This is your Christmas cake for the night. Be sure to show her a fun time on your date tonight...

This is your Christmas cake for the night. Be sure to show her a fun time on your date tonight. It's been [retracted] years since she was on a date last.

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She was a top-tier cake desu

>This is your "x" for the night
What's the point of these threads

I'm sure her teaching in pani poni dash warped her character too far

To tell you what is your "x" for the night.

becky was fun as fuck

Is the novel finished or on hiatus?

Post a thirstier mature. Oh that’s right, there isn’t one

Is the novel finished yet? did best boy Kei win?

He is busy with loli shogi

Never seen this one, how badly does this cake want a man? Just a mild desire, or carries a partially filled out marriage license?

She walks around with her legs spread open to capture a man at anytime

She collared a farm boy with land in the doujinshi.

Remember that episode where she gets married to that super hot and successful guy?

Do you remember AKB40?

I think she just made that up

she's way past her expiry date now.

>loli shogi
Manga or novel?

Chiwa Saito is the best.

This is Ringo's fate.....


That thread has a lot of lolicons....

It's what happened to Becky-sensei.

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What? She is only 19

best part was realising who true this was, even the same voice actress

Why couldn't Becky find a man? She has nice juggers and is eager to hop on the dick

2D logic it's so you can think about fucking her

becki's is the power that will pierce the heavens

She's a bit mentally unstable and her true personality is actually fairly rotten, she hides it under her goofy genki antics. Anyone who gets sufficiently close to her emotionally will realize that eventually.

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Maybe she's infertile or somehow a virgin?

I think she's still good, but not for long.

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She is 40, her best buy date passed quite some time ago

The only plan of action.

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I love cake

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I think she meant expiration date

see 0:40 sec

Without the moe magic of 2D, that's what she looks like.

2d really is a magical place. I hope to go there some day

So do we all, user, so do we all.

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but she wasn't always like that.

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What!? By how Sup Forumsnons expressed about her when the show was airing I thought she was like 35 or something. She's super young for a teacher.

it's criminal how few her vanilla doujins are
most makes it really hard to self insert

Desperate lewd cakes are the best

I hope you all realize that Becky is fucking 40+ years old. That's not even Christmas, that's way into mid January already.

>this show was the first example of me not liking the cake
>as well as not rooting for the childhood friend

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OP should have spent more time studying than jerking off to his sensei.

40 is the new 25, you should know that user

>nobody posted it

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>that fucking antique camera
Subtle extra layer

>Liking a flat emotionless idol over good country breedin'
You're better than this, user.

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I can't believe the guy who wrote this is the same dude who wrote shogi lolis.

Damnit Oonuma, give my my second season instead of spending time on Fate lolis.

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Nah, idol was genuine trash. I lost faith with Minori when they tried to rope him into that that wedding shit. Milk truck best girl

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I suspect that the length of time exceeds my age so no.

The very worst thing about anime is that they expect us to believe these women are basically untouchable simply because they're over the age of 25.

28 year old woman =/= 40+ year old woman

Someone post Becky's REAL face.

There are plenty of real life 40+ women who i would smash, though. It's still pretty hard to believe.

I don't know why they make her look like this when she's way younger than a bunch of us

You clearly have never had to interact with a single woman who's biological clock is ticking

and how many would you marry and spend the rest of your life with?
How many would you have sex with if they had a shitty personality barely hidden behind a fake smile.

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The 13th volume came out in 2016, since the 14th may be the last I guess the author is taking it slow.

She was said to be mid 30's in the anime.

not that guy but I've gone on many dates as a 30 yr old male with women around the same age and most were completely normal human beings. I am now at 31 dating a 25yr old but if things workled out with the women around my age I wouldn't have an issue dating them either.

>ever not rooting for the purest form of love

She was kind of a fatty

Closer to 40, seeing as they keep calling her アラフォー

Not untouchable user, undesirable. Men around that age usually prefer younger women.

Translations ever?