Prisma Illya

3rei BDs are subbed. Instead of fixing Shirou's fight, they spent all their time removing fog.

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>Dick Girls

>22.4 GiB
I'm gonna wait for reencode

Sounds like time well spent.

>they spent all their time removing fog
My fucking dick

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Does she have the smallest areola in the world or something?

Rin tore them off.

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Literally pantsu-on-head retarded. This has been out since last year on other sites.

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>spent all their time removing fog
They know their audience

herkz, pls.

>Sup Forums mods finally closed down your "general" thread promoting your shitty illegal piracy site there
>pantsu users are so retarded that they spam Sup Forums when a "new" torrent is added, even if it's been subbed for almost a year

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Not him but you have to stop lying to yourself. Pantsu is blatantly inferior in every single way, I'd use it if I could.

fuck off cartelwhore

>uncensored censored shit with Sliver Link's shitty art
why do people like this trash?

It's not anywhere close to ideal, but it's the best we are going to get.

>Instead of fixing Shirou's fight, they spent all their time removing fog.
For some reason I get the feeling you're trying to actually say that's bad.


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Silver Link has incredibly sexy lolis

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Silver Link is fucking incompetent and can't produce even decent loli content is the case.

Can't they just write Shirou out of nasuverse? Why do they bother having him?

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>2tb drives are less than 50
Look at this poorfag. Look at him and laugh.

Oh fuck. Loli Keijo would be the best thing ever.


Not at all. It would obviously be best if it all looked good, but if they had to choose, then I'm glad they followed their hearts and focused on drawing sexy little girls.

My download speed is also less than 50

50k/s? You on a dialup modem?

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Good to see they have right priorities.

Holy fucking shit.


Loli Keijo!

I feel like I've just reached enlightment or something.
It seems so obvious and yet it never occured to me before to put those two together.
This is a ground breaking discovery.

Is the movie any good? Only watched the first season of this

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Miyu would destroy Kuro and Illya at Keijo.

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It's a nice side story but it's quite a different tone to the rest of the show. Not much point if you dropped after first season though.

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Of course. Though she would be placed several weight classes above them and they would never be able to have a serious match.

Why does micro bikinis go so well with lolis?

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it's the ultimate tease: just one little mistake and the loli is full nude

That's just micro bikinis in general though, but it's just not nearly as lewd on girls with big tits as it is on flat little girls.

Perhaps it's just that it suits them really well, tiny bikini for a tiny body.

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Miyu's butt is ___

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I was about to say I have this in BD already...

They removed the fog that covered nothing in the first place. That's how lazy the industry is. And the problem is that they're getting away with it because people buy this shit.

How many time until the first uncensored cunny?

Wasn't it subbed long ago? The link below is from a year ago.

Prisma would be worse than it already is without Miyu Shirou, he and his arc are literally the best part of Prsima.

best ship coming through, mongrels.

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I finally watched it today and quite enjoyed it. However, you probably won't get much out of it if you haven't read F/SN already and aren't up to date on Prisma Illya.

Only cup that would make a little bit of sense with Gil would be Kuro, Illya is for Miyu.

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people actually use pantsu? lol

Is this qt the same qt being posted in this thread?

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Besides the absurdly inflated filesize, what's different with the non-ova episodes over the 35i release?

35i release is 720p. Some people like their lolis in 1080p.

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Yes that's Illya, if you like cute little girls you should watch her show.

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>3rei aired almost two years ago already
Wait what the fuck.

Yeah time sure flies, and we don't knot how long it will be until we get a continuation of the anime.

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>remove fog
>still no nipples
What's even the point

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I feel like we won't be getting it this year considering is airing in Summer and nearly all of the staff are the ones who handled Prisma.

Damn that's really flat

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They don't have enough material to make another season yet anyway. Also everything after the Shirou flashback has been action so far and SL seems to struggle with that.

Ill hang myself is this garbage gets a second season

What do I need to watch to enjoy prisma illya anyway.

I've only watched f/z and i barely remember the plot of the f/sn anime. Never even touched tsukihime since it doesn't exist.

is this subbed too?

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Prisma is his own thing really. As long as you remember how HGW work you're fine.

Reminder that Illya is ten years old

They already redeemed themselves with Shirou in the movie.

Oh yeah there's no way it will be this summer, they would have announced it already if that was the case and there's not nearly enough manga material out yet.

I do hope they release another OVA with the next manga volume though, that would be the perfect solution to not break prisma summer streak.

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Oh shit. Picked up.
In the mean time, maybe they can just throw us a bone with some Kuro/Miyu DLC for the Prisma alarm app.

Did you forget the snowball fight, several baths and wearing tons of cute outfits? You are right though that they don't have enough material yet, at the moment they probably got enough for 3-4 episodes.

They already said that they want to make more Prisma after the movie's success but I don't think they have enough material for another season. They'll probably wait another year.

That's only because they got smothered with fights in 3rei because it became 12 episodes and they had to cram almost everything in it to reach the flashback. They'll probably go back to the ten episode format again and there are a lot of SoL scenes after the Shirou arc that act as a great budget buffer for the fights.

Good to know they have their straight.


Pretty sure those girls are gay.

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Is this like penitence for making literal five years of lolishit? They're going to make shotashit for one season to appease the anime gods?

Meant to say "priorities straight".

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That must have been some painful hatesex.

Didn't they kill this thing?

>Instead of fixing Shirou's fight, they spent all their time removing fog.

god bless

Nah, Illya saved her through the power of magical girl docking.

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Thanks, I think it's safe for my heart to pick the manga back up now.

This, why fucking bother

I want to suckle her drills.

While I wouldn't mind seeing loli nipples animated it's hardly the only good thing about their bodies so having the fog removed is still great.

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I want a Rin x Luvia mana kissu.

I do feel for you guys who want Rin x Luvia. I guess the closest you got for now is SHG's doujins where the most recent one was Luvia x Miyu.

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Aww man I would put my penis in those drills. Then twirl the end so it would tighten around my hot throbbing cock until I cum all over her hair. The smell of her Suave almond shampoo mixing with my fishy unwashed cock smell will create an illusion that were on a tropical island of love.

Would it kill them to show the goddamn nipples?

But we have seen them.

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i almost feel like im seeing what i want to see, and not that is actually there

What the fuck is that arm

It's tanaka's arm.

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The cups just invited you to a sleepover, will you join them?

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