What were some of the scariest anime moments for you?

What were some of the scariest anime moments for you?

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Wizard Barristers, last episode.

Are there ANY scary / horror / tense animes?
Junji Ito's Slideshow Collection doesn't count.

>Junji Ito

Shiki. Kara no Kyoukai.

But an anime doesn't need to be horror/scary to have a tense, thrilling scene.

Yeah nigga I figured it's be like Shingeki no Kyojin where it would be the same shit but with music and color to make for some really spoopy shit but all I got was a slideshow with an edgy opening

There was that one Shinsekai Yori episode.

You mean coolest, right?

The end of Psycho pass

Koizumi-san it's airing right now.

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it was rather disgusting but scary

The Big O was such a great show

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Dorothy was such a great girl

retarded western pandering normalfag shit more like.

You seem mad, user

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The yaoi kiss?

Explain, I dropped it after 3.

Shit taste my man.

animes aren't scary

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t. tasteless underage retards

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Gosh, user, you seem like you're projecting

>i need my mc to be a gigantic pussy or i can't self insert

>Big O

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how can an anime about blowjobs be scary?

I've been wondering the same thing man.

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that ayylmao scene in Lain was the only scene that disturbed me in anime

Toys in the Attic

not the scene where Eri turns into a horrific amalgam of flesh and tries to rape Arisu?

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I swear everytime I see this eromanga pic it's some loud retard with a shit opinion.
Quick search on the archive and yeah, this is some impressive shit taste and stage-2 newfaggotry. I knew there was a link.

>Not when Roger almost gets ganked by the other Dorthy in the train tunnel.

Scared the fuck out of me as a kid

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Eat shit, that one doesn't get to wear that name.

>can't watch old shit now

This whole sequence, in an "existential dread" sort of way

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Look at that fucking kid with the dolls

The QUALITY was off the charts.

>that kid with the dolls is probably 40 by now

It's like looking at my past and my future all at once. I think that makes it worse.

There was this one scene in Lain where her older sister just glitches out of reality or something. We see from her pow first and she's in the house just screaming and no one pays her any mind. Then we see from the family's pow and another older sister is happily chatting with the rest. Lain looks over where glitchster would have stood and sees nothing. She shrugs and the rest of the episode happens. We never get to know what happened to glitchster.
Fucking fucked me up.

Scary is hard to do in anime, but I think there are some anime with good horror/atmosphere.

Yami Shibai is spooky (though it is more of a slideshow than an anime)
Another was good up until the point when it wasn't.
Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is a pretty solid adaptation of the video game
Fantastic Children had occasional spooky moments
Ghost Hound had some good scenes
Boogiepop Phantom is atmospheric

This motherfucker was genuinely disturbing. The fact that he was a mentally ill manchild who didn't know what he was doing made it all even worse, and his death was worst of all.

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>corpse party
>solid adaptation
It wasn't. They changed way too much. I enjoyed it though.

synapse attack

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But that's what was good about it.
As a fan of the game I was surprised.

It doesn't really matter what the resolution of the anime was since it was a one-off, so isn't it more exciting if they mix up who lives and dies?
That was the premise of Book of Shadows versus the original game- they just played with that again.

Very clever I thought.

For me, when I was much younger, watching Yu Yu hakusho with Sensui as the bad guy was scary. Everything about him from his multiple personalities to his character's background.
That was the first time for me where I felt scared watching an anime. Granted I was like 10 years old.

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>Gets shot
>Starts acting like a little child who just scraped his knee or something
After that whole fight, that moment was genuinely unhinging to me for some reason

Needs a S2 stat

Ok so this is way back.
>Alien 9
No internet forums or anything had spoiled it for me, I went in blind expecting cute girls. Jesus christ.
Watching Narutaru after that was nothing in comparison.


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He was stabbed.

His equipment meant that he was entirely invulnerable to ballistics or energy weaponry, but not a crazy bastard who decided to throw a knife.

It was the first time he's been hurt in years. He has no ability to cope.

