Will the next episode finally explain what happened to this team? Also, new chapter when?

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My guess is Hanabi just doesn't think her team is ready for the exams. Because let's be real, only Sumire is and I think you need to enter as a team.

Is the anime good? Is there a lot of quality?

At least Naruto is an actual manga. You are complaining about this when there is a fucking manwha thread up. Unbelievable.

I think it’s pretty good, some shitposters will try to tell you otherwise even though they’re still in every thread, so you’ll have to watch for yourself, I enjoy it at least

I didn’t consider this, Sumire’s the only one qualified so maybe she works at Katasuke’s lab while Namida and Wasabi train with Hanabi more

yes the anime is very good. Very high quality.

didn't itachi take the chunin exams alone? I'm not saying Sumire is fucking Itachi but it's still possible to take it solo. Pretty sure Naruto did too but was disqualified for using sage mode lol

Itachi was a fucking legend don't use him or Kakashi as a standard

i can't be the only one who thinks it's a shame the boruto series went it's own way in a different direction than the naruto we know

> spoiled MC
> techshit everywhere
> no real war or enemies
> many uninteresting new characters that get too much screentime
> too much SoL shit almost no real fights

Oh don't get me wrong I agree 100% that's why I said "i'm not saying Sumire is fucking itachi but it's still possible to take it solo"

I also hate the technology shit and the fact that they're focusing on the original characters instead of the legacy characters. I want to see more of SHikadai, chocho, boruto, sarada, mitsuki, inojin, and metal.

It’s too bad the “legacy” characters outside of team 7 are boring as shit

They're boring as shit because they're given no development due to the focus on OC's though.

The only OC with any development is Sumire, they’ve had plenty of time to develop others since then. Don’t mistake development with screentime, Shikadai had his own arc where fuck all happened.

>they’ve had plenty of time to develop others since then

Not really as most attention has been given (rightly so) to Bort's team and "Shikadai's Arc" wasn't his arc at all, it was that science guy's to prepare people for the movie arc. I don't hate Sumire like others here but she really shouldn't be getting any focus when, as that other user said, legacy characters should be getting the focus. It's the reason why anyone even started watching this in the first place after all.

i'd take anyone from the original cast over team "the only interesting person here who wasn't animated in MS paint is hanabi", "rock lee 2.0 but with anxiety instead of passion", poor man's shikamaru, iwabe and fucking denki

from the OC only team 7 matters. the only good fight this series had is when naruto and sasuke went against momoshiki

>legacy characters should be getting the focus
No, the focus should go to whoever the fuck they feel like giving it to, what matters is telling a good story, not appeasing Narutards just because a character happens to be the child of a last gen character. Boring is boring.

>pandering to fans of the previous series is pointless

Well thank god you're not a writer because you'd be terrible at it.

nobody wants to watch neko wasabi and the botched pokemon concept art girl

Iwabe is cool.

>No "Byakuya Gang Arc" novel
Confirmed filler, not even included in the Shueshia's timeline

>pandering to fans of the previous series is pointless
Yes, dumbass, that pandering is what made Gaiden shit and the movie subpar. Once the anime started moving away from relying on nostalgia from the last gen and forming its own identity, that’s when Boruto became interesting.

Evidently, nobody gives a shit about Shikamaru 2.0 and Rock Lee 2.0, this “muh legacy” meme needs to die. Go rewatch/read Naruto if you want the same shit rehashed.

i don't care about the legacy kids either (besides team 7) because they're bad. didn't you read my original post? they could've been good but they were made badly

>Gaiden shit and the movie subpar

Literally nothing wrong with Gaiden and the movie was entertaining.

>Once the anime started moving away from relying on nostalgia from the last gen and forming its own identity, that’s when Boruto became interesting.

Funny because the only interesting thing going on right now (Ao vs Bort) is all about legacy shit, with the up coming arc being built around legacy. Sounds like you're just trying to justify OC because you like it, not because it's actually any good.

Tobirama is the most bitchmade character in Naruto history. Constantly his brothers little bitch, caused the Uchiha to get pissed off forever, famous for inventing jutsu other people did better than him, best achievement was inventing school.

>Literally nothing wrong with Gaiden
>Maury: Uchiha Edition

Memes aside, it was shit m8.

