Tomboys are for...

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ignoring and sending over to /trash/

Giving me tips on my workout routine, I'm not entirely happy with where I'm currently at.


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Punching and kicking follow by rape

I like tomboys because normal females are too scary for me, they are like aliens!!

Anal sex and marriage.

fighting with and hugging

getting rejected and reduced to eye candy in the sequel

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Quick rundown on them:
>your waifu bows to the tomboy
>childhood friend of self-insert MC
>rumoured to possess athletic abilities
>control harems with an iron fist
>confirmed best girl in every show for all seasons
>direct cause of plot-driving envy from more feminine girls
>in the process of pouting as you uncover her girlish tendencies
>own basically all head-pats coming from senpai
>first designer babies will be tombabies
>tomboys are said to each have 200+ doujins
>ancient Chinese cartoons tell of tomboys who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of athleticism and unprecedented tanlines with them
>They own tombot R&D labs around the world
>You want to embarrass a demure tomboy by picking out a cute dress for her right now
>The tomboys are in regular communication with the Sup Forums moderators, who curate the catalog to feature as many threads as possible about tomboys
>They win the MC-bowl in the first episode or volume
>Nation states entrust their frilly lingerie with the tomboys. There’s no lace underwear in department stores, only underneath tomboys’ spats
>The tomboys are up to 25 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human.
>In reality, they are timeless beings that may become christmas cakes who still need your playful teasing, cuddles and massages.
>The tomboys will guide Sup Forums into a new age of wisdom, peace and love

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Would tomboys be good friends? I wouldn't know


I want to see Ryuko trying to act cool and badass while she's sporting 8 months of baby bump and having hormone-induced emotional fits in private.

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being best girl and still losing

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Being ignored in favor of real women.

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I don't think anything can be called "eye candy" with that art.

To de-tomboyfy them.


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My nigga

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Is this Initial D? I don't remember it being this ugly.

sequel named mfghost
Shigeno got old

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Love and marriage.

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Rape, forced impregnation, and eventual stepfordization.

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Marriage. Impregnation. Loving until the end of the world.

Should tomboys be innocent or lewd?

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why not both?
they're cuter when flustered

both. we just need more of them

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Tomboys are insensitive

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The tomboy wants to be more feminine. What to do?

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Closet gay males.


tell her she's too flat, when she hits you kiss her and tell her she's perfect the way she is, then impregnate

>tfw protag marries the tomboy

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Sparring, hugging, playing, loving.

What are your goals my son?

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tomboys with long hair!


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Tomboys are inferior to 3dpd braphogs

> Realizing she's the best girl, but still picking that thot you walked in on while she was undressing.
> 40Hara levels of staring and panty sniffing
> Mankitsu Happening levels of D I C K I N G
> Closet Gays to justify their heterosexuality
> The erection inducing moment when they let their hair down and flip it.
> Did I mention an unhealthy level of D I C K I N G ?

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wow I'm sorry did you want to make my fucking heart implode?

Tomboy beaten by the dick AGAIN

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>Ryuuko wearing Senketsu with a pregnant belly



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brutal, 7 day, workouts

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This isn't the tomboy greentext I know and love!