When does it get good?

When does it get good?

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The robots are cool though

The original gundam? Never. You only watch OG Gundam so you can watch other gundam series and not feel ashamed.

>get good

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079 is the best part

0080, Zeta and CCA are meme tier, Double Zeta isn't anime and every other OVA is a trainwreck

The last two episodes are fucking great.

Because Double Zeta is the real thing

>tfw the original Gundam is my favourite Gundam


Seriously though 00 is where it gets good.

OG Gundam is just too episodic for modern audience. Zeta was a major jump to serialized format.

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>Because Double Zeta is the real thing

Fuck you, you know that?

>Captain Planet with Gundams

The trilogy movies are better.

0079 Gundam is quite good toward the end.

0079 was actually only Gundam I started watching and marathoned 12 episodes immediately.

When amuro pulls her mother to death when she gets her lower half crushed under rubble.

Read the Origin instead.

I told you to watch the goddamn compilation movies because 0079 it's an old anime hard to get into without thicc nostalgia goggles.

When you reach Gundam Wing.

The fuck you smoking, the final stretch is the reason it's not good

I think there's only two really good parts, the three episodes in the desert, where Amuro learns that the situation he's in is bigger than himself, and after the Gundam gets new magnetic coating and Amuro becomes a death blender till the end.
Otherwise the only good entries are War in the Pocket, Turn A Gundam, and Build Fighters.