Oh shit, Sup Forumsnon...

Oh shit, Sup Forumsnon. The edgiest dark lord truck-sama in the world teleported behind you and isekaied your sorry ass into the last anime you watched. Fortunately, dark lord truck-sama gave you one superpower to help out.
The only twist is, you've also been turned into the new, primary villain in that universe and are at odds with the protagonists, how do you fare?

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Manipulate the abilities of others

>Darling in the Franxx

I think I'm going to be quite fine.

>lol Sora Yori
>illusion attack
Pretend to make Shirase's mom, but in reality is nothing

>yuru camp
How the fuck am I going to stop the happy camping times with compassion?

Jokes on you, I already live in welcome to NHK but with no misaki, so it is net gain for me

Fuck me, misread.


Honestly I was fucked no matter what.

>Cross Ange
Welp I'm boned

What an utterly useless power.

You're about to be BEFRIENDED user.

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>slam dunk
>power to create plasma bombs

not sure what would happen honestly

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>Radio Frequency Detection

I'm not smart enough to think of anyway to use this, but I think I could manage without a super power.

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>kimi no na wa
so what do i need to do to be the villian?
keep them from meeting? pretty easy then

>Fate/Kaleid movie
>Enhanced Response
>The ability to make the right response in any situation.

I hope my responses will lead me to the ending where I make world peace while fucking Ilya, Kuro, Miu, Shirou and the maids.
Or at least let me get right response to the Shirous "do you have enough resolve, champion of justice?" line.

>Immaterial Manipulation
I think I got the one bat-shit insane power that would let me win in such a crazy show.
I can manipulate mere ideas, such as the ideas of "plot" and "4th wall". I would strip Popuko and Pipimi of their own 4th wall powers and remove their plot defense, effectively making myself the writer of the skit. For the sake of making a subversive joke about plot hax, I would kill the main characters and end the show with no hope of a second season.

>After the Rain

Dammit. I'm the fucking ntr rapist. and I wont get caught.

>Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

I am dead.

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>combat reduction
>in Death Note
As long as I act like a good boy who dindu nuffin I'm okay I guess and can live a normal life.

As the villain, who's side are you on? Light, L, or some third party?


In Dragon Ball Super
Guess I enslave just about everyone strong easily.

>Blood Blockade Battlefront

Libra seems reasonable. If i can prove I'm not a vampire (which I luckily did not get anything vampirey), then I should be fine.

I got the ability to turn people into mummys. The gif from the wiki looks like someone's fetish.

>Darling in the Franxx

The fuck?

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>African Deity Physiology
>Sailor Moon

I obviously surrender and become friends with the senshi.

Looks like you don't get any new powers, user.

>XXDarling in the FranXX

I could try to prevent 02 and Hiro from meeting, but I'd probably get thwarted by POWER OF LOVE.

You will probably make the klaxosaurs ne disgusted by you so much they stop attacking that plantation.

Truly, the real antagonist was the audience.

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>Ryuuou no oshigoto
Time to punish that fucking faggot MC and steal the lolis from him

>Quasar Creation

I guess I now hold the entire universe hostage

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who the actual fuck would i be against though, would i be with ainz?

>Ef a tale of memories
>Adaptive Possession
This is way too overpowered. This is going to be School days on a whole new level

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Oh, I'm an idiot.

I'd probably have to say I'm on Light's side, just to avoid getting murdered for a while. Maybe being his bodyguard.

Still probably wouldn't be getting out alive by the end of it.

>Darling in the Franxx

What the fuck? Do i need materials and time to create it, or just snap my fingers and its done?

it's fucking useless and I'm fucked


>Nanatsu no Taizai
>no sword skills so instead a pile of weapons just orbits around me like a ring of death that I direct at my enemies
I'm fucked pretty much no matter what but at least I'll look cool for the 2 minutes i survive

I think this is a pretty okay power, considering the world. Just what the fuck defines esoteric metal tho

Can I request best girl to be my partner?

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> Typhokinetic Flight
> gdMen
I take Melody and fly the fuck away, I guess.

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>Molecular Manipulation
Well this is no fun at all.

>Yuru Camp
>Magic resistance
I'll be fine. I sabotage their camping supplies when they're not in the clubroom.
My new power is completely useless because there is no magic; it's basically the same as reality.

I'm a mummy in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure



Masamune-kunĀ“s Revenge

Well, i am the only one with actual superpower... Also did i just became truck-sama?

Fucking sign me in boi

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>User can launch an attack which can directly affect concepts, including time, space, natural order, etc.. The attack doesn't damage the opponent with physical interference, but through conceptual interference, by changing or actualizing the meaning of something. For example, a weapon which could kill an immortal being by forcing the concept of 'mortality' into their existence, or the ability to kill anything that lives by actualizing the concept of 'death' within its existence.

>picture of Gae Bolg

I might have a chance if Jiren or Goku don't insta nuke me

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>shingeki no bahamut


>Honesty embodiment
>Known users: Jesus, god, holy spirit, Applejack from MLP
What nonsense is this

>Darling in the Franxx
I guess I tempt Fatoshi with my powers and order him to rape Ichigo.

>girls and panzer
lel, I can put it on my tank and I'm invincible.

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>Code Geass

This could work

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>Energy Vampirism

Just need to find an android to get to earth breaker levels.

