Why can't Japs into strong female main characters?

Why can't Japs into strong female main characters?

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Watch more anime

>can't answer
>"watch more anime"


A strong character is not infallible but one with flaws, internal conflicts, agency, etc. By your logic Rey from the new star wars trilogy is a strong female character.

So asuka?

I always though asuka was strong not because of fighting but because despite having a shitty past she always strived to self improve and become the best.

Was Asuka mc though?

Why can't Japs into strong male main characters? The beta MC problem needs solved

why can't japs into mc in general? the shity self inser mc problem needs solved

best stronk female character

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Define what is a strong female character first

>strong female characters
Explain how they aren't examples. They're capable and intelligent, if flawed
Mary stu =/ strong

I don't understand your point. You've seen one anime and don't like it?

OP probably means an infallible, western-style whore

You are truly a man of taste, my good sir

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Hakunon was a strong woman who could stand on her own

>Nazi Horo Horo with Za Warudo
>best anything

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>strong characters aren't allowed to fuck up or make bad emotion-fueled decisions
also, pic

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You should tell that to female fans.
They only want romance.

Example, Kill LA kill have more males fans than females

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>strong female main character
Look no further

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>not stronk
>not even MC

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>not mc

Based Mereoleona

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>muh strong womeme characters
fuck that shit, I went through netflix and like 80% of the shows there had "le strong female lead character" in the description and they all SUCK

if you want that go watch western shit, stay the fuck out of anime

you could argue for it, i suppose

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Ange is the only good one.

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Fucking /thread.

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Ive very rarely seen a weak female main character

Ghibli women. Nausica, Lady Eboshi, San, Sophie Hatter etc.

What if you just took a male character in a dumb action anime and made him a girl? With the same old punching really hard, cuts all over, ends up shirtless at the end, stuff like that.

Mugi not MC. Yui is.

shit. Mugi ain't even most popular girl. Mio is.

Then Panty from P&SwG.

>sex positive

What a role model.

what are you on about, m8

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>Mugi not MC. Yui is.
I'd argue that all of ktt are main characters but fair, also this thread is stupid strong female leads don't automatically make things good

>Character revolves around wanting some dude's dick

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oh, right my bad.

Rico is emotionally strong

MC from pricess principal, utena?

Hope you are not putting misaka for consideration because she has become the helpless princeess way to many times

Alita from gunnm

Because all you read/watch are manga/anime aimed at young boys that don't want their female characters to be anything other than eye candy.

I'll admit that it's pretty disapointing how little emphasis the Japanese put on diversity. Anime has potential to be alot better

Pic Related

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>strong female character
>edgy little edgelord who's shittiest rank without stolen arm and cap tier team worker
Maybe Mira or Teresa, but they aren't MC.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind more foreign stuff. JoJo was shocking because it has a foreign protagonist, and modern Japan as a setting can get boring.

>it's pretty disapointing how little emphasis the Japanese put on diversity
That's because there isn't too much diversity in Japan to begin with, Why would they make anime for people out of their main market? And when they have done that it have never turned out well.

Is this a rec thread?

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Literally happy go lucky shit who gets her ass saved by level 0 when she herself is lvl 5. Bitch gets wrecked all the time and needs like 999999 nakamas or toeman to bail her out every time.

>Madoka has to save her ass
>gets corrupted and fucks everything up in the movie


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Diversity is a western invention. Literally no one outside of western Europe, the US and Canada gives a shit about it.

Wrong redhead.

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Maybe not the MC but the protagonist. Even with her backstory shit she still dominates.

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this. strength is eventually going ahead with it despite your flaws.
if you never encounter any real obstacle, there was no challenge for you to overcome

>using bait picture from when KLK ws airing

Ryuuko and Satsuki are both stong female characters, as well as many of the supporting cast of KLK. I mean shit all of the stronger characters were females.

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It's not impossible

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Why are readhead so best?

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What's cool about Araki is that it comes out of genuine interest. No one forced him. He just has a passion for integrating other cultures into his story and travels often.

>hey our society tends to feed our children to mutant cats if they are just a tiny bit different from the norm
>let's have some babies!
yeah no

Araki is just a westaboo.

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Except that by that point she is incharge of said society.

Because they don't exist.


>Because they do exist.

She was a horrible dumb bitch and she got what she deserved for it

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pretty sure at the end she just says she hopes for the best.

