Akame ga Kill

What happened to this manga? A few years ago it was being hyped into oblivion, now no one talks about it.

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There's a sequel series called Hinowa ga Crush

Because the ending was bad

Not that the rest was good to begin with.

only thing good about it is the porn

I don't know OP, it's been over for like 2 years already, though the extra chapter got a lot of reception from Sup Forums again.

Final arc in the manga felt like a big filler, due to introducing a bunch of new antagonists that were still bellow Esdeath just to delay the final confrontation, and the ending also wasn't very good.

The entire thing felt like a rough draft but if it had a little more effort placed into it it could've turned out better than it had. Scheele's death is really the only one that was handled brilliantly, the rest were either rushed or I didn't care for.

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Anime ending was meh.

The manga ending was great someone post the dragon cum tub

>ended already

>A few years ago it was being hyped into oblivion, now no one talks about it.

Because the anime was a trainwreck of the most generic type, watching to see who would die next only to laugh at seasonal waifu anons was top bantz. The ending was stupid and made no sense, there were times when the MC could have done the most logical and reasonable things, but just didn't for no reason, and was never explained why he chose what he did.

>I'm going to go blow up this city to defeat the bad guys
>Oh no I am kill!

Also most of what he was fighting for was stupid since the empire, while not the greatest, unironically had the most stable method of protecting people once aligned with them.

It had a good start. Looked like it was gonna be the next edgy shounen to fill the AOT shaped holes in the normies.

But reverse plot armor is not excuse for good story telling.

it became popular

It was still kinda sad though how Akame was alone on the boat.

She should have found herself a nice husbando, settled down, and had lots of cute babies.

Shame none of that is good either.
Then again I'm a depraved fuck who likes pregnancy and weight gain in my doujins.

>unironically had the most stable method of protecting people once aligned with them.
I fail to see how raping widows and their pre 10s kids on the grave of one of their most loyal members is stable.

I didn't say they were good but compared to literally every other faction out there that we were told about, the capital seemed a lot more stable than anything else at the time.

This happened.

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>Rushed Ending
>Killed most of characters just to be edgy
>Shitty Unorganized Rebellion

Also, this.

It would have pissed off the waifufags if she actually found somebody, no one gives a shit about coma girl.

Death become a joke and there was too much reliance on shock value. Shock value only works when its singular, otherwise the audience becomes inured. Also, the high kill rate made it impossible to become attached to any character.

why do girls love showing their armpits so much?

Because best man Green loves it.

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I do too.

they killed the best girl

>Kill major characters every couple of chapters just for shock value
>Be surprised when people stop caring and only tune in to either troll post or gladiator spectate

anime happened

user , she has an entire sequel in which she also want to fix Tatsumi dragon dick

Esdese was pretty hot, shame there are no good translated doujins of her.

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Why would anyone talk about a manga that ended 2 years ago?

Justice best girl by the way.

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well if you insist.

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>step 1
every goddamn time

Tatsumi failed hard as an assassin by not assassinating Esdese during sex.

Best option to take out the biggest obstacle right there and he blew it by acting like a harem MC.

he also had a chance to kill the PM as well.

i hope he survives, i mean if author favoritism worked for Mine it should work for him too.

It will.

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>There's a continuation

How did I not know this?

Isn't she bisexual (based on my limited knowledge of Zero)? Also is Green still alive because he's basically Tatsumi. As is Hinowa.

I guess she just really likes Tatsumis.

He'll die of poison. That's why Akame stripped Tatsumi to check for wounds that one time.

I hope someone will draw an alternate story with tatsumi banging esdeath, overthrown the emperor and restore true justice.

i don't see anything stable or sane about the capital.

green will probably die by the end of Zero

That was someone else. And Elite 7 are all literally immune to ALL poison.

I want Esdeath to tease me super hard.

it already ended like 4 years ago user. It's time to move on. It wasn't even that good either.

The quality of the manga dropped real hard from the Wild hunt arc to the end of the manga, I was actually reading it just because Najenda, Lubbock, Leone, Akame and Wave.

It's the capital, so there's no random famine, monsters or bandits. Just the usual government corruption.

In a random country side village you get less government corruption on average but you might starve to death or your village might get attacked by something.

most of the stuff with the random famine, monsters and bandits were being CAUSED by the capital as it was the central city of the empire, (that why it is called the capital) hell some of those monsters were created by imperial scientists.

I think most people here lost interest when Budou became jobber of the year.