Why does the OP for season 2 have to be so terrible? Instead of getting me into all of it...

Why does the OP for season 2 have to be so terrible? Instead of getting me into all of it, and creating a feeling of anticipation like the first one did, it's just straight up bad. Wich causes the complete opposite reaction. I want to enjoy it. But getting through the first couple minutes is almost painful.

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They are both perfect Yui songs though.

Insanely full of energy and near gibberish.

Fuck you every k-on op is perfect

Objectively wrong

First or second? I'd understand if it was the first, but if it's the second you're objectively wrong OP

Was referring to the first

>not liking Utauyo Miracle
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But the first OP has the Yui run.

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Both K-on ops are shit. A couple of the endings are decent but that's it.

You do listen to your K-On OPs and EDs on vinyl, right?

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why didn't they have Mio sing the OP? her singing voice is good, unlike Yui

because she sings the ED

I hated it at first but it grew on me

All of the openings are cute you faggot

Something being cute doesnt necessarily mean it's good

Name one cute thing that isn't good!

you're wrong faggot.

Nakano Azusa

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Not terrible, just not as good as the first.
Season 1 OP>Season 2 part 1 OP>Season 2 part 2 OP

As for EDs
Season 2 part 2 ED>Season 1 ED>Season 2 Part 1 ED

This is pretty cool user.

>Season 1 OP>Season 2 part 2 OP>Season 2 part 1 OP

Edit, meant this.

You're both objectively wrong

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Fuck you OP

Cagayake! Girls >>>>> The rest.

you act like the OP is the only problem with the music. It's not, its probably the least interesting part of K-On. All of the music in K-On is generic JPop stuff. Not even the fun JPop but the adhd high pitched cancer you'd expect from a show like Umaru chan. It's probably realistic in what girls that age in Japan would like but not interesting in the slightest for viewers.

I'll agree that OP1 from S2 was kinda weird at first, but it became extremely addicting afterwards. Shit was like a drug.

This post only makes me want to watch Umaru Chan.

Having taste this shit should be illegal.

Liking K-On. I know it's terrible, im sorry


Go watch imas or love live if you want music

Both OP's are good.