship think you need some deep reason to date someone, and they couldn't find that between banri and koko. Also the characters were realistic to the point where it's like watching actual people that you may or may not like

I feel like the entire first season was at about the same level

Changes were sudden and unexpected, but it let's you feel the characters situation.

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Abe respectfully disagrees with his fellow countryman
>orders assassination

-Great OP
-Less than OP MC makes for better storytelling
-Power of friendship
-Mysterious origins
-Decent lore
-Okay source material
What’s not to like?

>leader of the center-right coalition

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there was literally nothing wrong with GGO, it was that flying elf shit that made S2 crap

> lefty jap

Keep Sup Forums out of my Sup Forums, but anime watchers in general are pretty left leaning. Anyone right of Chairman Mao is a reactionary fascist.

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>anime watchers in general are pretty left leaning.
Outside of Sup Forums, yes.

i dont give a fuck what you say, Sup Forums. i fucking loved this

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DtB 5/10
DtB 2 6/10

It was never good.

It was great, but I didn't like the ending. Mostly remembered for the excellent battle scenes though.

>anime watchers in general are pretty left leaning
I'm not sure that's true, especially here
T. left leaner

He's rewriting history books

Funding hard right schools

He's corrupt

I just finished this today. I felt a pang in my heart when alicetaria died, completely one sided slaughter.

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>He's rewriting history books
There is no such thing as objective history
>Funding hard right schools
>He's corrupt
Who isn't?

Norgami is actually pretty good though, the latest manga arc kinda dragged on though.

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>anime watchers in general are pretty left leaning

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they're not, but anime youtubers are fucking idiots

What's supposed to be wrong with either of these?

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He's denying Japan ever committed atrocities in China.

He's also saying Korean comfort women were working in Japan "consensually" Even though many have come out against the Japanese government.

They even took white women from Indonesia

So he's just continuing the same policies they've had for 70 years?

This was very, very comfy.

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And how would his country benefit in any way by changing his position on that? They would get absolutely no credit for "owning up" to it, and everyone knows it.

>Tada Banri Memes are dead and have been for as long as this show has

Im gonna miss them

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>comfort women
That shit has been settled already. Shut up about it.

Maybe China and Korea would drop their Cultural sanctions.

Gave 8/10 to this and Valvrave, I regret nothing!

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Why would you say that? I can enjoy cute girls doing cute things or edgy shit without politics being shoved down my throat, which can't be said for other forms of visual entertainment. Sup Forums as a whole isn't right wing and nor is fascism.

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>As recently as last year, under pressure from his right wing to scrap the apology, Mr. Abe and his allies agreed to review the evidence that led to it.

To this day I don't get the bone people have to pick with this series. Or why they feel the need to distinguish between two parts that aren't really that different to begin with. Or why they felt they didn't get pretty much what they knew they were in for from the first OVA.

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The second half of Death Note. I liked Near more than L.

I would GC and Valvrape 6/10. Both shows are as flawed as they are entertaining, but at least that means they're somewhat worth watching. I can't say the same thing to other Sup Forums shitpost shows like Aldnoah Zero and Mayoiga.

Sup Forums help me turn independent and many of us are.

while is true there are more right wing people in pol than leftist. more than either are centrists. and independents.

They apologized and payed for it taht should be enough. You dont see japs losing their shit because us nuked them? right? is in the past

I would rate*

Because Japan was the aggressor, they should be sorry for what they have done, and Abe keeps going back and forth

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BB Volume 8 never, I bet the author is fucking dead.

Nobody alive should be sorry for anything they did not perpetrate.

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>Nobody alive
And what about dead people?

kirino is perfect

Specifically the anime.

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dead people are dead