Next gal gohan chapter WHEN???

next gal gohan chapter WHEN???

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ch24 korean scans appeared on saturday, ch23 on wednesday, ch21 on thursday


pure gyarus are great

don't we already have the koreans for chapter 25?
just find someone who can translate it to be honest

isn't there usually a korean dmp?

Ch 25 should've dropped yesterday if my math is right.

someone dumped the chapter with the new headmistress / teacher girl in korean in the same thread as the chapter 24 TL dump

found it

WHERE my TL at???


who are you, how do you know so much about my printed waifu?

I am you.

>someone dumped the chapter
>with the new headmistress / teacher girl
>in korean
oh well it'll do
>in the same thread as the chapter 24 TL dump
Good thing nobody started a new thread. Somebody might have stumbled over the new chapter. (Or found it later via search function.)

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coffee or bread?

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Bread all the way to marriage.

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I don't even like coffee as something to drink, but you best believe I'm taking the coffee.

Bread comes with meat.


Anime when?