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She might not be the strongest but she faced alot things in her life and she has a dragon to save her from any danger

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Natsuo from teppu

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Don't disagree.

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Satsuki maybe. Ryuuko is an edgy little shit.

Its a universal problem in fiction. English media is no better than Japanese media.

The underlying problem is that women are not strong, so any attempt to write strong women is rejected by the subconscious.

Saki and Satoru are shown taking care of the cats at the end. If someone wants to use the cats they would have to get their permission first.

>fail king
>TOLD by everyone in zero
>needs jap school boy to save and dick her

>needs jap school boy to save and dick her

That's because emphasizing diversity is pointless. Crafting a story and it calling for certain characters is great. Look at for example. An Indian, a Japanese, a British-American, and a Half Japanese, quarter Italian, quarter British-American MC, who is also joined by a Frenchman and a dog travelling through Asia, India, and the Middle east. But none of it felt forced. There weren't any 'diversity boxes to check off'. It flowed naturally and produced a diverse cast that didn't detract from the story. Diversity for the sake of diversity defeats the purpose of it entirely. There's no editor to ask him to drop a black character or a hispanic character because the author felt the story didn't need it. Also what said. There's very little diversity in Japan besides regional dialects/people to where there's no market to grab and it would be pointless. It's like Uganda having a diverse cast of 1 asian, 1 hispanic, 1 african, 1 white, 1 indian, 1 middle eastern, etc etc. It's pointless.

We need more WMMA manga real bad

What's your definition of 'strong'? Cause I can think of male MCs that do the same shit Ryuuko did and are perceived as a strong lead. Simon from Gurren Lagann is one example. He was depressed and couldn't move forward while others did for a few episodes, then he snapped out of it and came out stronger. Being infallible and never making mistakes isn't 'strong', it's Mary Sue garbage.

>female characters who fall in love with men are weak

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yeah but think about that, when they're the ones in power they can't just go and change the rules, espcially now that their child is underway because the other people at the top would accuse them of being entirely self-serving.

Ange from PriPri was strong until the last 2 episodes where they decided to just do a complete character assassination of her and "MUH PRINCESS" isn't a good excuse.

>The underlying problem is that women are not strong

Shoehorning a strong female character can be very tough to sell in the shonen demographic. I wouldn't say girls are not tough and never exists in her life. I think we are going to see more strong female character in shonen and rest of the anime in coming years.

>Sole motivation becomes this one dudes dick

She was basically Sakura

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Sakura was horribly written not because she was willing to defend Sasuke's shit because she was in love with him, but why she was in love with him to begin with. There was absolutely 0 development between them before Sasuke left beyond a 'cool guy omg I want to date him!!!'. She was essentially the same as Ino, who actually moved on to someone who she interacted with more than 3 times. Sakura being in this undying love to Sasuke was just plain retarded.

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they had bad times, so what ? They are still strong female characters, not to mention Sastsuki was imprisoned by another strong female character

>the other people at the top
Which people? Saki and her group were chosen to became the leaders' sucesors, Saki in partiualar. Remember most people grew up being essentially brainwashed all the time except for Saki and her friends. Everyone else wouldn't have as much control as she and Satoru after the old leaders die and most of them did because of Messiah.

What i said exactly

There is no such a thing when even the strongest female submits to cock after but a single thrust.

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Babby weight.
I don't think you quite understand. I can bench 110kg for 5 and deadlift 220kg for 5. I have passed a point where my mind and body don't even register weights less than 20kg. In my world objects less than 20kg don't exist.
I am getting stronger and stronger every time I hit the gym. I am starting to fear my own strength.

>Which people?
Well I don't think they're going back to some kind of tyranny or monarchy so there will probably be other institutions that will have a say, especially after the rats and messiah have kinda proven that the inhuman laws and regulations were necessary. If the authorities would've had their way none of this would've happened.

Dont worry reifan i think rei is good too and think fighting over whether red or blue is better is really stupid.

she also had an interesting character arch how in the end she rebelled against the man that used her.

usually it's before the the first thrust even
i pretend that chapter 1 is the only chapter

A woman is more tough than strong. She can endure alot more than a man even though she might be phisically weaker.

as such a female character that endures is a better trait to have.

it is when that is all they do. tthey dont become real characters, just mere accessories to that male character .

>OP: Gintoki is MC, not Kagura.