>Literally nothing wrong with Gaiden and the movie was entertaining.
Are you fucking kidding? We shitted all over that stupid Uchiha baby mama drama here

B-But it had the god tattoos!

Nah as side stories go it was decent enough, had some comedy, some action, was better than 70% of part 2.

Nice revisionism user. Some people bitched but don't pretend like it was unanimous because it wasn't.

>the only interesting thing going on right now (Ao vs Bort)
You mean the arc where nothing’s been happening for months?
>Sounds like you're just trying to justify OC because you like it, not because it's actually any good.
Nice projection, the ghost arc was easily the highlight of the show, followed by Gaiden and the graduation. You’re the one who’s been complaining about not enough “muh legacy characters” for several threads now. The “OCs” aren’t any different from the rest of the cast other than not being made by Kishi. Like it or not, they are canonically part of the cast. Deal with it.

>Comedy in Gaiden
>Chocho "are you my real daddy" Akimichi

Yes. Fucking hilarious. 10/10 would watch again.

>Nice revisionism user. Some people bitched but don't pretend like it was unanimous because it wasn't.
And this is how you show your newfaggotry

I know you’re too new to remember the shitstorm when it originally happened, but surely you at least remember the shitstorm when the anime adapted it

Fuck off, Madara

Exactly. I mean no disrespect to sumire. Out of the new characters she's probably my favorite. But I'm watching this because it's a continuation of naruto. If it was a brand new ninja anime I don't think I'd be watching

>You’re the one who’s been complaining about not enough “muh legacy characters” for several threads now.

This fucking paranoia you faggots have is amazing. how it's impossible for multiple people to have the same opinion. This thread is literally the first time I've ever brought this subject up and it's only because another user mentioned it.

>Like it or not, they are canonically part of the cast
Sorry defence force but If you had read my other post you would see that I don't have a problem with them, I just feel like legacy characters could do with more development.

>oh no he's calling us out I better call him new that will fix it

Whew. And yes there was a shitstorm when it was animated but that's because we didn't need to see it animated and retread a plot we've all read and recently.

You can stop tap dancing around the fact that you just don’t want more Sumire. You’ve been doing it for several threads now.

And again, that doesn’t make the legacy characters that you hold in such high regard any less boring

Pic is of madara's biggest fan

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>oh no he's calling us out I better call him new that will fix it
You’re new for not knowing how much shit Gaiden got here when it originally happened

>I just feel like legacy characters could do with more development.
You should want a character to get development because they have something to offer, not just because they remind you of the last generation

What is everyone complaining about this time?

>If it was a brand new ninja anime I don't think I'd be watching

This. I'm literally only still bothering because of it's ties with Naruto.

But none of the OC's have anything "to offer" save for perhaps Iwabe's stick trick and Sumire's water gun.

baka. a person who doesn't understand the full power of laptop no jutsu

I'm only interested in Kara at this point. But I wouldn't be surprised if they end up being underwhelming.

Complaining about not focusing enough on “muh legacy” characters even though we see more of team 7 than anybody else anyways

Until I see him hack one of those stand alone puppets and does something neat with them his laptop no jutsu can fuck right of no jutsu.

I'm waiting for him to kick ass in a robot suit like Katasuki.

Literally the entire first arc opened up possibilities not only with Sumire but with Boruto’s eyehax. All of the cross dimensional shit, the hype from Boruto has decreased significantly since we’ve moved away from that. Once we get back into the actual plot involving the ayys, then we’ll be out of filler hell.

All I need out of Boruto is for someone to bring back fuckin Monkey King Enma. Dude has been out of it for too long

Konohamaru perhaps?


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they all discover prostitution and enjoy it a lot more than being a ninja

Reminder that pic related are the only four characters with any direct connection to the main plot.

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Two of them have already

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He's nothing but a copypasta of Naruto and only summons toads now. Expect Boruto himself to follow up on that too.

>implying Naruto isn’t already pimping out Sarada to other villages to help raise money for Konoha

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Mirai is the only Sarutobi who is alive that we haven't seen summon, but she did get her ass kicked by literal children. Konohamaru is just a toad and rasengan boy like naruto now.

