Pre-2000s anime thread

What are you watching?
do you keep up with Laughing Salesman or Attack No. 1? or are you into Futari Gurashifuck [Orphan] release Hibari-kun already

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I downloaded that whole newly-subbed batch of 80s Laughing Salesman around Christmastime and forgot to watch it. Thanks for reminding me, user!

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Is this any good? Should I just skip to Onizuka?

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I read it after watching the OVA. I really liked it, I haven't read the GTO mango yet though.

I gave up on Attack No. 1. Too much super serious heavy drama, and it's not even very good at it. And the cruddy animation makes the matches look shit.

Could someone rip Miss Machiko 46-75 off CR?

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d...does Rabu Hina count as pre-2000s?

Watching modern Laughing Salesman rn. Are the older adaptations any better?

Already tried Ace wo Nerae?

Not yet, but it's on my list. I wanted to try the things that are currently getting subbed.

Some people were talking about this in one of these thread's last week
I'm disappointed in myself for waiting so long
It was badass and fun

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Would you a Moguro, Sup Forums?

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Pic related and Brain Powerd

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Well, Ace wo Nerea 2 is currently getting subbed. So get to it!
Anyone already check out Hidamari no Ki? Also frishly subbed! Osamu Tezuka adaptation by Gisaburô Sugii!

I'm at chapter 60 and it's been kinda soso. It's not really gripping me, though I do joy that we finally have some sort of a gang.

Any good horror/creppy animes? lately I'm been reading some of Hideshi Hino manga and I'm loving it.

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Don't lewd the salesman!

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First season of Kagewani and some of the episodes of Yamishibai are pretty good.

But not scary. They have monsters, scary situations and a dope theme.
Kinda enjoyed it.

Thx anons, I will give them a view.

It's kinda strange, there is a lot of variety in horror manga and horror japanese movies but in anime It's kinda weird that there isn't a lot of variety.

Kagewani Season 1 had some pretty eerie and suspenseful episodes, the one about the underwater marriage proposal was particularly suspenseful to me at least. Season 2 kinda dropped the ball though, following a story about some uninteresting monster was a lot less fun than monster of the week stories

Also, Yamishibai has a lot of shit episodes, but also some absolute home runs. The Next Floor, Tormentor, and Wall Woman are among my favorites.

Yeah, it was creepy at times. I somehow enjoy the second season more, probably due to the HYPE AS FUCK THEME.
Idunno, maybe it's just me.

Dennou Coil was somewhat spooky at times and a total masterpiece at all times.


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>Rabu Hina
was it made after or before the year 2000, user?

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>those Lalabel subs
Man... that's rough.
I feel like I can't complain too much, because literally no one else would ever do it, but still...

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Let's all love Lain

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Lain a cute


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Okay. That's enough anime for now.

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Just finished watching Bubblegum Crisis for the first time.

the soundtrack is amazing, i dont normally like jap music, but sweet christ is Konya Wa Hurricane amazing.

Priss is super cute and i wish i could get merch with her on it

And what is this? Google is no help and Kumiko Takashi worked on a lot of stuff.
Ah shit, it's Birdy, right!?

I think I need a tissue after that scene.

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Production art of Kiki by Miyazaki.

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Also Howl's Moving Castle (looks like Anne of Green Gables).

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I just finished Ideon. I'm mostly just surprised at how little I care. I was really into it around the middle of the series, but watching the whole cast get slaughtered in Be Invoked did nothing to me. I guess it's because what I most enjoyed about the show was the mystery of the Ideon. The characters had very little development as individuals.

Watched Dirty Pair: Project Eden yesterday. It was a pretty fun movie. 80s as fuck.

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A horror masterpiece

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Great taste user. You're a little late, but still great taste nonetheless.

Does anyone have non-crabstick subs for Mister Ajikko?

Also wondering when Discotek will upload the rest of Osomatsu-kun. They put episode 1 up two months ago and nothing else.

Did Jerid call Sup Forums a girl's website?

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Love these threads but sometimes it attracts the biggest retards.

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pof pof pof pof pof pof pof

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Reading Hotman, really good, i love the late 90's vibe in Japan
Yes, shame about that part without translations

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Just started HxH 99, good shit.

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better than 2011. Daily reminder.

It's kind of slow and not all of the filler is good, but the first episode makes it better than 2011 alone.

Post your salesmen.

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I watched pic related and Burn Up! (1991)
Probably gonna watch Dominion Tank Police next.

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Why does this have such low ratings on MAL?

>do you keep up with Laughing Salesman
Apparently not, because 16 episodes were subbed while I wasn't looking. Fuck yeah.

>some of the episodes of Yamishibai are pretty good.
If you stop at season 2, perhaps. Next Floor was probably the undisputed best episode though. Tormentor was fucking hilarious and was the kind of thing I watch "horror" anime for in the first place

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I like 80s stuff user, like Bubblegum Crisis.

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Just started Megazone 23 and it's fucking awesome.
>Crashing through a room in a giant robot so you don't get cucked
What's some other similar stuff? I have downloaded
>Black Magic M-66
>Dominion Tank Police
>New Dominion Tank Police
>Tank Police Team
>All the Bubblegum Crisis stuff, including Parasite Dolls and AD Police Files
I know they aren't really all similar, but they have a vague similar vibe imo

can I get a source on this, whatanime doesn't go old enough

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Pretty sure it's Priss from Bubblegum Crisis

Casuals couldn't keep up with it and hated the ugly style. Fujiko Fujio A isn't as liked as F by westerners.

