Reading Vol 6 was a bore until this moment

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>get put into the NW as a level 1 humie player with ONE ability
How fucked are you?

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Baraja-jou is erotic.

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>i'm fucking koishi

Tsuare is made for breeding.

>the thought bubble physically annoys Nabe

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Can I use this to become Ainz for my cuckold fetish?

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Shalltear and Brain undergo character development.

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What kind of faggot brainlet sees "going back home" as a positive?

that's the mos cliche, sissy, unimaginative possible objective.

is this shit mostly made up of the strongest abilities? refreshed 5 times and most of it was either space or time manipulation.

Shalltear is so pale and ugly. How can anyone love a scrawny, withered 14 year old like her?

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>User can give life to absolutely anyone and anything, even to amortal or undetermined beings, objects, the dead, powers, elemental forces, concepts, metaphysical things, etc
I think I will be ok.

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I'm actually a god LARPing as a level 1 humie. I think I'm fine until Nazarick finds me.

>i'm literally Touch Me

Wish this wasn't posted to often. It's super cringey because all it does is get autists to "roll" a few times until they get a power they like, then post "WOW IM LITERALLY THIS CHARACTER :DDDD"

Left or right?

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>wanting used goods

>Does this mean I can drink brain-monade like Tabula?

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Left before healing.

Right because I want to be a super cool hero that a timid reverse trap adventurer falls for and agonizes over whether she should reveal she's a girl and offer herself to me.

>ONE ability
I need not any of those shady abilities since I already master my fingerweapons.


It's morally wrong to be a pedophile and a faggot at the same time, user.

Have fun is not an objective, Konosuba is a pointless SoL story. It's a fun pointless SoL story, but it doesn't go out of it's way to pretend to have a story. Also doesn't make sense to differentiate characters dying permanently from revival when Kazuma only dies and revives for comedic purposes so that should be a hard no.

Meanwhile, the main characters of No Game No Life (at least as far as the anime was concerned) do have a goal: to win the game and become God.

Also I'm not even sure how you can say characters don't die permanently in Re:Zero when that's exactly what happened to Rem unless she somehow gets magically revived in the novels later.

Also, who dies in SAO? It's been a while, but I don't remember any remotely important character dying. At least in Overlord we get a whole book dedicated to the characters who get slaughtered and even then it feels like calling it partial is too much when they're not really important characters.

Ninya is an adult.

I'll spoil her and make sure she feels safe to act like a girly girl once she's mind.

So basically walking mindrape? Neat.

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So let's say Ainz accidentally runs into a revived Clementine.

She'd probably wet herself, but how would Ainz react? Would he try to finish the job, kill her again and dispose of the body this time? Would he try to hire her?

Why are you replying to a stale bait?

He'll restrain her for sure then would entice her to work for him, make her a proposition she can't refuse.

I'm bored and since isekai is such a
homogeneous genre, making an accurate comparison chart might be fun. On that note, does anyone have an isekai cliches bingo? I know there were several of them floating around.


Make one comparing Isekai novels with their chink counterparts

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>job or hug, it's your choice

>making an accurate comparison chart might be fun
It's plain shitposting and trolling, nothing accurate about it.

A comparison with Western novels would be more appreciated.

wew lads

I honestly haven't read any chink novels even though some of them are sitting in my backlog like Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich and Free That Witch or at least I think both of those are chink novels. The main reason a comparison would work is that all isekai novels are so similar so throwing chink stuff in the mix would make it difficult to define criteria. Also while we're at it, I think such a comparison should be limited strictly to series with anime adaptations, just to make it simple and easy.

Whether it's subjective or objective depends on how you define the criteria so for example comparing them based on whether or not they include certain cliches, to what degree and whether they play them straight or make a joke of it. Sure, there's always some subjective interpretation, but overall it seems pretty easy to make that kind of comparison with relative accuracy. It's just work and I'm pathologically lazy, plus I'd wager so are most other people here too.



>go take a look at what Overlord`s world map actually looks like on Google
>its the fucking middle east

It even has Baghdad exactly where E-Rantel is

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So Ainz is Saddam?

He's attacking his enemies that were there before, using his army of fanatics. Nazarick is ISIS.

Call me Dr Manhattan.

perfect for me

That's actually pretty cool user. I would've never noticed that

>Nazarick is ISIS.
This means Ainz will soon piss off a vastly more powerful enemy on another continent and get rekt.

What would happen if Ainz uses this on Albedo?

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Is moonspeaking user here? How does Neia refer to "His Majesty" in the JP version?

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I want to bake this potato

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So using it on Albedo leads to her behaving like her old(true) self?

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I guess im a cannibal now

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Its shit

Basically yes.

>Give birth to tons of powerful kids
>Summon them all at once
Sounds pretty cool to me

Why would a dickless lich want a power to make his succubus subordiate hornier?

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HAHAHAHAHA I just hit the jackpot baby.

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Might as well just send me back. Given enough time I will either rule or destroy the whole new world, or find a way to just teleport back.

Or hell I'll rip open a hole to both worlds and introduce fantasy to earth.

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Im too retarded to even know what any of that means

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>"His Majesty"
Heika (陛下).

Although she actually addresses him by his full title 魔導王陛下 (Madou Ou Heika), i.e. "Your Majesty the Sorcerer King" every time. Which is kind of funny.

It's only a part of it, some players must have landed on russia and are building a bear empire.

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Eh it's fine. Sometimes the simple stuff is the strongest.

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>Albedo is a slut again
>but also hates humans
>Ainz locks her in a room with a bunch of humans but orders her to not harm them, but shes free to do whatever she wants with them
It would be fun to see how long she could resist before giving in to her inner slut, and even more fun to see the regret in her face after she's done with them.

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I'm not fucked at all.

>Start at level 1
>can only make things slightly heavier or lighter
Gonna be a grind

>Can literally make womens panties fall

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Very slowly. But that makes it more funny. Do the same for bras.


Depends on how op Dragon are.

You would have to forbid her from masturbating first if you want results, is there a power that can do that?

He can just order her to not masturbate.

She would explode, or start eating people.

have you not watched bleach?

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The original post says you start at level one. You aint dropping mountains on anyone at level 1.

I just noticed Nabe's cheek getting pushed by the thought bubble. I love that affect with how gritty the art is for overlord.

>can only make things slightly heavier or lighter
is this ability stackable?


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Not incredibly useful alone or as an adventurer, but pretty good for helping out towns in peacetime and a military force during war I guess.

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I'unno, depends on the system. Since that seems busted I would say no. And since this is Overlord, I'd say the weight increases as you gain levels.

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Okay alright heres a (You)

Now stop looking at me like that on every thread

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can you gain level?

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>worst girl keeps getting doujins

Would Albedo still respect Ainz if he was a cuck and wanted her to play the part?

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thank god it's not that chained Lupu image

Seriously though, all he says is As a level 1 with one ability. So lets say the ability is either a job/race or the standard reincarnation ability. Depends on what it is really.

Of course, she will respect him as long as he's Nazarick's leader. They are fucking demons, they shouldn't be picky with fetishes.

Sultan Aynz will restore the ottoman empire. Allah has ordained so!