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How can you decide the MVP if 17 is not there to give to him?

>that smug expression that shows he'll allow 17 to hide to entertain everyone later

fucking bullshit, they just didn't want le fan fav character perma-die because they're scared to anything close to entertaining


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>Dragon Ball Super exposing Toriyama's hack writting
Really? What else is new?

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That's bullshit, this is fucking Dragon Ball, for crying out loud.

But this was Toei's fault.

>Vegeta ended up in fourth place
>Frieza ended up with the Piccolo syndrome
>17 was denied of his big sacrificing momment
>KAKAKAKA KACHIDAZE doesn't have any meaning, Goku still lost
>I'm following this trash since 2015

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what a terrible character

I did not selfdestruct, Its bullshit! I did not seldestruct! I DID NOT

Oh hi Jiren


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I think the reason this guy can't resurrect is because he's basically a Frenkeinstein's monster.

Funniest shit ever, not even mad. Most I've laughed at an anime in a while. We all knew super was shit but kept going because it was dragon ball, but this just was just too ridiculous.

>Vegeta needs god power to sacrifice without dying
>MVP 17 gives no fucks, infinite energy means exactly that

Were there people who were 100% certain he died? After I saw that episode I thought either he's dead or he's hiding since they can't sense android's power and it's a good way to at the very least cause a draw.

i don't see the issue, 17 doesn't produce any power level memes so he can't be detected - and there is no reason to assume that el gran padre can just magically know that hes still alive - BUT who does have magical all knowing powers? well the gods of all of course, and did they push the heem sleepy button? nope

we already knew since the start that it was at least going to be goku, jiren, and best boy, one more is just a bonus meme - and if he goes out next then its exactly the trio that the OP/ED spoiled ages ago

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Say this with me 17BROS:


You're watching a show that resurrects the entire cast after every major villain is defeated
Just take it for the badly written sunday morning cartoon that it is.

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This show is exactly what One Punch Man parodies.

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The Boat

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Caulifriends it's time to muster!

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You know something? I don't even regularly visit this board because I'm not really interested in most anime. I came here after 130 to see if I could find spoilers, pics, and god forbid, a bit of nice discussion.
All of the people posting shit like this blow my fucking mind with how petty they are, and it dampens an otherwise pretty great hype high. Learn to have some fucking fun, you stuck-up little faggots. It's a show about superpowered aliens punching each other in the face, and you approach it with the scrutiny of a divorced wine snob. Y'all suck.


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Just enjoy the nice pics, user

A 12 yo did this part

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All I'm here for now t b h

D-dou you have anymore of these?

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Had to crop this one

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>you approach it with the scrutiny of a divorced wine snob
Are you serious? All they're saying is that super sucks, you need to learn how to have standards

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That's not all they're saying and you fucking know it, retard. Stop being obtuse.

You're a miserable cuck who is probably insufferable to be around

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Do you know where you are?

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Actually, shouldn't El Grande Padre be concerned about this?

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No, it"s not. Toriyama planned every U7 member's elimination order.

Made this gif when the episode aired.
Thanks for the pic dump, it saved this retarded ass thread.

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> Become an SSG level by being a poacher
> Survive self-destruction
Is Android 17 the most asspull character of DB?

They get bigger boobs when they power up?

I wonder how she would look as a super saiyan 3.

Yeah but my standards haven't dropped so low that I'm going to say super was good. I enjoyed it a lot despite its massive flaws

I have to agree with this.

Honestly I feel like dragon ball super took inspiration from One Punch Man and just decided to drop all expectations of an actual serious story.

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>that fucking moment where Goku namedropped 17 and Vegeta over his friends and family
>even Goku is fellating 17 now

Because nobody but Goku stands a chance against Jiren flying solo. They emphasized this point when gathering members for their team and in the very same episode this screencap is from: going solo won't win this tournament. The last episode will be Frieza and 17 going for a timeout, and winning.

To be fair, they would have just wished him back otherwise. His death was never really permanent.

Also it's not like Vegeta didn't self-destruct too and live.

>Learn to have some fucking fun
lmao look at what your typing. I said I laughed at 17 coming back, I'm having a blast watching this shitshow.

Anyone else getting saiyan saga vibes from this fight?

Goku ends up losing because he destroys his body and it's up to two jobbers to win against all odds through cunning and perseverance.

Whatever's the name of the guy in charge of this (and the Vegetto and first UI appearance) episode's animation, I don't like his style

He gave up on the boat already. /ourboy/ isn't gonna settle for anything smaller than a yacht or cruise liner

He probably knew it the same way he knew about universe 4´s two hidden members.

17 isn't at that level, though. He even acknowledges that he doesn't really hold a candle to a lot of the people he's currently up against, but he's taking an indirect approach to the confrontations while everyone else is taking things head-on. Surviving the explosion was an asspull, though.

>no shirtless 17
Indeed why?

Yeah its pretty fucking shit, everything is jello.

He did a ton of stuff on one piece and it was terrible, it was nice that he left to work on DBS instead but it looks like he'll be back to ruin one piece some more. Luffy vs katakuri is gonna be garbage for sure.

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>frogposting on Sup Forums

>survive an explosion of ki bursting out of his body
>ow my arm
>ow my unevenly sized irises

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>That feel when Dr. Gero was the savior of humanity and the universe.

yea that and the facial expressions are really off-putting
My favourite is definitely the guy who did the Vegeta episode

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So shonen in general?

I can't see Bulma without being sad anymore

Did that hurt your feelings? Cry more, petty faggot.

Yeah, cause Android 17 charging into Aniraza's Beam is an "indirect" approach.

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>the exception makes the rule
Jesus, are all of you this miserable?

It was fine at that point because he believed that 17 suicide'd to save him. There's enough things to shit on the series about without needing to remove all context user.

People on Sup Forums seem to be tripping over their own feet in a hurry to shit on anything that's popular to debase about the series, context be damned.

Did you miss the part where he was being backed up by four other guys and was planning on weakening the enemy as opposed to the others' plan of brute forcing their way to victory? He was also doing it with generally low risk since he was doing it with a shield.


How are 17 and Freeza any help against powered up Jiren when they couldnt deal with GoD Toppo?

A distraction.

They just need to survive long enough for Goku to recover.

I think their plan is to stall for time to run out, but that is making me wonder why didn't they just stay hidden. Or maybe they think they have something to prove.

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>Re-introduce Android 17
>give him a redesign, a job, a family
>make him much stronger than he was in Z
>have him eliminate multiple people and be in the final 4 for universe 7
>only to kill him off in an unsuccessful sacrifice

you didnt really think killing him off would be a good idea did you?

Is that what their people do? Breast grab for a handshake?

The man who saved U7.

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They needed to knock Goku back up on stage, and that was going to require one of them to reveal themselves.

>caulifla will never attack your meat

I read that as
>"Looks like I cucked out."
anyone else?

>tfw 17 makes it this far and meanwhile Jobgeta has been demoted to being a cheerleader in the stands
as per usual from dragon ball

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