The Yuri on Ice movie

The Yuri on Ice movie

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Kubo-chan got upset because people keep asking her about when season 2 is gonna be released. She says they're still working hard on the movie. I lost all hope for some info in Anime Japan next week ;_;

Kubo-chan sounded stressed in those tweets.


She really does. Entitled fans with no respect for boundaries are the worst. I don't blame Sayo for wanting to avoid all this shit.

I bet it's the spanish fujos with their !no entiendo! bs and the fact that some idiots somehow din't realize we're getting a movie, not a 2nd season

I still encounter people who don't know a movie is coming out and believe the clickbaity articles that pop up.

Let's make these threads a weekly event please, until the info or pv is out. It's better than getting depressed or annoying Kubo on tw.

>Before I will get busy at work, I'd like to go on a trip. Original drawing for "Banana Fish" and "Hakubo", and also the YOI movie. When shall I take more than three consecutive holidays?

So wait, there is no season 2, but a planned movie instead?
Stupid clickbait articles with misinformation.

I read a conversation between two people commenting on this tweet, they said it could be possible that the movie will be out in 2019 at this point

Clickbait articles strike again.

Wait are you serious? C'mon, at least know to verify your information sources, user.

We know that he started working on YOI after he finished Hakubo. So he'll need to be done with it before he starts Banana Fish, no?

Also, I think most YOI fags woudn't mind waiting for 2019 for the movie. We just need some proper information. Anything will do. Not this radio silence that's been going on for almost a year already....

A little correction: he started working at YOI movie after Sayonara no asa ni yakusoku no hana wo kazarou, not Hakubo. So there are still 3 projects ongoing. Hakubo is not by MAPPA though, isn't it? In general we can only assume what we grasp from his vague tweets, and he's the only one who indirectly updates the fans about the progression of the production. I would be very careful to make predictions.
Let's hope next week something happens at Anime Japan.


He did all three of those?

He's a busy guy.

He turned 55 the other day, I hope he's doing fine

Will Funimation give this a theatrical release like the E7 movies? YoI was one of their most popular simuldubs at the time it was airing. The BDs are looking to sell out as well.

for you

I'm quite certain of it user. Murricans are safe and sound.

>Mexico is airing YOI in movie theaters.
>Chile is airing Yoi on tv and is more popular than their new president coming into office.

When did Latin America become such a weeby place?

>Chile is airing Yoi on tv
Dubbed in or subbed? I wanna kek at the Spanish accent

I believe it's subbed.

with the crunchyroll subtitles

What would season 2 even be about? Yuri isn't going to get any better than he is now and his main rivals are much younger than he is.

It'll be a timeskip to when Yuri and Victor are married and grooming Yuri's protege.

>Yuri's protege.
Do they adopt an orphan?

yurio will enter puberty and this will make things difficult for him

Even if that happens, JJ is still better than him and only placed lower because he choked on his short program.

I hope so. And he wants to train with Yurio because he's cooler than his dads.

Being younger doesn't always equal being better, you gotta get used to compete in senior division, it may take time.
The point of the anime was to make Yuuri acknowledge his strength, if he really couldn't get better, Victor wouldn't even waste his time to coach him. There's still room for improvement. However unoriginal, I want my MC to win gold. If it doesn't happen in the movie, it has to be in s2.

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In the early 90's Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon were really huge hits.

>The point of the anime was to make Yuuri acknowledge his strength
But that's exactly what I'm saying, Yuuri didn't really get better under Victor; he was always that good to begin with and just needed to get over himself.

>Being younger doesn't always equal being better
No, it just means that they have much more time to improve their game. Compare that to Yuuri, who's basically at his peak

Yes but once you finally acknowledge that, you can move on and start to improve, that's what I believe Yuuri can do the next seasons with Victor back on the ice.
>gets silver medal the season follwing the one where he finished last and got fat and depressed because of it
>loses by 0,12 points to 15 years old Plisetsky
>at his peak
Nah, there's more to come