Mitsuboshi Colors

Reminder that poop girl's continued existence is wholely dependent on Kotoha's bountiful mercy.

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Is Nonoka a JK or a JC?

This is very important.

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I'd yellow right in the pooper.

And my dick's continued existence is wholly dependent on Kotoha's merciful booty.

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you want your dick to smell of unko?

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Nono-chan is for ryona

>was going to punch a tree to death
>scared of a 3DS nerd

pick one

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Pretty sure she's a JK.

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Uhh guys, these two seemed awfully close...

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What's so illicit about it?

Saito-san was ditching work.

He was on patrol, you fag.

yuru camp crossover when

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Whatever you say, Saito.

>last episode next week

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my balls to the left

>you will never marry sacchan's mom and live a comfy lifestyle together toying with the colors in your free time
feels bad


Sacchan's mom is smol


and super cute!

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Whatever it is poop is involved that I'm sure of.

>you will never save sunstruck chuchu cabrilla and find a really cute loli inside

He's helping her with her constipation.


Why is this white lady running a vegetable shop in Japan?

she's super average


I wasn't a fan of Satchan but that bowtie is making me reconsider

They're ready.

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Oh no.

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Ready for what?

The D.

Their face make it look like it went in the wrong hole.

Blue can't beat a game but she easily beat anyone

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Why is blue such a mean bully?

But can she beat me off?

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She throws a mean butt attack.

Is whipping your erect dick out a good way to defend against the lolibutt attack?

>bully the Colors in the street
>"bully" their mom in the sheets
Saito is living the dream.

Yeah, she might take pity on you and just laugh at it instead of attacking.

>this actually aired on TV
Ok, how the fuck do they get away with this?

Makes what harder?

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She's so pure, cute and perfect. Why can't girls like her exist IRL? I sure as hell wouldn't be a single khv if they did.


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Is there anybody who can stop the Colors?

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za warudo

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What's his problem?

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God I wish that was me.

He is to the Colors who Yanda is to Yotsuba.

What about Nono and Moka?

Except he is also fucking one of the girl's mom. Saito is awesome.

osana najimi

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>that one scene where najimi sat on tadano's crotch
I was tadano i'd would have popped the biggest boner ever.

Could Koto-chan defeat Jiren?

She already defeated Nono Enfermo, that bitch Jiren has no chance.

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Could Koto-chan win against the cock?

She's welcome to punch mine as much as she wants.

Nono is for enjo kousai

That'd hurt, though. She's not a kindergartener.

what the fuck is Saito's problem?

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He's trying to show off to Sacchan's mom.

I don't blame him.

Her name is Osana Najimi? What the fuck.


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joined the police force for a sense of purpose but all he does it stand around all day while the colors gang lives the life of adventure he thought he'd have

>but all he does it stand around all day
he literally just said he goes on patrol every day, stop downplaying saito's impressive efforts


That's nothing compared to La Hermana Moka.

Why are people fixated about her fixation with shit?

Like Sacchan, they haven't got over the anal stage.

Why are you fixated about the people fixated about her fixation with shit?

Because we are shit.

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Ass to mouth

From what I've read, she's a JK.


moka is promiscuous

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Pan or onigiri?
Or shimaidon?

So what was causing Nono's allergies if the park doesn't have the trees she's allergic to?

She lied about the pollen and she had flu all along? I don't get it

You have been visited by Ugly Yui. Reply "Sacchan a CUTE, Yui a LESS THAN AVERAGE" and your future wife will not be as ugly as Yui and as cute as Sacchan.

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Did she say she didn't see anything because Yui was feeling a little extra daring? In other words nopan.

Was wondering the same. The mind games were way too strong for a brainlet like me.

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How many men have already messed up her insides?


Too many and the number keeps rising.
Let's hope Nono doesn't learn from her sister's example.

I want my future wife to be Kotoha so this isn't a good deal.

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Kotoha should have Oddjobbed Sacchan right there

God, I wish that were me,

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>tfw yellow always has her thighs/ass properly defined
They know what they are doing don't they?

She lied about the panties. Yui had shorts and there's an angle from behind Sachan head and you can't see anything.

And about Nono. She acted as if she was healthy and refused to admit she was sick so when they absolutely forced her to admit she was indeed sick, she said it was just allergies which is a less severe illnesses than flu. So basically she continued acting as if she is somewhat healthy.

Well yeah, that's why they got a bunch of lolicons to animate this show.

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Yui is lucky to have two very cute friends who don't mind her ugliness

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