Nene from Bubblegum Crisis on the last episode of the OVA.

Check Patlabor,The Irresponsible Captain Tylor Dirty Pair and Iria: Zeiram The Animation.

>The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

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the first anime i've ever seen.

till this day i don t know how my uncle had a vhs of this in brazil.

based tylor

>My dumb ass somehow confused Captain Harlock with Captain Taylor

Stop posting this diaper fetish edit and kill yourself.

because Moguro is mean for no reason and it triggers them or something

a lot of people thought going into it the series was about punishing bad people exclusively

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Metal Skin Panic Madox 01

And if you want some stuff that is less cyberpunkish but still similar try Gallforce: The Eternal Story, Dirty Pair: The Affair on Nolandia and Gunbuster.

Need to get to that aswell. It looks gorgeous.

Not that user but I just finished Metal Skin Panic Madox 01 and it was pretty great!
Go ahead,I hope you enjoy it!

I will not tolerate someone implying that Future Boy Conan was bad.

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>Shinzou Ningen Casshan
>Not for adults
Fucking Sup Forums.

Mirin' that lung capacity.

The former was made for children like most older anime, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have messages or good enough content for an adult to enjoy watching it. That, and it can be pretty violent at times.

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Really? I watched it last year and I was pretty freaked out by the world, it's incredible it was made for kids.

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Panorama of Hell is GOAT.

To answer your question, horror anime is shit unless you just want some gory OVA.

Bubblegum Crisis got me into Japanese 80s music

Are there any anime like Mushishi and YKK and Aria made before 2000, other than Anne?

Japan has different standards on what children should and should not see, but it was also made in a different time. I doubt they'd do anything like that nowadays.

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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

You can't find the sauce because that's an edited version some diaper fag made.

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Currently watching Fist of the Norrh Star.

how much of a scrub I am?


Why don't you just watch something that isn't boring and pretentious instead?

Who doesn't like Hokuto no Ken? Kenshiro is honestly a good role model, I've never heard anyone hate it besides someone not liking shounen in general

>someone not liking shounen in general
You can just say "fags."

To be quite honest I've never gotten into shounen and the term is synonymous is battle anime. What are some good shows to get into the genre?

Is bonkai77 a good release? I know it's degrained, but has anybody got comparisons to another?

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Shounen is any manga targeted at boys. This includes things as disparate as Mazinger Z, To Love-ru, Yotsuba To!, Dragonball, and Ashita no Joe.
If you're referring to what people typically call "battle shounen," then the best place to start is probably just reading Dragonball or watching the anime. Don't bother with anything after Z.

I finished Yamato S1 which you guys said is garbage, 'just watch the remake' etc and it was great

2 episodes in S2 is still mostly good but not as good
Laughing Salesman is great shit

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That user literally said Ashita no Joe and Rose of Versailles were for kids. Hell, Lupin III was literally the first anime in which it's target audience were adults.

>I finished Yamato S1 which you guys said is garbage, 'just watch the remake' etc and it was great
That's the biggest pleb filter of all time. The original Yamato is a million times better than the soulless remake. Noburo Ishiguro is a fantastic director.

0079 and the rest of the early Tomino Gundams are technically kodomo anime given the magazine where the manga adaptations were in. But Tomino didn't really view them that way. He said at one point he always wanted to attract young women, which would've sounded like bullshit if not for 0079 having obvious fanservice of male charactes.

The actual good defense to that retard would be that kids' shows can be really great. Ashita no Joe is shonen and it's fantastic and there are some great shows based on kids' books like Anne and Dezaki's Treasure Island

>butbut muh literature

If you want to experience the book, read the book. I'm watching them cuz they're good cartoons.
Joe is shonen but it was watched by everyone as far as I know. I doubt it was little kids who attended the real-world funeral for Rikishi.

Rose of Verasilles is shoujo.

Come on guys, you can do better than "no they are NOT for kids >:C"; there are a fuckton of great kids' shows.

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Best anime ever no joke

Same man, movie was actually pretty nice but being completely built upon the meh tv series; it just didnt have the impact it should of had.

Make this nigga watch Belladonna of Sadness

>Joe is shonen but it was watched by everyone as far as I know.
It was actually a symbol for student protest movements in the 70s.

For example along with Yamato S1 I recently finally finished GaoGaiGar (10 years ago I was a retard and skipped episodes) and it was great. It's "LITERALLY A BABY TOY COMMERCIAL WOW SO PATHETIC" and yet it's great. Wonderful Takahiro Kimura character designs, great mechs, great animation (even if there's a lot of stock footage there's also great episode-specific stuff), some really neat surreal imagery, interesting world, technology and coherent well thought out themes.

I'm watching Betterman now, will probably check out Goldran and J-Decker later since those look cool (I watched like 2 episodes of Goldran years ago, I barely remember shit but I recall it being good).
I'm not sure if it's really Ishiguro as much as Leiji co-directing because now that I'm watching S2 it feels like it lost some of the magic S1 had mainly in terms of stylish presentation but also the events of the story. I guess some people prefer S2's less episodic tone but I loved the adventurous 'man, what cool shit will happen next?' feeling of S1.

I had it recommended to me years ago but I think the remake just made people see it as "obsolete". Same shit will happen to Gundam 0079 after the Origin anime sadly.

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>worst film in the trilogy
>horrible script
>barely animated
Such an overrated film.