This Hajime woman knocks on your door, you open and she asks you if you will let her live with you

This Hajime woman knocks on your door, you open and she asks you if you will let her live with you.
What do?

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Sodomize her in the butt.

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Tell her she better serve up that unlimited pussy buffet, because rent ain't free.

Ok but you must snuggle daily

Ok but only if we marry.

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ask my parents


hell yeah motherfucker.

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sure she can sleep in my bed, but we have to share

only if she carries my child in her womb all the time

She looks clumsy and a total mess but sometimes she appears to be really capable. She drives, knows internets and she's surprisingly resourceful.
Can you mangafags tell me what kind of girl we are actually dealing with?

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Let her stay but she is forbidden to sit on anything but my face.

The best.

Feed her eggs.

Well, Coconuts does point out that her former university is supposedly a rather prestigious one. I'm thinking she's a brilliant but lazy type.

B-but what she would do when she needs to go to the WC?

She's just like you desribed her. We don't know her past

There are no exceptions to the rule.

>manga ending in 3 chapters.

Well dammit.

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W-would you eat and drink her secretions?

A fake, 2D one.
so yes, the Best kind

if she needs a place to sleep so bad, she can sleep in my bed

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I want to fug her.

This bitch needs cock so bad!

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If she pays for her own food then sure because I have no current income.

I picked it up just for her

>coconuts is a mommy poster

Why not?

It's weird.

I'll give it to her.

this smile

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why not

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no, Saya was imagining that

> Hajime: "I'll do anything"
> "Anything?"
> Hajime: begins to unbutton shirt... "Yes."
> "Will you pay me in trident layers?"

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I want to be in a relationship with Hajime where i blatantly cheat on her!

mommy milkies oh god

I only have one bed though.

Yes because I am lonely and it's be nice to have a cute girl to cuddle, eat and do things with.

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...if she pays half the bills sure.

Barring that, I'm gonna need full on at-home-wife service.

I'd tell her, ”はじめまして”

Marry her

How long would you last from a three way feetjob from these bitches?

Welp, looks like you're on the couch, loser.

but, this is MY house

Women are like cats, you eventually own one without actually adopting it. Soon, you no longer have a bed.

That was pretty good, user

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Get her some tea and get to know her.

Hajime does not bathe regularly so she has foul body odor. No stinky women are allowed in my house.

the only stink she'll have is the stink of my semen

Sodomize her in the face.

What proof do you have that she doesn't bathe regularly?

i slept with her

Your hand doesn't count, user.

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She literally says so in the manga.

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What in the sam hell is a hajime woman? nonetheless, I'll let her in. I'm lonesome and she sure looks cute, though.
Rent ain't free, bitch.

Close the door because it's the middle of the night and I don't speak Japanese.

If I had the money, yeah.
It's quite the faggy reason, but it would be nice to have someone to chat with.
She'd have to do housekeeping stuff though. This isn't a charity.

just like me

i want to live with a woman, i will break in her in her deep sleep and molest her and cum on her belly, i do cleanup properly

does she have a job?

>Hajime will never be your mommywife and give you snuggles every night


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JD dropout basket case.

What's weird about it?

I can think of several jobs for her.

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Would Kokonatsu have ended up banging her if Hotaru never came back?

blowjob best job

do any of them earn money? or is she just a freeloader?

Remove Hotaru. Hajime is the one true waifu.

My wife, Hajime-san, is so cool!

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Oh she'll be loaded.

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so she can afford rent then?

That OL outfit/pencil skirt makes me diamonds.

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You're weird. I bet you hate incest too.

No, he's loyal.

immediately flaccid

Mumble about the guest room as I hand her a bowl of eggs.

Hell no
she's fucking ugly

nani the fuck

>cohabiting before marriage

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wouldn't want to catch whatever she has

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I'm willing to put up with any sort of polite guest for up to a week on the sole basis of hospitality. Maybe two if she's nice.

After that she has to earn her keep one way or the other.

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People aren't cars.

I bet you'd like sex before marriage too.

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I believe that she lied on her cv and she is older than 20.


Kotoyama girl design is so fucking 100/10. Every Dagashi girl hits this niche notes that make me hard.

I want to now what my daddy will do next.

Doesn't anyone get it that she is the representative of marriage for Hotaru's family? You stick it in her bum and candy princess disappears forever.

this stupid manga has no plots or anything intelligence, it is full of ads and somehow you peoples fall into it or worse, pay for it. Shame on you

t. didn't read it

It's finishing soon, the brother opening up a store across the street and an abandoned OL. I wouldn't doubt the mother sent Hajime. Just waiting for those coconuts to smash our boys face between em.

How awkward would it be if you have children with her and both you and your kids are gonna call her "mommy"?

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Literally me

Let her live with me but have her pay rent through sexual services.

I wish we get more stupid college girls doing stupid things.