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>Jojo part 4
>Pleasure empowerement
How fucked am i?

>Steins Gate
I guess I turn 2D anime girls into 3D anime girls and conquer all spacetime with my battle harem.

>Target Lock Disruption
>The power to disrupt targeting abilities

I guess I just go life my life completely unnoticed. probably become a gas station attendant or an office worker. Just staying unde the radar, collecting my salary, and playing pc games.

so... kinda like my current life.

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>One Piece

Aww yeah, but does it count as a Devil Fruit? If it doesn't, I'm a Yonko tier foe easily.

I'm the main villain of Restaurant to Another World. How would that work?
Also I have the Life Inducement power. I guess I can start giving life to bunch of random shit a make an army to protect myself.


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>God Eater
>Landing Dash
I get to be sonic in the edgiest isekai possible


Welp, guess I'm gonna be the edgiest motherfucker in World War 1 with magic.
If I read this right, I'm absolutely Op at night. There are no limitations on how many whips I can create.
So don't judge me, if a whole battailon is suddenly gonna choke to death while they are aiming to run for the next trench.

>cloth removal

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Very helpful, not entirely all that helpful in Dragon Ball Super however.
My best bet would be to somehow revive Zamasu and Black so we could execute the Zero Ningen Keikaku together. Maybe have them train me to be stronger while I'm at it, I could try learning the Mafuba as well which could deal with Goku.
I'll ressurect Cell as well and let him go after Gohan after training.

I'm still fucked, at least I can't be erased like Zamasu if it all goes wrong.

Dude, you hold the key to the whole magma-energy problem. Couldn't have had a power that fits better into the universe tbhfamalam

seems fit to tap some rikka ass

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I don't even know who the protagonist is anymore but I'm gonna have some fun.

How am i supposed to be a villain in a show like this?

>Killing bites

So a edgy Kiazru, shame speed does not matter if I dont have the sharpest fangs

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Go around stabbing everyone.

don't play stupid, you know the answer

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>blood cloning

>Overlord II
>Comedy Embodiment
This is the worst super power
>User becomes the embodiment of comedy - the concept and conveyance of humor
>User has no power if no one finds the user humorous.

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Huh, the one anime where Im not sure I would win with this power

>Mahoutsukai no Yome
>The ability to remove a consequence of any course of action.
But then MCs won't bother me if i won't bother them, so it doesn't really matter.

Killing Bites

Well lets so how useful those SHARPEST FANGS really are if you are up against SHARP FIRE FANGS.
Also this is probably the first time I get a non-shit superpower in one of these threads.

How is that even a super power?
In most cases that would be a retardation.

Enjoy your harem.

>iron blooded orphans
>Mech Piloting Intuition
Wow, that's pretty appropriate.
I might even last an episode or two.

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Invisible Speed

If i can magically "make it happen" then yeah. Also, hope Papa have something like 150 milion km cable to plug earth to dyson sphere

>Mitsuboshi Colors
>Blood Propulsion
Oh wow, I get to bleed myself to death in front of these edgelords

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>Yuru Camp

So I guess I will be yuru camping

>Toji no Miko

I heal Yume, inraging everyone, win. There, done.

>Victory Gundam
I am the true Newtype

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Miira no Kakita

So I guess I could make it as a politician in this world.


I win every every single fight against their FranXXs until the POWER of LOVE makes Strelizia stronger than me and we fight until my death

>Fish Magic
>The user can use magic to control fish, transform themselves or others into fish, mimic animal traits and summon/create fish spirits and/or fish. They can communicate with fish, borrow their senses, possess them and otherwise use fish as extensions of themselves.
>in overlord
W-what? I'm so fucking lame

Food merchant empire

The last anime I watched is Overlord.

Is there even a villain? Is Ains the villain? Who's the protagonist? I don't know who would be which role so I have no idea how I'd fare.



Last anime I watched was... I can't remember. Who cares.

>Urusei Yatsura
>Fissure Creation

I'd do just fine, you can do funny things with that, and i'd just be evil Ataru anyway chasing after the girls.



Yeah, this going to end badly for me and everyone involved. But except instead of cyborgs and shit it's gonna with angels and shit.

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>Inertia Manipulation
>One Piece

>darling in the franxx
Cheese Mimicry
>Power to transform into or have a physical body made of cheese. Technique of Cheese Manipulation. Variation of Milk Mimicry.

i am fucked

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All that power just to prevent Yuzu to get Mei? easy.

you can turn into dick cheese

>Slow Start
Now I have an excuse to breathe all over them.

>Darling in the Franxx

Go away, Hiro, the only one deserving Oni goodness here is me.

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Time to ayy lmao the shit out of everyone

>Kekkai Sensen
Well, i hope that Libra isn't too pissed of.

>Fate/Extra Last Encore
>Dragon Creation And also control I guess

Dragons are pretty high tier in Fate so I probably stand a chance provided I use the time I have to build up massive hordes of high tier dragons. I'll be one of those masters able to take out Servants so whatever servant I get myself is just icing on the cake.

Wow you are fucked.

Darling in the Franxx

Emotion manipulation..

I guess I'm fine, I mean they are teenagers, but then they'll whoop my ass with teen spirit after they come to terms with one another.

White whistle coming guys