You're in charge of rewriting this character

You're in charge of rewriting this character

What do you change?

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Nothing, it's fine the way it was. Why can't you get over a show that's 20 years old?

He listens to music but the viewer never knows what kind of music.
He also plays an instrument.
Maybe explore that a bit in a meaningful way. I know that in NGE him listening to music serves as a "he shuts himself off and won't listen" thingy and him liking music isn't a majoy character trait but it would add to his personality. A scene where he connects with someone in a meaningful way through music would have been nice.
And now I remember episode 9 and feel like a moron cause that's exactly what he and Asuka did. Guess even I the legendary anime pro Anonymous can't beat the master Anno.

The music was a form of escapism.

Make him a cute girl.

Nothing. Only brainlet 12 year olds don't understand why Shinji is the way he is.
>Le get in the robot whiny faggot Shinji XD

Give him a huge cock

I'd make him like the "if Michael Bay directed evangalion " version.

Make him a trap. Not a huge change and people will lap it up like the spineless, supine faggots they are.

Shinji is now Sonic the Hedgehog

When isn't music a form of escapism?

He rapes Rei on episode 3

He rapes asuka whn they are stuck toigether in eva 02 after defeating the fish angel

he rapes misato when she passes out from alcohol

He rapes Ritsuko when they are alone in her office

He rapes Hikari when she goes visit touji after he loses an arm and leg

He rapes Maya when she is helping ritsuko take out that computer virus angel

He rapes Mari when she kisses him

He rapes everyone after 3rd impact and becomes a god.


Other than that he would stay the same.


*Make him a cute lesbian girl.

Oh wait i forgot,

He gets rape tenderly in the butt by Kaworu
The Buddhism part always stuck with me.

Make him realize his dad is by far the #1 dad of the century.

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There is already Nadia

This. And boy do i see a lot of people like this.

Whole show is unwatchable because he is such a pussy. Make him more reliable like a real MC. Also he needs more badass scenes and should be able to fight even without his mech, so when he goes into his mech everyone knows shits going down. And give him appropiating music too, rap or heavy medal. And make the girls notise him, they should cling to him.

Is this the level of bait we'd see if Sup Forums was around in 1995?


no irony is a recent invention

Have Gendo man up and try to act like a father.

>not rewriting bad characters

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Seems like the dictionary wasn't invented yet because that's sarcasm, not irony.

Shinji is one of the very few characters in anime that I couldn't improve. He's pretty much perfect for telling the story that Anno wanted to tell with Eva.

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Watch clannad.

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Make him a girl and turn Eva into a yuri anime.