He's not dead; The strange sound in the ED is him grinding his teeth.

I remember daring to stay up past my bedtime when I was a grade schooler to see what was on tv and thats when Elfen Lied traumatized me. I think FMA was around the same time too. I remember the failed transmutation, the butcher trying to murder Winry, and of course the chimaera in particular. Shit was seriously fucked up back then when I didn't even know what jerking off was

What in the name of Herbert West?

>Ghost Hound had some good scenes
Ghost Hound was one of the most disappointing things I've ever watched, really. Not that it was bad, exactly, but the first few episodes were so fucking creepy, and then it just kinda ends up becoming a slice of life teenage drama with magical shit.

The fact that they introduce the kidnapper's ghost, only to defeat him right away with video game magic was such a fucking letdown.

The knife throw worked because it was Pierre's knife, more than likely. I'm not sure if any random knife would have been capable of doing that.

came here to post this
first time I saw that I could not get his fucking wailing out of my head for a few days after.

The knife worked because it was significantly below the speed of sound. Whatever shield he had was apparently based on how much kinetic force was behind and attack, and didn't work for something that was merely thrown his way.

I watched it late at night and had to watch the ending of the episode again in the morning to remind me it wasn't nearly as bad as I remember it.

It gets worse. Be warned, huge spoilers on pic related.

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Higurashi's first arc can be pretty disconcerting if you don't know what you got yourself into

Whoa buddy, who doesn't like art deco noir?

Literally the world's most powerful man

Should I watch season 2? I never touched it after being told it was shit so many times.

It's all right. Gets pretty confusing

This scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it for some reason.

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Expect it to get a bit confusing and philosophical.

I thought it was good, but a lot of people didn't like peeking behind the curtain.

I'm not a fan of the new actor they got for Freddy Kruegar here

Fresh off the presses.
Spoiled for spoop.

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That was terrifying. Plus the train suicide in the first episode.

That was pretty bad, I must admit. Swartzchwald, too, with his connections to Heidegger...

More like the best decoding of post-WW2 western history in any media.

This episode of Mushishi was really fucking creepy.

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I suddenly want to read your blog, user.

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ayy lmao

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The first season was literally one of the best anime ever created.
A true tour de force.

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This episode was so drastically different from the rest of CB imo, I loved it for that reason.

That's the sound of the fair breaking down.

It's excellent as well, but it can be much more confusing and is more philosophical than Season 1.

These two plus the second OVA of Seto no Hanayome are the only times anime has got my heart racing


I was pretty scared during the doggo episode of FMA.

boom, big reveal

It works like a Dune shield

I didn't either, because you literally can't peak behind the curtain in animation unless you do something stupid like animating the staff and voice actors.

>animating the staff and voice actors
I want to see this now.

Sounds like PTE

Neither of these is considered good by the public but Mayoiga and Mirai Nikki are pretty tense because they're so unpredictable. Mayoiga ultimately falls flat but Mirai Nikki stays pretty crazy until the end.

Interesting. Link?

You should be ashamed. Leave this board.

Pretty sure it's from End of Evangelion

That alien scene from Lain scared shit out of me. Probably because at nights I always have a feeling that someone is watching

Yeah, Higurashi has a lot of creepy scenes as i remember, and they get you unprepared in the first season.

I wouldn't say I was actually scared, but it was one of the few times I've felt like I'm watching an actual horror series rather than a thriller or something with a creepy atmosphere.

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>There was an OVA

oh baby I know what I'm doing when I get back from work

This whole show scared me. The dread of existing just as a bunch of data unable to interact with the real world, reliving the same few years forever. Just the idea of having a virtual copy of me somewhere scares me

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A lot of paranoia agent creeped me out, including the op.

Wasn't scary for me, just unexpected. It looks like a bland toy merchandise show at first, but certainly isn't.

Fuck that ova. I didn't except Seto no Hanayome of all series to have a spoopy episode. Took me by surprise.