Sora Yori

Two days until we finally get the resolution to Shirase's arc
What do you think is going to happen? Are we actually getting a momsicle?
Also it's Kimari's birthday today so happy birthday!

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>she sees your flightless bird

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Will they protect her smile?

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EP12: Shirase goes missing like her Mom.
EP13: They find her and watch aurora together like shirase's Mom did.

They'll rebuild it.

>EP12: Shirase goes missing like her Mom.
>This kills the Gin

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Being Shirase is suffering.

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H-happy birthday Kimari

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Gratuitous emotional scenes

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I've forgotten her real name.


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This anime is going to drop from an 8/10 to a 3/10 when hey get back from Antarctica I can already tell

The writing so far is too competent to have a shit ending. At most it'll have a middling ending.

Accept it, the only way they will find Takako alive is if she was living all this time with aliens.

They won't find her alive, I agree.

>tfw they find out she's been in an argentinian antarctic base but has amnesia
How would you react?

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How many episodes is this anime? 13?


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she actually became the leader of a pack of pingus

I've been told it's called a waddle.

Man, I kinda wish it'd be longer. I like the show.

god these girls are great

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They're alright.

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And definitely not legal.

If you don't think this has the best OP of the season then you're wrong.

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The girls are all tight.

Holly fuck. I just tried ColdGirls fansub. What a crap. Another commie-tier garbage aka 'take acceptable official subs and make them 1000% worse'.
Is it just a variation of Coalguys? They've been exactly as bad as this crap.

Yyzyzy has taken her manager's fists too many times for that.

The girls are so so

Oh God, I don't think I'll be able to handle this

The clues were there all along

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You're a little slow.

Nice, you can almost see them loud nip girls there.

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Is it just me or does Yuzukuri's nose look like a beak?


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It does though

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cute ears


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I want to pull on them.

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>tfw the yoris will never be real

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Why even live?

Is she legal now then?
Is she the oldest of the 4?

So in the last episode they said that Shirase was Gin and Tokiko's child. Was she adopted or something without Gin's approval? Is that why Tokiko had to leave Shirase with Gin all those times?

>EP13: They find her and watch aurora together like shirase's Mom did.
Not happening unless they stay another several months.
All daylight now.

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Hinata is older, Shirase I don't think we know her birthday
Kimari just turned 16

the IRL Jap expedition took pictures of the aurora this year in February
the girls are staying the same time as the real thing
so they very well may see one before they head off, which makes it all the more likely to happen in the last episode as a last big Antarctica seishun moment

We do

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>Kimari just turned 16
Also, Kimari would be 17

So which other character is most likely to become an antarctic researcher alongside Shirase? At first I was thinking Kimari but after the most recent episode I could see Hinata doing that as well.

Definitely Kimari. They'll be Gin x Tokiko 2.0

I'm trying to look for it, but I think it was mentioned in one of their monologues that they're 16-17 years old. Dunno which episode.

I thought Shriase and Kimari were second years which would place them around 16 and I think Hinata is around the same age. Yuzu is a year younger.

Sex with Hina-chan!

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Kimari and Hinata talk about it in the 2nd episode, they are 16.

Delete this post immediately.

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A post credit timeskip showing Shirase and Kimari in Antarctica with them still keeping touch with Hinata and Yuzu would be the perfect ending.

With their little girl.

Not until 18 March 2019.

Pre-timeskip, how do people expect the anime to end?

No. She says in the anime that she already is sixteen. So that would make her 17 now.

Kimari: researcher
Shirase: astronaut
Hinata: housewife
Yuzuki: famous actress

Her birthday is before April 1st. She's still 16 now.

wrong thread but I concur

We're pretty much guaranteed to get resolution for Shirase dealing with her mother's death, it's the whole reason why she wanted to go in the first place.


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anyone has actual pics of Rundvågshetta? couldnt find it

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Search ルンドボークスヘッタ.
Japanese researchers are the most frequent visitors there as they can get there by a helicopter ride from Showa.

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This is from Mari's monologue from ep 8, maybe 2nd/3rd week of Nov.
So who's 17 and 16 among them as of now?

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Will it be comfy camping here?

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They depart Fremantle sometime in early December so Shirase and Hinata are 17, Mari is 16. Depends on the date Yuzuki should be a couple of days away from her 16th birthday or just turned 16.

I know this can be confusing but that's Japanses school system for you.

thanks user
do they allow tourists?

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Dunno about tourist, but there's a lot of researchers.

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Don't jinx it user

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the real uniforms are far less /fa/

It's debatable when we have the Jackson Camp OP this season, but the ED tho is where it's at.

I want to ASMR on them

>They find her mom who's in pristine condition, until she isn't.

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I'm more into the insert songs desu

So Shirase has fought back tears a few times and is going to cry up a storm soon
Yuzki has cried at least twice
Hinata has cried once
Kimari cried for Yuzuki once

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They will stumble upon the Nazi base


I get the feeling Kimari's big crying moment will be when they have to leave, her whole thing in this show was wanting to do something fun and interesting, I don't know how exactly she'll handle the thought of going back to boring old school after going to fucking Antarctica.

That's actually something I haven't considered because Im too focused on Shirase right now. I don't think she'll have a hard time going back but I do think she'll have some kind of happy cry moment when they all go home. In fact I can very much see it being the last image of the series. Just them in the airport hugging and crying together.