Dragon Ball Super

I know most of you guys hate jiren but I kind of see where he's coming from. People are shaped by their life experiences and jiren unlike goku didn't have dragonballs to fix everything. I can see why he prioritizes power over everything. Not saying he was right to attack the bench or anything but he feels more relateable than goku does.

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San Luis Potosi: youtube.com/watch?v=LhxA09ixhzk
Cuernavaca: youtube.com/watch?v=BMf6urEGh_E
Ciudad Juarez: (Estimated to be around 10k-30k people) youtube.com/watch?v=VOfqSPs0JR0
Morelia (According to the news anchor around 2k people) youtube.com/watch?v=fugr6B7_6oo
Cancun youtube.com/watch?v=rkvBRK1ioSg
Nuevo Laredo youtube.com/watch?v=lt2SZX99u1c
Morelia youtube.com/watch?v=phbGt_7Qvj8
Queretaro, Mexico youtube.com/watch?v=AnwHX_EfRfo
Nueva Leon, Mexico youtube.com/watch?v=n6_BfvPz3Wc
Nogales, Sonora? youtube.com/watch?v=EOp5hPdlxZM
Jalisco, Mexico youtube.com/watch?v=9w7xZnNGRtQ
I think this one it's from Oaxaca, Mexico youtube.com/watch?v=MJdkJUAm_8w
Arica, Chile youtube.com/watch?v=t4dc4sYWNrQ
Tocopilla , Chile youtube.com/watch?v=t4dc4sYWNrQ
Puerto Montt, Chile youtube.com/watch?v=4CJhdQKDApU
San Antonio, Chile youtube.com/watch?v=k5Bb7ifIybs
La Serena , Chile youtube.com/watch?v=-ot3TYFNCqo
Linares, Chile: youtube.com/watch?v=Yu9jvc_SrSs
Chile: youtube.com/watch?v=iaDdj2mruyA
Macul, Santiago de Chile youtube.com/watch?v=VUEcFBIOh7Q
Goayaquil, Ecuador youtube.com/watch?v=2SKjJQt6sQs
Tena, Ecuador youtube.com/watch?v=JLHorQY8aDU
Machala, Ecuador twitter.com/MrOppaiSenpai/status/975213139708010496
Ecuador? youtube.com/watch?v=11WMQ3yzTAE
Tacna, Perú youtube.com/watch?v=DyOHR0ioFd4
San Juan de Miraflores , Perú youtube.com/watch?v=RTHswaWfB-I
Santiago del Estero, Argentina. youtube.com/watch?v=XA_lcvYkLFY
Argentina (unkown location) youtube.com/watch?v=020xnXjXb8s

>caring about geran

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tv ratings out yet?


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I get the life lesson they are trying to teach kids but come on Goku is a life lesson on what NOT to be as well. He's a thrill seeker who doesn't care about the risk he puts others in not to mention he's uneducated and a mediocre husband / father.

yep, 3.5

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I feel bad for Mexico because of how shitty Super is

ratings are out on Wednesday

>yfw the gang returns home to find Cell has taken over the Earth

For example. Future Trunks has PTSD and a much more serious/get shit done attitude than goku does and the reason is because trunks has lost everyone he cared about with no way to get them back while goku has seen all his friends and family die multiple times but has divine intervention/dbs to fix it for him

Imagine not being part of the cutegang

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>life lesson


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Gotta admire the passion.

But the government thinks it's good



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Racist ass nips

Somebody please explain what all the hype is? I haven't watched this shit since they had God meet God. Is this ayelamo OP as fuck? Why are Spics going insane over this?

feels good

>ywn be a carefree saiyan tomb with qt autist gf

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Can we take a moment to shit on Gohan?

Who was the REAL jobber GOKU or Jiren?

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The director of super said he wanted kids to learn from goku vs jiren.

Imagine being the only Mexican not in touch with Dragon Ball and see all your fellow countrymen treating a match between a white hair monkey and ayy lmao like a national soccer match.

Gohan wears teddy bear panties. Lol.

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>new dbz arc focuses on gohan as MC

>boring highschool/saiyaman arc
>babidi appears
>recoome 2.0 appears and abuses Videl
>couldn't even go SSJ2 for crush but will for some nature-loving machine
>so weak kamehameha couldn't destroy majin egg but rather boosts energy
>so weak even needs a cheat code to be relevant again
>gets GOD mode in le short time
>gets cocky with it
>literally same mistake that killed his daddy
>cockiness lead to bro + master getting absorbed (REMEMBER DADDY AND TORANKSU?)
>jobs so fucking hard
>daddy appears (again) for help
>couldn't catch a potara
>gets absorbed
>causes the WHOLE planet earth destruction
>daddy legit had to come back to life to save Earth because can't protect the planet for shit

And people like this guy?

