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There's already a OPT going.

this one seems less shit

I just wanted to thank you for posting this page, OP. I'm enjoying this read very much.

What's it from?

this is the football shota one isn't it?

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wa ga na wa umishi.

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Why was she so lewd?!

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Watashi no Shounen/My Boy by Hitomi Takano

i really need to finish this manga at some point

read this for the horse scene

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Never saw a series jump the shark quite so badly.

Fuck I love this manga so much.

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Are you trying to make Sup Forumsnons give up before they even start or something?

Looks good. Thanks.

Translations never.

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Yuri-seijin Naoko-san by Kashmir

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This looks amazingly cute. Picked up

Finally a cute pic in an opt thread that didn't just have two and a third chapters released a year ago

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Literally me


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Ass eating attack.

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The cutest manga I've ever read

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An elf wearing a Cone of Shame?

It stinks

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Why can't she just dump the fries into the cone?

She grabbed it!!!

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>The shota looks like a girl
Is this secretly a yuri manga?

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some good stuff for you lads

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She only has 3 INT.


It's shit tho?

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>chapter 10
>just noticed the hearts above everybodies heads


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>it's been months since I found out what this was but I can't find it anywhere
what sort of black magic are you using to read this

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This chapter really sucks to be honest

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you have no taste

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Not that user but I caught up to chapter 8.

Bittersweet but more on the bitter side.

where do you even read this? I can only find chapter 1 by some user

No officer, she's actually 3000 years old

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New chapters fucking when? This story is really good, and I've been anxiously awaiting more for so long.

Purest love story ever told

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She needs to die slowly in a fire.

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how cute

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just a one shot

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Saucenow gives nothing.

Unironically this

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Botan a shit

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Your Google-fu is weak.

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>liking a dyke with mental problems
Yikes. I guess a contrarian faggot has to exist for everything

My nigger

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fuck off

also Aoi a best

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You're alone on that
Also stop shitting up the thread with non-pages

Kill yourself

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Motherfucker won't give up

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Not only did you barge in here with an extremely shit and wrong opinion, you've wasted two images on off-topic shit
You should take your own advice in all honesty

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>barge in here
I've been here for the entire thread. Sorry for being honest, I know some people are sensitive especially when they're bandwagon fags who need other people to validate their shit taste

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>views that are different from mine are just bandwagoning!
>brainlet "a shit a best" one liners
Truly riveting argumentational skills you have there.
When even people who initially picked it up for Tokujira changed their mind from volume 2, you should know something's up. It's called recognizing that one is better written instead of clinging to initial impressions like a retarded waifufag.

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