Danberu nan kiro moteru?

Howdy folks, a quick and unfinished thread today since I gotta go work and our raw provider buddy has been absent a bit (so the scan quality is from the urasunday site + zero 4koma omake), so there's no translation for now I'll work on it later...or take our better TL-friend's translation, instead!!!

But here ya go! New Chapter 43, Hibiki's brother continued!

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Chapter 43 - Leg Press Machine

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Yeah, I understand there's eng inconsistency for releases, but you can always rely on at least the Japanese raws every two weeks, even in this basic state.

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DAMN, machojou. Those are some perky, perky, perky tank-top lifters!


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Looks like someone's coming in to do a dojo (gym) challenge

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Chapter 43 - END

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So yeah, until our usual raw provider comes around, no Omake page and this is urasunday's lower quality jpgs, but hey! Danberu raw thread!

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>Leg Press
I would mating press with Akemi!

Another cringe Aniki chapter

I mean

forgot about this, ch43 is up now in mega folder.

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I found Jason

You're a wonderful man

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>new PR's
>322 Wilks
>tasty bulkan food
Thank you ダンベルたち, for these gains

YES! Hello, girls. I've missed you. Wasn't there supposed to be a thread on Thursday?

Half of Sup Forums was broken on Thursday. Servers were down.

Hehehe, me too.


The weirdo challengers, in order of appearance:

Super Saiyan hairdo:
Omori Ageru, Bronze Power Gym

Under eye piercings:
Nikuga Sukitarou, White Muscle Gym

Massive baldy:
Baruku Mukio, Gold Force Gym

Don't worry, the page specifically advices against this.

Kek, me too

If Tachibana-sensei keeps recting like that she's goong to have a stroke

The Goddess is missing 34 and 37, is this a numbering shift or are they out there somewhere?

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You mean chapters 34/37? As I understand it, they came out as usual.

Thanks OP


a bump

The scanlators keep all their works on their servers.

Whenever a manga repository-site doesn't have what you're looking for, you should always try looking at the scanlator's site.

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They're so cute, when they're chomping down on big, swollen, pink things. :3

>Bronze Power Gym
>White Muscle Gym
>Gold Force Gym
Practically a Ginyuu Force Gym!
Hard to tell the puns to english.
>Omori Ageru
The pronunciation is something like "hikikomori" or "take(care) of" and "to give"...but the Kanji reads more like "Frequent Praising Fist"

>Nikuga Sukitarou
That reads a lot easier as "Meat I Love (you)" and his spiritual demeanor mixed with asura.

>Baruku Mukio
And "Bulk Mukio" kanji reads as the "Phantom Inorganic Man" so given his mysterious appearance and the fact weights are made of metal...

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Pretty cute when double fisting that into her mouth with those big eyes, sparkling, looking up at me.