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can Tien redeem himself after Frost no-sold his Kikoho? Did this community lose all respect for him?

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so is DBS over now? are these the last threads i have to scroll past?

Goku probably would have ended up a lot more brutal if the Dragon Balls weren't a thing that make him rightly believe that death is largely inconsequential
Imagine if Roshi and Krillin had stayed dead after the Piccolo arc

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tien has been an insect for decades

what respect? hes been a non factor since Piccolo Senior

Thats what I'm saying. Goku can afford to be all carefree and happy cause he never has to deal with any consequences

>shitty writers
>making shitty episodes
>"jiren vs goku is a life lesson, kids" they say as they change Jiren's personality every episode

th-thanks toei...


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Sorry Gohan is a gay jobber.
Accept it.

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one more week till shes back

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i wish buu was part of the tournament

You fool, maybe the DBS threads will be over, but prepare yourself for the Latin American & European cancer with the new anime of Captain Tsubasa.

whatever your spic brain tells you

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Keep kelfa out of your edits please

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Literal fanfiction handles characters better than DBS

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>jobs even in fan-fiction
You can't make this up.

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gohan stop being a fantasizing faggot and start jobbing

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I just think it's stupid that for this whole arc (series actually), Goku has been a selfish prick who only cares about fighting and dind't give a shit about what consequences his battle lust might have on those around him, and it was all about fighting for one self for the sake of fighting. Jiren on the other hand was portrayed as a noble and just person that cared about his universe and the people that live in it.
But now suddenly Goku is all MUH NAKAMA POWER I HAVE SOMETHING THAT I HAVE TO PROTECT and Jiren is a selfish asshole who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.
Not to mention, it's kind of weird to bring up Nakama Power, since every universe in this arc also had nakama power, yet they were erased from existence anyway.

Jiren had a hard life

nah, shes a slut in the chadhan house dungeon

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Latin America was a mistake

user it won't happen, be realistic

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This is now a CHADFORCE thread

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you ningens need to be purged!! punished but the force of my body!!!

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Chodeforce thread?

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>"Well ? Why won't you finish me ?"
>A guy like you probably already realizes what I'm talking about.
Can somebody explain this exchange to me ? What did Goku mean ? What was he talking about ?

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>having an image of GODhan's glorious ass
I always knew that you secretly loved him

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Chadhan in the house baby

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I can't wait.

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>gets raped by pink goo

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based toyo getting rid of the insects nice and quick

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Why did you post a weakling jobber?

idc what the other anons say, this is the kind of shit I come to Sup Forums for, thanks for the read user

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Cant stop the Chadhan train, haters can keep getting mad

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Post your best jobhan pics.

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How can other anime compete? Fucking hell

They clearly don't think it's shitty and they're getting a shitload of enjoyment out of it.

punish me mommy!

>This level of samefag autism.

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I can't wait to see her smile again

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Chadhan is a chick magnet

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post yfw this happens

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Me too.

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what an absolute beast of a man

probably because the collective IQ of that shithole is in the double digits

Do you get off by roleplaying like that?

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Be there in a second brothers, just taking out some trash

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I only come to these threads to get as much Cuteifla as I can. She's like cocaine to me, I can't get enough of her.

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Or they're just not miserable cunts and can actually get enjoyment out of things unlike most of the sad saps on this board and this godforsaken cesspool of a website

>raped by pink goo

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anybody else thought goku was going to give jiren a small amount of energy so he couldnt recover. Goku would then put out his hand to help jiren up and welcome him as a friend

found the spic

The CHADFORCE sticks together through thick and thin. We are loyal to Godhan no matter what. No other fanbase even comes close to our dedication.

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Please respond

What is with gohan and jobbing to furries?

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At the end when Goku's aura went all weird and his eyes went blank I almost hoped the consequence of that form was that he goes mad

Found the miserable, bitter prick whose only source of fulfillment is to complain about people enjoying things.

>not being able to spell

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nice job outing yourself as a stupid mexican pig

>he doesn't know

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I hope Jiren just doesn't disappear after DBS like Pikkon.

Chadhan is in charge

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>y-you're not m-miserable like me s-so you're a Mexican!
You have to be 18 to post here, kiddo.

The most hyped fight is Goku vs Jiren. Mexicans are very big fans of DBZ in general and want to watch the last 2 episodes


Are these the most comfy threads?

so you're not mexican then?