Swing-kun’s breeding ropes were butchered by SP

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>More connection than Sasuke
You delusional fag

Did I say more than Sasuke? I’m referring to the 12

Rate every Boruto arc
You can skip the current one as it is still on going or give your vote based on what you have read so far

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Not to mention that school he established perverted his brother’s dream and indoctrinated and taught thousands of children to kill and unthinkingly follow orders

>Expect Boruto himself to follow up on that too

Pls no. I'm so sick of frogs have him summon something different like vampire bats.

Indifferent/10 for all of them. They've all had some elements I've liked but not one of them has made me think "that was pretty good" yet which has me worried because by now in Naruto we had the Zabuza arc and Chunnin exams.

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Are those the arcs we’re counting? I don’t remember which novel covers what

Why is Hima such a semen demon?

Am I the only one who wants the societal critical attitude of early Narto to return?

I like iwabe too

Reminder Kushina was a Jinchuriki and highly accomplished ninja, able to restrain Kurama alone despite giving birth 10 minutes before hand and getting the shit beaten out of her by Tobi, and her only representation in the games is as an angry mom who hits people with frying pans.

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I enjoyed watching sarada gaiden

boruto and sarada's child will be more OP than SO6P

>Implying boruto isn't gay

I give a shit about them. I care about them a lot. I'm much more interested in them than I am in wasabi for example

God, I’d love to see that byakugan awaken as I deflower that sunflower. Potentially getting knocked out by gentle fist is worth it. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it anyways, so I should be fine.

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You mean Naruto and Sarada’s child

I put them on the same level as Wasabi, they all haven’t done shit

we will get tech vs chakra arc, it writes itself at this point.

Nice meme

All that technology versus ninjutsu seems to have been toned down in favor of aliens though

>I care about them a lot
I don’t see why you would when they’re just copypastas of their fathers. You would think the main theme of not having your parents define you would be shown in the writing of the new generation. I didn’t even give a shit about Boruto until he started forming his own identity. Mitsuki’s the only “legacy” character who left an impression on me and he managed to do it in just one chapter. No excuses for any of the other characters.

Kakashi spent literally a year and half being stabbed repeatedly inside of Tsukiyomi and never mentions it again or has any trauma.

*left an immediate impression on me

I hope Shikadai never becomes the a focus in an arc again/

Nah he's alright

That is probably because he completely made himself numb to his emotions, or his trauma expresses itself in ways which are not obvious

he was partially mindbroken and hospitalized

24 hours isn't quite a year and a half

Yes, we're counting those arcs.
But i forgot the Mujina one tho

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I was counting the bandits when I made that list, I’m missing an arc aren’t I?

It's 72 hours, and he says "A second has passed" like multiple minutes into the scene. He was perceiving time moving a lot slower than it was for itachi, and that time was even slower than in reality.

5/10 pretty boring but end fight was good and I liked Sumire and faggot snake
6/10 better than Ghost but still not that great. High points were Sarada character development, Sasuke as a whole, and Sakura vs Shin. Literal who villain brings it down.
>Field Trip
6/10 literal who fodder villain team with the exception of Shizuma. Very weak motivation for Shizuma and Kagura was manipulated way too easily. Seeing Mist Village modern was awesome and the casual moments like shinobi bout was also nice. Iwabe using his sword, Sarada vs Buntan, and Boruto + Mitsuki + Kagura vs Shizuma were the high points.
>Genin Exams
7/10 short but sweet. Nice development for Iwabe and Boruto, Mitsuki sage mode sneak peek was hype. Seeing everyone show off their jutsus and contribute in the final fight was fun.
>Byakuya Gang
6.5/10 Better than Field Trip but not as good as Genin Exams. I liked the totally not gay relationship between Ryogi and Shikadai and touching upon some of the modern Shinobi world's problems with socio-economic commentary was unique. Would have been better if Gekko wasn't just in it for the money. Naruto's appearance and Shikadai one-shotting Ryogi were high points.

Haven't read the manga so I can't comment on Chunin Exams, Mujina Bandits, or Ao.

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>Chunin Exams

Havent read ahead but the Chunin Exams were a high point of the original series so I have high hopes

Yes, the current one.
The "Kara Arc".

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Please fuck off with your Borutard threads. Go back to plebbit

>rating ghost lower than Uchiha baby mama drama, byakua filler, and shitty mist trip
What a waste of trips

Still mad about DBS’ cancelling, are we?

>DBS cancelling
>Movie already confirmed as the new arc and the manga will not even stop
Y..yeah, sure buddy...