Would you smash?

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only 02 and only if she wants

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flat face

I honestly would. All she needs is a paper bag.

Why does this granny have such a nice bod?

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Shhhh. Granny is sleeping.

>another franxx thread
Learn to use catalog, you fucking redditor.



Are you the board police or something

Do you even need to ask, there's only one choice.

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>daiski Goro

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I wanna put a parasite in her belly

What's this guys endgame? He seems to know about the conspiracy in the background.

Is he a genuine papa homo club member or is he secretly planning to rebel?

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He's a clone in the long line of Hiro's.
He's just another step towards the original Hiro's idea for rebellion.

Miku and Zorome are such a fun couple.

They fight and bitch about each other but at the end of the day they really support and care for each other and have each others backs. They might fuck up but they get over it and move on from the past. It's what a real relationship is like, full of ups and downs.
Compare that to the adult couple, they leave each other alone so as not to disturb one another and everything is in perfect harmony. The woman mentions it has been so long since she spoke to anyone and her husband lives in his VR world. It's just fake and dead.

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Yes, Miku and Zorome represent the old-world relationships.

He probably wants humans to live outside again.

That's actually an interesting and plausable theory user.

Their "fighting" is just flirting, kinda like how kids tease each other

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They both enjoy messing and teasing with each other. They're a very cute couple.

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Who else got a raging boner from those fangs, I refuse to believe i was the only one.

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I want her to scrape and lick my dick.

Miku is actually the cutest girl, and her teasing and flirting just makes me lover her more.

I love this pair!

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>hundreds of years old
>complete starved of physical human contact
Imagine how fun it would be to gently caress her aged yet supple body and watch her reactions. She'd probably be able to come with only the lightest foreplay.

She'd better not show them to Hiro, he's going to be too distracted to pilot effectively.

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When will they kiss already?

If her rewards system is not fucked up that is.

Soon, I hope.

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Nana's sex ED episode when!?

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I want to clean those beautiful fangs with my toothbrush, then floss between them.

I want her to bite my neck with her fangs.

I want to run my tongue along them so badly

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I want to stick my dick in there and fuck her mouth in this position.

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Without the clothes she's wearing her body would react to gravity like kneaded dough. Not to mention there's no way she can self lubricate. You're disgusting.

I guess 02's next objective is to see whether Hiro is still willing to stick with her if she goes full oni, but since it seems obvious that Hiro isn't going to be put off by that, something more is going to be put on the line to make his choice not as obvious, like the P13 squad dying.

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I can't wait for 002 to kill all the adults.

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Goddamn what is that from? The Mitsuru ride? It looks outstanding.

Yeah. It was a fucking great episode.

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So the old guys were clones of them right? Grandma was probably her girl, same blue eyes.


>02 sinking her fangs into your neck to transmit oni blood to you and make you part oni as well

I'm rooting for you guys!

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They will never give us an ending where both couples are alive and happy, won't they?

We Punch Line now.

Men in love cannot die!

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I would cum inside her artificial heart so it would run through her arteries and veins

I don't even want an ending
Imagine if 02 realizes Ichigo's falling for Goro and decides to help
Ichigo thinks she's just trying to eliminate competition, so it leads to some drama and sadness. Have that go for maybe an episode or two and then finally give us the Ichigo and 02 blowoff where they end up best friends.

I need 02 and Ichigo as tomodachi. I fucking need it.


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Bcuz she's zorome and kokoros mother

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What exactly did this episode teach us?

What's wrong with her spine ?

that Nana is secretly best girl

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>nana becoming a mama

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So this is basically The Island and the kids are just replacement organs (or /ss/ material) for the originals, right?

APE are evil
02 hates them and has good reasons for it
Zorome loves Miku and Miku is cute
Children are slaves and can never become adults
Adults have horrible lives anyway
02 regressing into a monster

This as well

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I like this idea. Add Hiro being in on the plan and it's gold.

>Children fight Monsters for the adults until their organs are ready to be harvasted. Most children know this but they are so brainwashed that they accept it
>This is why they can't become adults
>mfw now after rewatching the "He doesn't know" scene

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>mfw they might steal kokoro's children

They're comic relief but I like them.

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the idea that Nana teaches the kids about sex is just so goddamn hot.

I mean, none of them have any idea what sex is, right? 02 knows about kissu but I doubt she knows anything about actual sex

I don't think they'd take organs from "infected" people.

Basically outside is radiated and people who interact with outside world without a rad suit is discriminated as dangerous people.

Does Nana even know about sex? Mental puberty was a badthink that should be reported after all.

what if the blue oni isn't hiro but Zero Two's sister Zero One?

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We are right about 02 being in the Nines.
Inside people are scared of interacting directly with outside people because lol germs and radiation.

What do the children end up like if they have to go to wherever Naomi is headed?

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Miku and Zorome are so cute

That I have a fetish for cleaning and being bitten by cute girls' massive fangs.

That there is actual people living in the city and not just holograms.

I unironically expect them introduce more onis in some way or another on the second cour.

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They have the most solid relationship right now.

She wouldn't survive smashing, you have be gentle.

kek i remember that theory


The guy in the machine represents us.

>clone theory literally confirmed
Just a couple more eps till it's revealed that Hiro is a clone of one of 002's previous pilots.
Anti-clone fags on suicide watch.


Is this why 02 hates the city?

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Yeah, the clone is a safe bet.
They would probably be heavily processed clones which have lots of extra functions for piloting with the offside being shortened lifespans which is why they never become adults.


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>show turns into a harem anime with clones of Zero Two

Yes please.

They are told they are infected by the adults. There is a bait and switch being played here. The adults are infected with a disease that is curable but needs regular organ replacement. The kids are then told that they are getting sick and are taken to the "hospital" where they get harvested. They fight Dinosaurs for the adults in the meantime. There's nothing physically wrong with the children and they can lead normal lifespans. Adults are very evil.

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she would get winded to easy

I love how every episode there is a single frame which spawns hundreds of (shit)posts. We had 'emotionless 02 in security gate', 'smiling naruto 02', 'the spider', 'milkman', ... and now we are blessed with a whole week of lewd nana posting.

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Wouldn't you?

I mean. Look at the Adults. They're a bunch of sickly old creatures who only care about getting their doses. It's one thing to want that life, or to accept others to live that way; but would you want to fight and risk your life for them? For something so disgusting, that doesn't even love or care for you at all?

he is the only adult to show interest in sex, so I assume he's a good guy

So who else gets Brave New World vibes?

I got bladerunner vibes.

I'm pretty sure he's gonna play a role similar to purplenips in klk

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hiro has to show zorome how to



>who are you to decide who's human?

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What's going to put Hiro's baseline off?

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At first I was getting GUNNM vibes, expecting them to be robots with a microchip for a brain.
But then I got HG Wells vibes. The adults remind me of the Eloi. Of course I just read the novel recently, so that might be it.